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Blue Dream

Type: Hybrid (Sativa 60℅/ Indica 40℅)

Cannabinoids: THC: 17-24℅, CBD: 2℅, CBN: 1℅


The blue dream cannabis strain is a high yielding hybrid cross of Blueberry strain and Haze strain. However, it is more dominant in Sativa (60℅) compared to Indica (40℅). So, the significant effects of this strain are the Sativa-dominant. The THC levels in this strain are moderately high as it has an average range of 17-24%. It also has CBD and CBN levels of 2℅ and 1℅, respectively.

It has since become prevalent in marketplaces of recreational and medicinal cannabis in different parts of the country. Its high production and potency stand it out.

History and lineage

The creator of this strain is unknown, but it is believed to have been created in Santa Cruz, the medical scene of Northern California. It is now one of the most popular strains of cannabis available. Recently, this strain was recreated by DJ Short by crossing Blueberry F4 and Silver Haze mother. This strain was named “Azure Haze” and is closer to the mother plant by one generation than the original cross that used F5.

This strain has many mysteries about its origin (apart from the fact that it’s a cross of blueberry and haze). It’s not just because of the cerebral high or its sweet berry flavor that it’s called a dream, but because it doesn’t have any form of confirmed history. It first became popular in the medical fields, but there really was, and still is, no idea of who created the strain or where it was created. The famous Santa Cruz belief is mostly from speculations. However, the blue dream strain did enough to attract the legendary cannabis breeder, DJ Short, to itself, and this is how we got the version of the blue dream that we smoke today.


The blue dream strain is famous for the potency of its effect, and it has a wide range of them. One implication is the uplifting and cerebral effect – which it retained from its Haze father. However, it also has powerful pain relief, energy, and body relaxation effects. For those that are new to this strain, the potency of the blue dream might surprise them and have them want more.

The user might experience some scatter-brained distraction occasionally because of its THC level, but it feeds them with plenty of creative energy and a feeling of euphoria. The body relief gotten from this strain increases as more of it goes into the body until you start to feel the indicated-like sensation at the end. There’s also the warm and relaxed feeling that puts the user at ease.

From the testimony of plenty of its users, this strain’s high has an uplifting high that also leaves the users motivated, and makes them feel very creative. Then another type of high – mellow body relaxing high – leaves the user feeling numb, warm, and free of pain.

As the effects reduce, you would have been relaxed enough to enjoy a good night’s rest.

It is also ideal for patients who have bipolar disorder, autism, anxiety, ADD/ADHD, inflammation, headache, lack of appetite, nausea, and Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD).

While it can help some deal with anxiety, it certainly doesn’t work for all people. In other cases, it can get ahead of them and make them even anxious, hence, aggravating the pre-existing anxiety condition.


The blue dream strain has a sweet and floral taste from the berry, but the users will also get some citrus-sandalwood taste from the Haze parent. Some other aromas include fruity, vanilla, and herbal aromas. This aroma also remains in the air a long while after it has been puffed.


The blue dream cannabis strain has a floral berry flavor, very much the same with the aroma. But it can also have some ‘purple’ note. Sometimes the floral flavor can be so heavy that it tastes almost like the lavender note. It also has a sugary sweet blueberry taste that the users will continue to feel on their tongue a long while after smoking cannabis. Other flavors that you might get from the blue dream cannabis strain are herbal, fruity, and vanilla flavors.

Growth Medium

This cannabis strain grows very big when it is produced under a hydro situation. However, if you really want to feel the blue dream’s floral berry flavor, then you should grow it in the soil. The growth might be prolonged initially, but as soon as it enters the flowering stage, it starts to stretch out a bit more, and the branch will come out better than it was at the start. You can maximize the yield of this strain through training, but the nuggets of this strain, usually rounded and dense, will add more weight to become more massive. With this, a skilled grower would be able to get a very much higher yield above the average.

For indoor growth, the flowering time is typically around ten weeks, but if it’s grown outdoor, it will start to flower between late September and early October. It mostly has a high yield, with each plant capable of delivering 21 ounces. When grown outdoors, you should top it early as they can end up becoming as tall as five feet.

The buds of this cannabis have large dense and fluffy neon green nugs shaped like popcorn with amber and rich blue undertones and blue hairs. The sweet sticky resins and the fine layer of milky white sandy trichomes dust the nugs.