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Can you Travel with CBD Flowers or CBD Products

travel with cbd

Regardless of your reason, you might need to carry or Travel with CBD on long-distance trips, making it extremely important to know the laws and policies behind this.

This article will show you the general rules in the United States in carrying CBD Flowers or products and the additional policies you would need to follow when carrying these products during international flights.

Why Carry CBD?

People can carry CBD either for recreational or medicinal purposes. At the right amount, CBD can relieve anxiety, depression, and insomnia among patients if prescribed by the doctor or therapists. People also consider CBD a relatively safe product, even though it is known for producing side effects like nausea and irritability.

Studies have shown CBD to provide relief for fibromyalgia pain and muscle spasticity among patients if taken moderately.

The overwhelming health benefits of taking CBD might make it extremely important for patients with these issues to carry when traveling. However, the laws behind carrying these products might not be clear to most. Thus, we will show you the general rule about flying with CBD in the succeeding article.

What Is General Rule About Flying with CBD?

It is still legal for people in the United States to fly with CBD to answer the underlying question. Although the TSA expressly stated that marijuana and other cannabis products are still illegal, the TSA allows those products with no more than a 0.3% THC on a dry weight basis. In other words, Cannabidiol oil and other products that must contain less than 0.3 tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) are the only ones that can pass TSA screenings at US airports.

  • Law Changes of Carrying CBD

    This law shocked most people because this law was only recently revised in 2018 when Congress passed the Farm Bill. This bill legalized CBD sales if these remained within the legal federal amount.

    The TSA did not release an official statement that allowed people to carry these CBD Products until 2019.

  • Carrying CBD in Domestic Travel

    Traveling domestically in US states would be relatively easy to travel with CBD products. However, some states have different policies regarding the products allowed within their borders, making it very important for visitors to check the NORML website to properly get acquainted with these policies.

Some Downfalls to Expect When Carrying CBD

Although TSA allows CBD products, still expect significant hassle when going through security checks in the airport. Government agencies have already officially announced that TSA Officers usually do not search for marijuana or other illegal drugs. However, these agencies require the officers to report any substances that appear to be marijuana or other cannabis products to the feds.

Although CBD products are technically legal, some officers might have missed these new policies declared by the government, making it likely for you to experience some resistance before getting through.

CBD Products that Are Better to Travel with Than Others

As stated before, some products are not allowed by certain US states. However, to remain on the safe side of the law, consider carrying CBD Gummies and capsules as the perfect travel option. Since these products are not liquid, they strictly follow the guidelines presented by the TSA.

Ensure that you maintain these products in their original packaging to prevent additional scrutiny from the authorities. If these authorities stop you, your packaging will easily identify these products.

Can You Fly Internationally with CBD?

Processes for traveling internationally with CBD might be relatively trickier than those domestic flights we discussed earlier. Some countries still have strict laws against marijuana and CBD products, while some allow a smaller THC percentage within their borders.

For example, Norway and France only allow CBD isolates, meaning that the THC levels would need to remain at 0%.

Countries that Allow You to Carry CBD

Here are some of the most popular countries visited by travelers to get a glimpse of the policies for carrying CBD products.

  • Australia

    Australia allows CBD products for medicinal purposes if the THC percentage is less than or equal 2%. Australia also legalized low-dose CBD products over the counter. However, Australia has not fully accepted CBD as a legitimate drug for medicinal purposes under the Australian Register of Therapeutic Goods (ARTG).

    The lack of approval from the ARTG makes it significantly harder for stores to sell these products since they cannot guarantee the product’s safety and efficacy.

  • Asia

    Most Asian countries are still strict about traveling with CBD products, providing heavy sanctions for those caught inside its borders. For example, India started to create stricter policies against CBD products, while Thailand legalized CBD products with THC of not more than 0.2%.

    Other countries banning CBD products are Cambodia, Indonesia, Myanmar, North Korea, Singapore, Sri Lanka, Vietnam, etc.

    For those needing CBD products for medicinal purposes, we highly recommend carrying a doctor’s note to readily demonstrate their intended use to security personnel.

  • Africa

    Africa only allows its visitors and citizens to consume 20 mg of CBD per day while ensuring that these products maintain a THC percentage of 0.0075%.

    Some African countries like Lesotho and Zimbabwe only allow CBD products for medicinal purposes, while other African countries banned these products.

Additional Tips When Carrying CBD Products

Since most of the world still has strict policies regarding carrying CBD products, here are some additional tips you might want to carry with you on your next trip:

  • If you are a US citizen, consider carrying your CBD products only during domestic flights.
  • Most states have similar policies regarding the THC concentration and the allowable amount.
  • Always look up the country’s laws and policies to ensure that you are not breaking any laws when carrying these products.