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CBD For PTSD: Top 4 Ways It Can Work For You

Did you know that almost 70% of adults will eventually experience a serious traumatic event throughout their lifetime? About 20% of these people will develop post-traumatic stress disorder or PTSD.

This condition can have significant effects on one’s mental and physical health. However, did you know that you can take CBD for PTSD? CBD provides a more natural and effective treatment method for the symptoms of PTSD.

Keep reading to learn more about how CBD can help you or a loved one overcome PTSD and live a less stressful life in the future.

What Is PTSD and What Are Its Symptoms?

PTSD is a serious mental health condition usually caused by a stressful event. Many soldiers deployed in war zones develop PTSD as a result of being constantly exposed to life-threatening situations. However, many civilians also experience PTSD as a result of various terrifying events such as accidents, the death of a loved one, etc.

The symptoms of PTSD are quite serious. They might include flashbacks of a stressful event, nightmares, intrusive thoughts, sweating, trembling, and a high level of stress experienced on a regular basis. These symptoms can have various levels of intensity. They can disturb one’s life, cause loss of productivity, and even relationship troubles. It’s possible to treat PTSD with medication, but these treatment options usually come with side effects too.

That’s why CBD is a more promising treatment method as it’s a natural product that has little to no side effects if properly consumed.

What Is CBD and Is It Legal?

CBD is a natural remedy available in different forms such as pills, oil, and so on. At the moment of this writing, CBD is federally legal in most US states as long as it contains less than 0.3% THC. THC is the substance that makes you “high”, so CBD products alone will not cause euphoric effects.

Although CBD is legal in many states and you can buy it from both online and physical stores, it’s important to consult the regulations in your area. Some states forbid the use of CBD products, so it’s your responsibility to stay up to date with the latest CBD legality information.

How CBD Can Help People With PTSD?

Although more research is needed, many scientists believe the CBD can alleviate the symptoms of PTSD for people of all ages. Here’s how this might be possible.

1. CBD Can Reduce Fear and Anxiety

CBD is often used to alleviate discomfort, chronic pain in various areas of the body, and daily stress. It works by influencing certain receptors in the brain. As a result, PTSD patients will feel less fear, stress, and anxiety if they regularly take CBD products.

CBD can be beneficial for alleviating stress even if you don’t have the symptoms of PTSD. This natural supplement taken in the right dosage helps you relax and feel better. Some experts suggest that CBD oil or pills can provide both short-term and long-term positive effects on the mental health of PTSD patients.

2. CBD Might Prevent the Brain From Rehearsing a Stressful Event

One of the most common PTSD symptoms consists of rehearsing or reliving a stressful event. This can cause additional stress in the life of a PTSD patient and increase his/her fear and anxiety levels. Preventing the brain from rehearsing this stressful event can alleviate serious PTSD symptoms.

Some evidence suggests that CBD can successfully achieve this. CBD can relax an overly-agitated amygdala, a small organ in the brain that regulates stress levels. By preventing the brain from rehearsing a traumatic situation, you are not experiencing intense fear and anxiety anymore.

3. CBD Might Improve Blood Flow to the Brain

Another amazing benefit of CBD is the ability to improve blood circulation to specific regions of the brain. When the brain doesn’t receive enough blood, it’s deprived of oxygen and nutrients. As a result, it will not function optimally and you’ll experience various mental and/or physical symptoms.

CBD pills or CBD oil might be able to send more blood to specific regions of the brain. As a result, severe PTSD symptoms such as fear and anxiety might be reduced. As the brain gets more nutrients, it can perform better and eliminate toxins or dead cells easier.

Patients need to supplement with CBD for several weeks or months to experience these positive results. It’s all about finding your optimal CBD dosage as each individual is different and has certain PTSD symptoms.

4. CBD Might Improve Your Sleep

As mentioned earlier, people who struggle with PTSD also have nightmares accompanied by tremors and/or cold sweats. Needless to say, the sleep quality of a PTSD patient is far from optimal. Luckily, CBD can help in this case as well.

Irrespective of having PTSD or not, CBD is known to naturally improve the quality of your sleep. It works by reducing stress hormones in your body and promoting a feeling of relaxation. These effects can last for several hours or more.

In most cases, this is sufficient for stressed people to make a smooth transition to a night-long sleep. They also wake up rejuvenated and full of energy. Although more research is needed, it’s believed that CBD can also help PTSD patients sleep better.

For example, they can help these patients fall asleep quicker and have fewer nightmares. They can also help people stay asleep for longer and not wake up so often in the middle of the night. CBD might also keep you in a state of deep sleep for longer and this is essential for rejuvenating your body and mind.

CBD for PTSD Can Be a Viable Treatment Method

As you can see, CBD for PTSD can be effective if taken correctly and you source your CBD products from reliable vendors. However, it’s also important to speak with your primary healthcare provider before taking CBD for PTSD. An experienced doctor can help you monitor your symptoms and provide much needed medical advice.

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