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CBD Concentrates

CBD Concentrates

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Welcome to the world of pure and natural concentrates. Colorado Breeders Depot has worked tirelessly for decades to bring the best of the best to our customers and these concentrates are nothing less than perfect.

A high proportion of CBD makes a concentrate 100% natural. Therefore, for making the super potent CBD concentrate, Colorado Breeders Depot plays an important role. A variety of products with a high quantity of cannabidiol concentrate make our brand admirable, genuine, and lawful.

At our brand, we specialize in creating isolated CBD products like shatter, kief, and globs. Our standout feature is the use of full-spectrum concentrates, which focus exclusively on the complete CBD profile while excluding THC. However, we include a small number of terpenes to meet the needs of those seeking this component, ensuring a balanced and effective product offering. This approach allows us to provide high-quality, THC-free options for our customers.

CDT vs BDT Concentrates

Botanically derived terpenes (BDT) and cannabis-derived terpenes (CDT) offer distinct extraction methods and benefits from plants. BDT, utilized in products like our Delta 8 BDT cartridges, involves sourcing terpenes from non-hemp botanicals. For example, our Hemp Delta 8 BDT Cartridge uses terpenes from alternative botanical sources to mimic specific cannabis strain fragrances. This technique allows for the inclusion of common hemp terpenes like linalool from lavender and limonene from citrus, enhancing the sensory experience of the concentrate while maintaining a pure and limited CBD profile.

This strategic approach ensures a unique and effective product offering. Cannabis-derived terpenes (CDT) in Cannabis concentrates involve extracting terpenes directly from the cannabis plant, ensuring a terpene profile that closely matches the original strain’s unique characteristics. This method preserves the inherent features of the cannabis strain, offering a more authentic, strain-specific experience to users.

In contrast, botanically derived terpenes (BDT) come from a variety of plants other than cannabis, broadening the aromatic possibilities of the concentrates. While BDT allows for a wider range of scents and flavors, CDT focuses on delivering a true-to-strain terpene profile. The choice between BDT and CDT depends on whether the goal is to achieve a wide variety of fragrances or to maintain the fidelity of a specific cannabis strain’s natural properties.

Colorado Breeders Depot Cannabis Concentrates

Our range of pure, organic concentrates, including shatter, kief, and globs, is designed to meet your needs effectively. If you’re familiar with wax and looking for another way to enjoy CBD in a smokeable form, kief offers a superb alternative. These products are crafted to refresh and relax your mind, providing all the benefits of CBD without any psychoactive effects. This selection ensures you have multiple options to experience the soothing qualities of CBD in a form that suits your preferences.

  • CBD Shatter: Colorado Breeder’s Depot CBD shatters consistency is just like honey. We offer 1-5 grams, it’s up to you what quantity you want at an affordable rate. Sour Diesel and Lemon OG flavors are customized according to customers’ demands. About 90% pure CBD and 10% cannabis terpenes are infused in our shatter products. Moreover, our shatter is pure from THC and solvent. You can consume it by vaporizing, dabbing, and smoking for a long time due to its stability.
  • CBD Kief: Colorado Breeders Depot’s CBD kief is a fine, sticky powder derived from the trichomes of the hemp plant, also known as cannabis crystals. This specialty product delivers a potent CBD experience and can be used either for smoking or as an edible addition. Our kief ensures a strong effect, making it a versatile choice for those seeking strong CBD benefits without psychoactive effects. Whether you prefer to smoke it or integrate it into your ingestion routine, our kief offers a powerful way to enhance your wellness regimen.
  • Full Spectrum Batter Goodnight Globs: Our unique and highly efficient Cannabidiol products include full-spectrum batter, goodnight globs, and isolates. Our expert team meticulously collects and dries the tops of hemp plants to ensure the highest quality. We are committed to producing solvent and additive-free concentrates, providing you with a pure and powerful CBD experience. This process ensures that our concentrates are both effective and clean, ideal for those seeking potent CBD benefits in their routine.

