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CBD Silver Strain Review

CBD Silver


This in-house cross by Colorado Breeders Depot encapsulates all that high quality, high CBD hemp flower should be— stable genetics, reliable potency, and a look that could be mistaken for any top-tier marijuana being grown today.

Perfect for the mid-day bump, these snowy green premium hemp buds should be the introduction to anyone curious about consuming hemp flower.

History & Genetics

Lineage: Purple Urkle (Harley Tsu x Purple Mendocino) x Aroma Funk

CBD Silver is the newest strain developed through the Colorado Breeders Depot’s genetics program. Discovered through crossing the heavy indica Purple Urkle with a bright green Aroma Funk, this hemp flower strain is truly the best of both worlds. Discovered initially through experimentation, it took a while to unlock the best parts of each parent strain. Finally, the tie-dyed purple and green coloring along with the heavily frosted trichomes riddling every part of the cola.


CBD Silver Pre Roll

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Inheriting the purple glow from Purple Urkle and the unmistakable stink from Aroma Funk, this new strain shows off the quality of indoor hemp flower at its absolute best.

Look & Smell of CBD Silver

While the flower itself is a blend of purple and green, its name comes from the fact that buds are so frosted in trichomes that it appears silvery in direct light. The shimmer of resin-caked flower leaves little to be desired. The unique purple and green that is derived from genetics is mostly randomized— some of the cured hemp buds are totally green, and others imbue a dark purple undertone throughout the colas.

Thick and ever-present are the fiery red hairs that are also covered in a snowy, argent layer of trichomes. Snapping a piece off results in a small cloud off resiny dust covering your fingers and rolling tray. This is the strain for anyone with a kief box looking to collect tons of CBD kief at home because CBD Silver is plentiful

Potency & Effects of CBD Silver

CBD: 12%
CBG: 0.58%
While this is not our highest testing cannabinoid content, once you start smoking this sticky strain you’ll be certain it tested higher.

Colorado Kush Strain

Colorado Kush Strain

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Smoking it is extremely smooth on both the inhale and exhale. Cleanly cured to prevent any back of the throat harshness, it’s easy to roll up a joint and puff on it until it’s gone. The taste itself is so distinct and delicious that users may consider buying in bulk and infusing meals with CBD butter or oils made at home.