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Hemp Farming Consultations

Our farmers have been growing for over 5 years in Yuma, Colorado. Get Free Hemp Farming Consultations in Colorado.

Our genetics team met and quickly discovered the potential of high strains! We wanted other farmers to benefit tremendously from a crop that has been passed by the 2018 farm bill.

Colorado Breeders Depot had amazing results with our growth genetics in 2018! Check out our CSU report available here. The purity & germination rate we have earned is something we are extremely proud of!

We want to help all farmers in their pursuits. Colorado Breeders Depot is the perfect venue to deliver help in all areas we could possibly hope to achieve. From 10 clones to 1000s acre farms, we want our products to help growers of all scales. Call us (719-275-7770) or email( for any additional information.

Your success is ours

As farmers know, experience counts. But when it comes to industrial farming, there simply isn’t a lot of reliable information about how to grow it.

That’s why we offer free Hemp Farming Consultations with the entire Colorado Breeders Depot crew, including our experienced industrial farmer Terry, to every customer we sell seeds.

From soil prep, planting techniques, growing requirements and harvest techniques — we are there to support hemp farmers in their success.

Our recommendations are backed by data and our in-the-field trialing results. And connect you with our network of farming customers plus invite you to join our buyers network and buyback program.

You become part of our farmers family.

Do you have 100 acres or more? We’ll farm it for you or be your growing partner

Sometimes it makes sense to bring in a little bit of help. Especially when you an investing in a new venture and an untested crop.

For those farmers looking at planting 100 acres or more, we are available to contract farm your land for you.

Or, we can work out a partnership agreement and minimize your risk.

We’ll make sure you’ve got a solid budget, the plan and end-game for harvest and sales, plus a hefty discount on seeds.

Reach out and let’s see what we can do together.