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Abacus CBD Strain Overview

What is the The History of Abacus CBD Strain?

The Abacus CBD Strain is a new addition to the hemp market, created with care over an extended period in 2017 by Green Acorns. It is already immensely popular among CBD enthusiasts. It is Indica dominant, with powerful genetics derived from parent strains Alien Sour Apple (a Sativa-dominant hybrid) and Pebble OG. Fashioned with experienced smokers in mind, this powerful strain is used both for pleasure and for its therapeutic benefit. It has all-round qualities of visually attractive buds, ease of cultivation, and high potency.

What is the CBD Content of Abacus CBD Strain?

The CBD content of Abacus is high, between 14 and 20 %, and THC levels consistently below 0,2 to 0,3 %, complying with regulations required of strains labeled hemp cultivars. Resin levels are high, making this strain suitable for CBD extraction and further processing into a variety of products. It has been shown to be high in many cannabinoids and contains a complex profile.


Abacus is rich in many terpenes, providing strong aroma with a complex bouquet of earthy, smoky undertones, and candy, floral notes infused with musk. The flavor and finish have been described as sharp, pungent, and gasoline-like, which can be unexpected to a new user and have been described as harsh. Its potency is geared at experienced smokers who enjoy the robust and warm-bodied experience of the strong flavors. Hints of sour apple derived from its Sativa-dominant parent have also been reported.

Effects and Uses

It leaves users feeling warm and happy, helping to focus on work tasks if suffering from pain and anxiety. Due to the Indica dominance and relaxing effects, the strain is more frequently recommended for smoking in the evening. Still, it has also been reported to improve performance in endurance activities.


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Abacus plants display a consistent, reliable, and stable phenotype thanks to rigorous backcrossing. It is suitable for both indoor and outdoor cultivation and provides excellent yields even for less experienced growers. The strain has been developed to be extremely resistant and to withstand heat, cold, mold, and mildew infection and pests, tolerating East Coast conditions well. The plants grow medium to tall in height and flower within 7 to 8 weeks. The flower is small but dense and has a dark green color with beautiful lavender and purple shades. This provides an outstanding bag appeal for bud vendors.

An easy strain to cultivate, which yields heavily, it has become popular with cultivators in a short period. The same can be said for users of the strain, to whom it has rapidly become a favorite due to its bold flavor, complex terpene profile and potent effects.

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