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5 Major Differences Between Delta 8 Flower and THCO (THC-O)

Cannabis, THCO, Delta 8 and other variations of THC are not exactly the same.  Search the web for information about THCO and you will find all sorts of myths, half-truths and even some rather despicable bald-faced lies.  The time has come to highlight the differences between THCO and Delta 8 flower.  Without further ado, let’s delve deep into how THCO is distinct from Delta 8.

1. THCO is More Powerful Than Delta 8 Flowers

Sort through the ever-growing number of cannabis and THC derivatives on the market and you will find no shortage of options.  Those looking for a potent source of euphoria lean toward THCO.  THCO is characterized as highly potent while Delta 8 flowers are comparably gentle variations of traditional THC.  In fact, THCO is upwards of three times as strong as regular THC, Delta 8 flowers and other THC variations.

2. THCO is Derived From Acetic Anhydride

The addition of acetic anhydride is a large part of what separates THCO from Delta 8 and other THC variants.  It is particularly interesting to note CBD is initially converted into Delta 8 before THCO is derived.  Once the CBD becomes Delta 8, the chemist adds acetic anhydride to form the acetate known as THCO.  Though this process might sound fairly simple, it is actually quite dangerous.

In short, it is a mistake to attempt to make your own THCO at home.  Acetic anhydride catches fire with ease, proves egregiously corrosive and ultimately jeopardizes the safety of everyone in the space where it is used to create THCO.  This is precisely why THCO is carefully formulated in laboratory environments.

Do not purchase THCO from a non-reputable source.  Choose your THCO merchant wisely and you will be able to enjoy it in full confidence.

3. THCO has Been Studied Much Longer Than Delta 8 Flowers

Though THCO is a relatively new entrant to the overarching cannabis market, it has quite the lengthy history here in the United States.  Few people are aware of the fact that THCO is synonymous with THC-O acetate.  The initial research into THCO dates all the way back to the 1940s.  It is at this time that THCO acetate, as it was referred to in the 40s, was used in military experiments.

The compound was initially tested on dogs to determine if it had an impact on motor skill functionality.  In contrast, Delta 8 Flowers were not studied until much later.  So don’t assume THCO is a relative unknown compound shrouded in mystery.  The little-known truth is this compound has undergone considerable analysis and scrutiny dating back more than seven full decades.

4. Delta 8 Flowers and THCO use Result in Different Feelings

As noted above, THCO is stronger than Delta 8 flowers as well as traditional THC.  However, the level of euphoria produced by these substances is not the only difference in their respective experiences.  THCO is widely revered for providing a spiritual experience that some even consider to be hallucinogenic.  Alternatively, those who use Delta 8 flowers rarely report any type of spiritual or hallucinogenic experience.

The bottom line is if you are looking for a mild buzz that does not make you feel intoxicated or enjoy any type of spiritual experience, Delta 8 flowers are worth considering.  Those looking for more of an impactful experience will be partial to THCO.

However, it must be noted the unique impact THCO and Delta 8 flowers have on you will likely be quite distinct based on your biochemistry as well as your personal psychology.  If you are looking for a source of joy in life, pain relief, stress relief or even a means of combating insomnia, give both THCO and Delta 8 flowers a try to determine which makes the desired impact on your unique body and mind.

5. Naturally Occurring Vs. Man-made

Delta 8 THC naturally occurs in small concentrations.  This THC is removed and subsequently isolated.  Alternatively, THCO does not occur naturally.  Rather, this compound is made in a synthetic manner, meaning it is man-made.  However, this is not to say the man-made approach is inferior or superior to the extraction and isolation process used for Delta 8 flowers.  It is also interesting to note THCO can be made from Delta 8, a fact that should provide everyone interested in enjoying THCO with that much more peace of mind.