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4 Reasons to Grow Indoor Hemp Flower

In the world of high cannabinoid hemp, indoor hemp flower holds the reputation as the cream of the crop. There’s a good reason for that.

Indoor hemp flower is produced in wholly controlled environments (known as controlled environment agriculture, or CEA) using light-spectrum controlled LED lights, high-tech humidity and fan systems and typically grown either hydroponically or in individual nursery pots with particular nutrient regimes selected to optimize growth and flower production. Thanks to this completely controlled environment, indoor hemp flower is knocking the socks off of outdoor and even greenhouse-growing methods when it comes to quality smokable hemp flower.

But producing indoor hemp flower isn’t a challenge for a half-hearted grower. It demands a depth of knowledge and deep commitment to growing the best-of-the-best when it comes to high CBD hemp bud. But, if you are obsessive about quality hemp flower, have high attention to detail and love a good challenge, setting up an indoor hemp flower operation might be your perfect CBD hemp farming operation.

Here at Colorado Breeders Depot, we think there are many reasons (four to be precise!) for growing indoor hemp flower.

  • Best Quality and Highest Value CBD Hemp Flower Bud
  • Reduced Risk of Pesticide and Herbicide Use
  • No Need to Worry about Cross-Pollination
  • Less Likely to Be Contaminated by Heavy Metals or Toxins

Which Hemp Flower Has the Highest Market Value?

The CBD hemp wholesale market has seen a lot of volatility in pricing since legalization in the fall of 2018 and there is probably more coming. The jury is still out on issues like the legality of including CBD in food and drink products. Plus, overseas competition for CBD oil has been heating up.

Smokable hemp, however, has held its own in the marketplace, commanding a premium price. But, to capture those prices, smokable hemp has to be of absolutely the best quality hence why many smokable hemp producers have moved their growing operations indoors.

Indoor-grown hemp flower routinely produce higher cannabinoid content (typically 20 percent and above) than outdoor and greenhouse-grown flower. Hemp flower buds from indoor operations tend to be denser, with better terpene expression and typically just better-looking buds than outdoor or greenhouse-grown flower.

An indoor hemp grower is a connoisseur of the craft, producing custom-crafted, hand-tended flower and the high prices they command reflect their knowledge and commitment to their art.

Smokable Hemp Grown Indoors Eliminates the Use of Pesticides and Herbicides

In a CEA environment, everything is carefully controlled, including the risk of bugs and weeds!

A well-run indoor hemp flower grow is managed under bio-secure protocols, carefully managing and preventing any “outside” vectors from entering the grow room. That means no bugs and indeed no weed seeds! It also means less risk of introducing diseases that are prevalent in outdoor and greenhouse-grown conditions.

Without these issues to worry about, hemp farmers don’t need to rely on dangerous pesticides, herbicides and disease-preventing sprays. And buyers can be assured the CBD hemp flower they are purchasing is “clean.”

No Worries About Hemp Flower Cross-Pollination

Indoor hemp flower growers also don’t need to worry about their crop being accidentally cross-pollinated, a significant problem for outdoor growers. Hemp pollen is known to drift up to 10 miles (and some say 30!), meaning a neighbor’s crop many miles away or even an untended backyard grow has the potential to pollinate your crop accidentally and significantly reduce its value.

As long as indoor growers are merciless on roguing for stray males or hermaphrodite plants within their grow, they can keep their crop under lockdown and assure no stray hemp pollen does any damage.

Which Flower is Less Prone to Heavy Metal Contamination?

Along the lines of eliminating pesticides and herbicides, indoor hemp flower is less prone to heavy metal contamination that can happen with outdoor crops in particular.

Hemp is a “phytoremediator” of soil. That means it can suck up toxins in soils and actually “clean up” dirt of heavy metal toxicity. This is a fantastic ability and bodes well for cleaning up toxic waste sites — hemp has been used at Chernobyl to remove radioactive waste! And it means hemp can help to improve polluted agricultural soils that have been subjected to decades of intensive, input-heavy farming applications. But, nobody wants to smoke or ingest hemp flower bud that has sucked up toxins like lead, cadmium, magnesium, chromium or even arsenic!

That’s not an issue with indoor-grown hemp flower because the plants are grown either hydroponically or in individual nursery pots filled with clean, non-contaminated soil.

Ready to Set Up Your Indoor Hemp Farm? Don’t Forget Your Hemp Seed Genetics!

Now that the challenge of growing indoor hemp has you hooked, don’t forget the first most crucial step to success — superior hemp seed genetics.

Some hemp varietals are better suited to outdoor biomass production. Or fiber and grain production. While other hemp cultivars, grown under the care and conditions of an indoor hemp farm, will reward the grower with incredible cannabinoid percentages, luscious terpene profiles and beautifully frosty, attractive buds dripping with resin.

Premium hemp flower production is all about growing the best of the best, starting with the hemp cultivars you choose to plant.

Are you looking for more information about the ins and outs of indoor hemp flower growing and wondering what cultivars will shine? Call our knowledgeable customer service desk at Colorado Breeders Depot. We’d love to help you develop a plan and offer exceptional cultivars bred by some of the best hemp breeders in the business.

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