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Can You Smoke CBD Buds?

Yes, You Can Smoke CBD Buds and Have a Great Experience: The Details are All Here!

Terpene-rich, fragrant high CBD buds harvested from hemp plants smells and looks just like marijuana buds. Raising the question for those unfamiliar with CBD hemp flower, wait a minute, can I smoke this?

The answer is a resounding, yes! This is especially so if you want all the endocannabinoid benefits, delivered quickly, of a high CBD product without the intoxicating ‘high’ that comes with THC. And yes, CBD buds are legal too (at least, in most states!).

CBD bud, or CBD hemp flower, is the flower produced by the hemp plant. Hemp, though it is the same plant species as marijuana — either Cannabis sativaCannabis indica, or a cross of both— was declared legal in the 2018 farm bill. The legal difference now, according to the federal government, is based on the percentage of THC existing in the plant. Over .3 percent THC, and it is legally considered marijuana, under .3 percent and, like magic! — it’s hemp.

Yes, hemp will contain minuscule amounts of THC in it. But considering most marijuana strains grown today have 20 percent THC, or higher, even hemp that hits that .3 percent limit will not have any noticeable intoxicating effects on the users. It’s a bit of a strange situation. But after 80 years of hemp prohibition preventing any hemp grown on the U.S. at all — even hemp is grown purely for its fiber— we’ll take what we can get for legalized hemp.

Ironically, marijuana used to have lower THC (in the three to four percent range in the 1960s and 70s) and higher amounts of CBD. But as breeders started selecting more potent strains, the THC levels rose while the CBD levels dropped. While this was great for cannabis users who only cared about getting high, it was a real loss for those that used cannabis for all the amazing health properties of CBD.

Luckily, that situation changed with the legalization of hemp. Now hemp breeders, like Colorado Breeders Depot, select and breed for cannabis that expresses potent amounts of CBD (or, in some cases, other minor cannabinoids like CBD), as well as terpenes and flavonoids while maintaining that safe (and legal) .3 percent or less THC level.

Smoking CBD Bud for the Entourage Effect

When you smoke hemp flower, you experience the CBD and all the other components of the hemp plant. That includes other minor cannabinoids, like CBG and CBN, terpenes and flavonoids.

This is a lot different when you are taking a tincture, or a capsule, with just one isolated compound.

Called the “entourage effect,” when taken all together, these natural parts of the hemp flower work together to provide a better experience and results. Many users find that the best results are received when the entire spectrum of the plant can be enjoyed.

How Do I Smoke CBD Bud?

You can smoke CBD bud by crushing it up first. You can then smoke CBD hemp flower in a joint or pipe, just like weed, or buy it in a pre-roll. Some people vape CBD bud. Vaping might be preferable if you are concerned that someone might think you are smoking marijuana. Vaping also is less harsh on your lungs.

You will need vaporizer to vape hemp, of course, but not a typical vape (that uses liquid). To vape the hemp flower, however, you will need a portable or desktop dry vaporizer as well as a grinder to prepare your flower to be vaped.

How Can I know I am buying Quality CBD Bud FOR SMOKING?

No matter how you decide to smoke your CBD, always make sure to buy high-quality hemp flowers.

There are many places to purchase hemp flowers, from online stores to smoke shops. But no matter where you buy it, you should be able to access the “COA” or ‘certificate of analysis’ of that strain. This will tell you how much CBD exists in the flower you are looking to purchase plus other critical indicators like THC level and other minor cannabinoids. The COA will also tell you if the flower you want to buy is free of mold, mildew, and heavy metals or pesticides.

Because the hemp plant itself is a phytoremediator (aka it absorbs heavy metals), it is essential that the flower you are going to smoke and CBD you are going to put into your body is not full of potentially dangerous heavy metals or pesticides. Buy organically grown CBD flower if you can find it. Or, if not, find out as much about the farmer and their growing practices as possible. It is also better to buy hemp grown in the U.S. than overseas, where quality control is suspect.

If you are buying hemp flower in person, make sure it is fragrant, well-dried, and free of visible mold or mildew.

But most of all, enjoy smoking your premium CBD bud!

Check out Colorado Breeders Depot selection of home-grown hemp CBD seeds and clones for hemp farmers and home growers. We will soon have online availability of our premium selection of hemp flower and CBD bud for personal use from our network of trusted farmers.


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