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Berry Blossom – Comprehensive Strain Review

Berry Blossom’s sweet scent is sure to seduce you, and once you get a whiff of this strain’s unique terpene profile, you’ll be drooling for more. Let’s take a look at the Berry Blossom CBD strain, and see what makes it so seductive.

Many people are seeking a hemp flower that offers both low THC content and high yields. And so it comes as no surprise that Berry Blossom, with its low THC and sweet scent, is a hit amongst the cannabis community.


Berry Blossom is a hemp flower that comes from Cherry Kandahar S1 and Chardonnay. The steady genetics ensure that your Berry Blossom cbd strain, whether you grow it from seed or buy the flower, is potent and packed with therapeutic benefits and relief without the psychoactive effects typically brought on by THC.

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Did you know that a plant’s scent is derived from the terpene profile? The intoxicatingly sweet aroma that you get from the Berry Blossom hemp strain comes from a unique terpene profile. Its only fitting that we kick off this strain review with those compounds responsible for the tantalizing smell.

Berry Blossom: Terpene Profile

The dominant terpenes on the Berry Blossom hemp strains are Myrcene, Caryophyllene, and Humulene. Most Berry Blossom phenotypes carry high levels of the following terpenes:

  • Myrcene
  • Caryophyllene
  • Humulene

Berry Blossom: Cannabinoid Content

Berry Blossom CBD Strain is packed with potent CBDA, and our lab reports show the following cannabinoid content:

  • Cannabinoids:
  • CCDA 15-19%
  • CBGA 0.38%
  • CBN 0.0%
  • CBC 0.83
  • THC <0.3%

Lineage: Where does Berry Blossom Come from?

Berry Blossom comes from strains Champagne and Cherry Kambahar, and the acai berry inspired this strain’s pretty namesake. Berry Blossom pays homage to its Afghani genetic heritage by offering a full-body typical indica relaxation. Champagne, as the other parent, comes through with its light and airy sweetness to rescue you from a severe couchlock.

Berry Blossom: How does it Look?

Berry Blossom is a pretty name and one that inspires images of an aesthetically pleasing plant. The Berry Blossom cbd strain feminized seeds grow into some of the prettiest flowers you’ll see on a cannabis plant. The buds are typically a lighter shade of green with hues of purple peppered across them. The plants develop flowers that look like raspberries as candies or acai berries.


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Thanks to the stellar genetics brought to the table by Cherry Kandahar and Chardonnay, Berry Blossom’s flowers can develop into impressive pink buds, dense and sticky. What more could you want? How about you throw some purple shades in amongst the light green and pink hues. Sounds dreamy, doesn’t it? The Berry Blossom flowers grow 3-4 feet in height, with relatively large flower sets once ready for harvest.

How does Berry Blossom Taste?

As you can probably tell, this strain has a sweet taste reminiscent of summertime. This is mainly thanks to the terpene profile. But the berry blast will not merely come and go; you can be pleasantly surprised by the initial berry taste, only to be able to savor it long after the first toke.

Many people report that this strain leaves a lingering sweet taste hours after consumption. Thanks to the Chardonanny genetics, you may also experience some hints of raspberries on your tongue too. The bud does have an exceptionally high resin content, so if you are looking for a hemp plant to extract your own resin from, then Berry Blossom should be your go-to bud.

How does Berry Blossom Smell?

Despite the endless ‘sweet’ descriptions, you will first encounter a floral scent when smelling this bud for the first time. After the initial floral scent lures you in, that’s when you may notice the scent of acai and raspberries. With such stellar reviews for its smell, taste, and effects, the Berry Blossom is set to satiate all your senses with pleasure.

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Berry Blossom: How does it Grow?

Your weeks of care and hard work will be rewarded with a hefty yield at the end of the 8 week period (for indoor cultivations). Berry Blossom offers a pleasant smoking experience. However, it is also an excellent strain to use if you are looking for a suitable plant for tea infusions or resin extraction.

Do you want to see a detailed data analysis report for Berry Blossom’s statistics? Check out the chart now and order your Berry Blossom today.