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Can you smoke CBD buds?

It seems a little strange, to smoke something you had been buying as a tincture, edible, or topical lotion. But, yes, you can indeed smoke CBD buds, and many CBD fans believe smoking CBD achieves the best results.

What are CBD Buds?

You may be wondering, what are CBD buds? It can be confusing (and even feel a little bit illegal!) since CBD buds look and smell much like marijuana. But there are several significant differences. The main one? CBD is federally legal. In 2018 the new Farm Bill made the hemp plant legal. You may be wondering what that means for CBD, but it is an important point. CBD is a cannabinoid produced in both marijuana and hemp.

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Hemp and marijuana are the same plant species, both Cannabis sativa. What the Farm Bill did was differentiate between marijuana’s ability to make a person feel “high.” Legally, marijuana is now considered cannabis that tests higher than .3 percent in THC, or tetrahydrocannabinol. THC is the only cannabinoid in the cannabis plant that creates an intoxicating, or psychoactive effect.

On the other hand, hemp is defined as the cannabis plant with less than .3 percent THC. So, essentially, so little THC that consuming hemp will not create any feeling of being ‘high.’ For a little bit of perspective, marijuana typically sold to induce a ‘high’ has a 15 percent THC level or much more.

Now, both marijuana and hemp plants can produce CBD. CBD first started to gain attention through the medical marijuana community as practitioners realized it wasn’t just THC, but all the other cannabinoids CBD, that created positive health benefits. But, because marijuana is still federally illegal, it meant that marijuana-derived CBD was hard and expensive to acquire.

That all changed with federal legalization of the hemp plant. Now, growers and labs had access to a federally legal plant that produced CBD.  And, not only that, now consumers could purchase a CBD bud, which looks just like a marijuana bud, and smoke that. Without the fear of getting high and knowing it is federally legal.

That said, some states have passed rules to limit the legality of smoking hemp within their state borders. This is because some states that have not legalized marijuana are worried that marijuana consumers will pretend to be smoking hemp, causing confusion amongst police authorities. These issues are hotly debated and many recently passed ‘smokable hemp bans’ are being legally challenged. Check out our blog post on the legal status of smoking hemp in your state.

Why Smoke CBD Buds

So, now that you understand that CBD buds are pretty much the same as a marijuana bud, just without the ‘high part,’ you may be wondering, well, why would I want to smoke it without the high? Well, that’s exactly why! Smoking CBD buds gives you all the health benefits, the realization, the pleasurable taste and smell, of the marijuana smoking experience without the high.

Many marijuana smokers enjoy smoking hemp when they don’t want to feel high and conversely, many cigarette smokers have turned to smoke hemp to replace their unhealthy nicotine habit.

Smoking CBD Buds Brings Relief Faster

One reason many CBD consumers turn to smoking their CBD rather than ingesting it is that smoking is the fastest way to get the health benefits of CBD. When you smoke cannabis, the active components are quickly absorbed through your lungs into your bloodstream (much like your blood absorbs oxygen). This means you feel the effects of smoking CBD quickly, reaching peak concentration in your plasma in only three minutes.

However, when you ingest CBD, it has to be digested first and it takes much longer for the cannabinoids to be absorbed into your blood system eventually. The same thing happens if you are applying a topical ointment. Eventually, the CBD works its way into your bloodstream, but it takes much longer. Many people report an hour or more before they start to feel CBD’s effect when it is consumed or applied topically.

Smoking CBD also means it is much more bioavailable, anywhere from 31 to 50 percent bioavailability. Versus ingesting CBD, you receive more like 6 to 19 percent bioavailability. Also, smoking CBD means you get a much more significant percentage of the benefit, and it sticks around longer.

A 2007 study found that CBD that was smoked could still be detected in the blood after 72 hours, versus research on ingested CBD found it was only present for six hours after ingestion. So, all told, there are many reasons to smoke CBD buds. Of course, part of having a great experience in smoking CBD is buying a quality product.

All CBD smokable hemp should be produced with the highest standards, concentrating on clean, natural production methods, high CBD levels (but low THC) and properly cured products. We offer CBD bud we grow ourselves at Colorado Breeders Depot from hemp seed lines we developed. Or, we sell smokable hemp from small, premiere hemp growers like us we know and trust.

Check out our line of smokable hemp. Feel free to shoot us any questions or requests at our website,, or give us a ring (719) 275-7770. We love talking about smokable hemp and CBD bud!


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