Benefits of Colorado Breeders Depot CBD Shatters

Our versatile concentrates, including dabs and globs, are designed for multiple uses. They can be effectively used for vaporizing, smoking, or even ingested, offering flexibility depending on your preference. This variety allows for a personalized approach to consuming CBD, ensuring that you can enjoy its benefits in the way that suits you best.

Why Choose Us?

Here are the key features that establish the credibility of Colorado Breeders Depot Concentrates, from product variety to strict age restrictions and supportive customer service.

  • Variety of Cannabidiol Concentrate Products: A wide range of products enhances a brand’s reputation. Our CBD offerings include isolates, dabs, and kief, demonstrating our brand’s commitment to quality and diversity.
  • Lab-Tested Products: Our products undergo rigorous lab testing to ensure safety and quality. Each product comes with verification proof to satisfy buyer concerns.
  • Age Group Sales Terms: Authentic brands prioritize health by restricting sales to appropriate age groups. Colorado Breeders Depot does not allow individuals under 21 years of age to even access our site.
  • Shipping and Refund Policy: Our clear and customer-friendly shipping and refund policies set us apart. If you mistakenly order a product other than CBD shatter or kief, Colorado Breeders Depot facilitates easy refunds.
  • Availability of Support Team: We pride ourselves on our responsive support team, ready to assist with any inquiries about our Cannabis concentrates.
  • Good Reviews: Positive reviews are a testament to our brand’s reliability. We encourage potential customers to read our reviews before making a purchase.

The Crux

At Colorado Breeders Depot, we stand by our promise to deliver exactly what we advertise—THC-free CBD shatter and CBD kief that are both pure and legal. Our packaging is further designed to shield the concentrate from bacterial and fungal contamination, ensuring the longevity and integrity of the product. This commitment to 100% purity and organic practices cements our reputation as a trustworthy provider of high-quality CBD products.


CBD concentrates are products derived from the hemp plant that contain high concentrations of cannabidiol (CBD). These concentrations exist in various forms and are recognized for their natural and legal qualities.

We employ isolated CBD in products like shatter, kief, and globs. We are well-known for their full spectrum concentrate, which is free of THC but contains a tiny quantity of terpenes to improve the overall CBD experience.

Colorado Breeders Depot provides CBD concentrates in the form of shatter, kief, and globs. These products provide customers with a variety of ways to consume CBD, including vaporization, smoking, and swallowing.

CBD shatter is a concentrate with a honey-like consistency that contains around 90% pure CBD and 10% cannabis terpenoids. It’s devoid of THC and solvents. CBD shatter may be smoked, dabbed, or vaporized for a stable and long-lasting effect.

Colorado Breeders Depot sells CBD kief in powder form with a sticky feel. It is derived from hemp plant trichomes or cannabis crystals, resulting in a significant CBD impact. CBD kief is suitable for both smoking and swallowing.

These concentrations alleviate chronic pain without the risks associated with heavy medications. The products are intended to provide a relaxing effect, facilitating rapid healing and physical relaxation, particularly after periods of hard effort.

The company offers various product lines, including isolate, dab, and kief alternatives. To assure quality and purity, all goods go through thorough lab testing and come with verification evidence. The firm has a straightforward shipping and return policy. A proactive support crew is accessible to answer any questions or issues. Positive client feedback further demonstrates the brand’s dependability and efficacy.

Yes, Colorado Breeders Depot CBD concentrates are legal since we include THC-free CBD shatter and CBD kief, which ensures no psychoactive effects. The items are carefully wrapped to prevent microbial and fungal assaults, and the firm stresses 100% purity and organic infusion.

Colorado Breeders Depot CBD concentrates can be ingested via vaporizing, smoking (dabbing), or eating, depending on the kind of concentrate (shatter, kief, globs).

As an example of our dedication to responsible consumption and compliance with legal age restrictions, Colorado Breeders Depot prohibits the sale of our concentrates to individuals under 21.