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3 Easy Techniques to Fix a Clogged CBD Vape Cartridge

CBD Vape Cartridge

Cannabidiol or CBD e-juice consumers typically find it inconvenient when they find out that their CBD Vape Cartridge is jammed. This problematic scenario ruins their much-awaited relaxing vaping sessions with their friends, family members, or themselves to savor that “me time” they anticipate.

Clogged CBD vape cartridges are among the most common issues that hemp or CBD vapers can experience. This dilemma can include not getting any airflow from the device and normally gets in the way of the users’ capability to relish that delicious, hemp-infused vapor.

In this article, readers will discover the common causes of jammed CBD vape cartridges. They will also learn the easy and recommended ways to resolve this issue. CBD Vapers will discover clogging prevention tips as well.

Learning about the CBD Vape Device and Its Components

A CBD vape cartridge is the device CBD users purchase to hold the CBD e-liquid they consume. This equipment is filled up with CBD e-juice. Users thoroughly enjoy their CBD e-liquids’ every drop until the CBD vape cartridge runs out. Since the CBD vape device does not always work well and can end up clogged, vapers can best discover the cause of this problem by understanding the vape cartridge’s components.

A CBD vape cartridge is a small plastic or glass cylinder. It features a connection at the bottom attaching to the battery. Moreover, a CBD vape cartridge comes with a mouthpiece atop it. The CBD e-liquid is within this equipment. The CBD vape cartridge’s base coil uses the battery’s power to heat the e-juice and turn it into vapor.

After learning about a CBD vape cartridge’s parts, users can now understand why it can get blocked or obstructed.

Why Vape Cartridges Get Jammed

CBD e-liquids are among the top reasons why CBD vape cartridges get clogged. These materials come in a wide variety of milligram strengths. This feature reflects the number of milligrams of pure hemp extract in the CBD e-liquid. Consumers should remember that pure hemp extract is a thick oil.

CBD vape cartridges get jammed since the pure hemp-based CBD Extract or oil can get pulled through the vaping device’s narrow mouthpiece. This possibility can end up clogging it. The oil’s thickness can actually block the mouthpiece. Additionally, tiny amounts of residue throughout plenty of vaping sessions can eventually accumulate.

This reality leads to a layer of gunk developing within the vape cartridge’s mouthpiece. Congested CBD vape cartridges should not leave users panicked, though, since there are recommended ways to solve this common issue.

Easy Techniques for Unclogging a Vape Cartridge

Seasoned CBD vapers recommend not throwing the jammed CBD vape cartridge right away. Keeping the device is recommended because it saves money.

Additionally, the following three easy methods can help save the clogged CBD vape cartridge:

  1. Using a Safety Pin or Toothpick

    Users can remedy their problem of a jammed CBD vape cartridge by poking a safety pin or toothpick through the mouthpiece’s small holes. This helpful measure dislodges anything clogging up this part of the vape device.

    Furthermore, using a toothpick or a safety pin is a feasible unjamming method if the congestion is hard due to burnt debris taking on a resinous consistency or the e-liquid’s crystallization. When choosing this option, CBD vapers should be careful. They should not push the safety pin or toothpick so far into the CBD vape cartridge.

    In this manner, the coil’s wick will not get punctured, and the coil will continue to function properly.

  2. Taking Hits Without Firing The CBD Vape Cartridge

    Another helpful method of unclogging a blocked CBD vape cartridge is taking hits without firing the equipment. Users can perform this technique by merely pulling on the mouthpiece. This method could work well enough to loosen up less stubborn clogs and jams. Moreover, air can freely flow through the device again.

  3. Heat Application

    The CBD extract in the e-liquid is a very thick oil, and this material can result in clogging of the CBD vape cartridge. Applying heat to the device is among the recommended solutions vapers can try. One primary way to do this measure is by placing the CBD vape cartridge in a home’s warm spot, such as an area close to a radiator.

    Another method is holding a hairdryer approximately one foot away from the CBD vape cartridge and keeping it turned on for roughly 30 seconds. The heat applied to the CBD vaping device simply thins out the thick liquid. Users can think of this process as similar to placing honey in the microwave.

    Hence, a little bit of heat could thin out the e-liquid stuck in the mouthpiece. This thick fluid causing the obstruction runs back down into the cartridge. CBD vapers who choose heat application should ensure that the e-juice merely warms and does not get too hot. In this way, the CBD or other chemical compounds in the e-liquid will not end up degraded or be less potent.

    Employing one of these three techniques can resolve the clogging issues CBD vapers encounter with their vaping devices. Learning some helpful measures can also prevent another inconveniencing vaping equipment blockage in the future.

Suggestions to Avoid Vape Cartridge Jamming

Clogged CBD vape cartridges are certainly troubling for vapers. Nonetheless, they should keep in mind that this common concern is preventable.

The following measures can aid users in avoiding CBD device jamming problems:

  1. Be mindful of CBD e-liquid cartridges and the e-liquid’s qualities

    Low-quality CBD vape cartridges are typically more prone to blockages. This reality is because of their facilitation of inadequate airflow or the inferior materials they feature. Moreover, substandard CBD vape cartridges usually come with a narrow mouthpiece channel that can lead to congestion.

    Sugary and other poor-quality ingredients in the vape juice make the vaping device vulnerable to jamming.

  2. Never leave a CBD vape cartridge in cold locations

    Cold temperatures usually result in the CBD e-juice crystalizing. This CBD liquid can also become very thick. These instances make CBD vape cartridge clogging inevitable. CBD vape cartridges are essential parts of CBD vaping life. Although jamming problems are common, these issues can be resolved by following the solutions and blockage preventative measures mentioned in this online discussion.

CBD vapers can, therefore, enjoy a seamless experience and be able to remedy any concerns with their CBD vape cartridges that may arise in the future.