Fiber Hemp

Three Things to Consider Before Planting Fiber Hemp in 2020

The promise of an established fiber hemp market is almost overwhelming. Everything from concrete to jeans to boxes to plastic...

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Smokeable Hemp

Is Smokable Hemp Flower Legal?

Hemp is federally legal now, so that means smokable hemp is too. Right? Well, it depends. The 2018 farm bill...

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Is CBG Hemp a Safe Bet for 2020?

CBG hemp has not yet achieved the widespread marketing cache of CBD. But increasing consumer demand plus still limited supply...

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JV Partnership Versus Contracted Grow β€” Which Strategy for Hemp Farming?

Any farming comes with inherent risk and hemp farming is undoubtedly no different. Success comes with managing that risk smartly...

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Three Ways Industrial Hemp Farmers Produce Low THC Crops to Bank On

Many industrial hemp farmers learned a hard lesson in 2019. Taking chances with a high THC varietal isn’t worth it....

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Feminized vs. Non-Feminized CBD Seeds

Learn the difference between feminized CBD seeds and non-feminized CBD seeds and what you can expect when planting. When growing...

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