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Acid Rock CBD strain overview


Acid Rock is a relatively new hemp strain developed and perfected over three years by Chimney Rock Farms in Colorado. Two relatively unknown parent strains, both hybrids, were united to create a distinctive new CBD Strain greater than just the sum of its parts. River Rock Hybrid was crossed with Suzy Q, the latter being itself a relatively new, but very successful development in the hemp market. Suzy Q is a pure CBD experience, devoid of cognitive effects and psychoactivity, thus allowing for relaxation and pain relief while preserving lucidity and mental clarity. The resulting Acid Rock hybrid has been called a new take on the classic New York Sour Diesel strain. It stands out because of its flower’s visual appeal and its distinctly powerful taste and flavor profile.

Acid Rock

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With an 18 % cannabinoid content, Acid Rock is among the more potent CBD strains available, containing a wide variety of substances, including small amounts of CBN, CBC, and CBG. THC levels are consistently reported below 0,3 or 0,5 %, thus legally compliant. Its CBD content is medium to high, usually measured around 13 to 15 %.


This strain contains a sophisticated and distinctive blend of terpenes. It has been likened to Sour Diesel because of prominent gasoline notes.  It has a metallic aroma with earthy, mossy undertones and a citrusy top, making for a unique, pungent, but refined flavor. Terpenes found include the common myrcene, β-caryophyllene, limonene, earthy pinene, and flowery linalool, but also a variety of rarer compounds including terpinolene, ocimene, and valencene.

This intricate combination of terpenes lends itself to producing whole extracts with a potent entourage effect if care is taken to preserve the full spectrum.

Effects and Uses

Despite the lack of psychoactivity, Acid Rock’s complex blend of cannabinoids and terpenes produces strong therapeutic effects and an intense flavor experience through its well-developed entourage effect.

Preserving mental acuity, it delivers creative energy for persons struggling with concentration and a lack of focus and motivation to complete tasks. In this way, its select properties induce calmness and stimulation at the same time. Depending on the situation and a person’s needs, its effects are somewhat adaptable and subjective. They may make users feel happier, more friendly, and talkative.


Entirely unexpected considering its powerful effects, the buds of this strain are on the smaller and lighter side but make up for this with their beauty in appearance, featuring strawberry blonde pistils on their flowers. The plants are themselves rather small but grow rapidly and flower in 8 weeks. When their specific needs are provided for, heavy yields can be achieved. The plants’ requirements have been described as rather strict and are thus best grown in an indoor environment. It is fond of dry and Mediterranean climates and benefits from water being withheld for the last three days before harvest to maximize terpene production.

In summary, despite its delicate appearance, this strain has a very unique and memorable taste and flavor. It provides intense physical and mental effects due to a strong entourage effect.  Contact us today for any questions or buy Acid Rock online today!