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  • What are Autoflower Hemp Varietals?

    Autoflower hemp varietals are precisely what they sound like — they flower “automatically,” unlike traditional hemp species which begin flowering based on a daylight length. Autoflowering hemp can provide advantages to hemp growers, but they come with disadvantages. It all... read more

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by CBD Specialist on Colorado Breeders Depot
CBD Specialist

Just wanted to give a big shout out to @colorado_breeders_depot who I met @usacbdexpo. They are a company run and staffed by farmers for farmers. After speaking with them I felt the passion they shared for both people and plants. I look forward to working with them on some content for both farmers and the general public to help educate them on what really happens on a hemp farm, breeding genetics, how that single plant gets all the way to your CBD bottle etc. Give them a follow @colorado_breeders_depot and if you have friends and family in agriculture make sure you share this post with them.

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