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Black Jack: A Comprehensive Strain Overview

Any strain that has been bred with care and passion by our team is worth paying attention to. And this Black Jack strain created by our in house geneticists is no exception. With The Wife and Trump as parent strains, you should be as excited as we are about Black Jack. Are you wondering what all the fuss is about? Let’s take a look at what makes this strain so popular.

Producing buds that are thick and covered in calyxes, Black Jack is a grower’s delight. With dense buds that look like they’ve been drenched in trichomes, Black Jack is one of the more rewarding strains to both grow and enjoy. Are you enticed yet? If not, just imagine a juicy, rich taste, filled with flavors. Now go wipe off the drool before we continue.

Black Jack Strain: What’s in a name?

Trump and The Wife, to be exact. These two strains form the backbone of Jack Black.

It seems that all things valuable and worthwhile are rare, or at the very least, hard to come by. While Jack Black is both valuable and rewarding, it is not hard to come by as we have a selection for you right here. But its parents? Not so much. One in particular, known as the Wife strain, is rare with a murky genetic lineage itself. There are only a few who know the true origins of the Wife strain, but what we can all agree on is that this strain was dutifully named; it takes care of you when you’re sick, helps to uplift you when you are feeling down, and is a generally good companion to have by your side.

More about Wife Cannabis Strain

In an effort to bring a top-quality CBD heavy cannabis strain to the market, we had to find some of the best genetics. Well, this is where the Wife comes in. As a parent strain, the Wife allows us to harness some of the best qualities and bring you a stellar hemp strain like Jack Black, which is high in CBD.

There are many things we could tell you about the Wife, but let’s just cut straight to the chase; the Wife has excellent CBD levels that are consistently high. Despite her murky genetics, she delivers the goods every time. It was fitting to use the Wife as a partner to Trump when creating our unique Black Jack strain.

Trump: A little note

On the other side of the genetic family tree, we have Trump, a consistent strain that offers a flavorful punch and leaves you licking your lips. Imagine a strain that offers hints of woody cheese, summertime berries, and unlike the namesake, this strain is renowned for producing a steadfast calm, clarity of mind, and surety.

More about Black Jack

If we look at the strain’s chemical makeup, we see that there are minimal THC levels and low CBD levels. But what we can also see is one of the most desirable characteristics of this strain; the high levels of CBDa, which is gaining new fame amongst cannabis researchers.

If you take a look at our lab results, you’ll notice several key points about this strain.

  • High in CBDA (average 14%-17%)
  • Low THC (less than 0.3%)
  • Feminized

CBDA: What is it good for?

You’ve probably heard CBD and THC’s hype, but what about the lesser-known cannabinoids like CBDA?

There are more than 80 cannabinoids that we currently know about, but CBD and THC have taken center stage in recent years. With the influx of cannabis users, there has been a considerable uptick in research studies. We can finally discover more about cannabinoids, terpenes, and how they can be used to enhance our overall health.

So, where does CBDa fit in?

Otherwise known as cannabidiolic acid, CBDa is the acidic precursor to CBD. This means that before CBD becomes, well, CBD, it is in its more acidic form of CBDa. When CBDa undergoes decarboxylation, it is usually converted to the more neutral state of CBD.

Benefits: Black Jack and CBDa

Although more scientific quantifying data needs to come in, research suggests that CBDa holds a few advantages over CBD:

CBDa could bind to serotonin receptors more efficiently then CBD. CBDa could have effects that match COX-2 inhibitors, allowing the anti-inflammatory effect to be more predominant.

Is CBDa as popular as other cannabinoids? Certainly not, but a lack of awareness does not discredit the vast potential that this cannabinoid has. Our unique feminized Black Jack strain has almost an average of 14 – 17 % CBDa cannabinoid content. While we’re at it, we might as well give you a brief breakdown of the strain’s cannabinoid content.

Black Jack Cannabinoid Profile:

CBDA 14%-17%

CBGA 0.20%

CBN 0.20%

CBC 0.1%

THC <0.3%

Growing Black Jack

Originating from Colorado, Black Jack is a relatively tolerant plant, able to withstand heat and some snow. After planting Black Jack seeds, you can enjoy a 98% chance of germination success (within 7 – 14 weeks) and after a 15 week period, an average 2-3 pound yield.

Do you want to see more statistics, like detailed grow and cultivation statistics? Check out the certificate of analysis, where we have gathered all the strain data in one easy place.

Contact Colorado Breeders Depot today to see how to get your hands on this unique strain.