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Grow And Buy CBD Hemp Seeds In Colombia

Untapped Potential For CBD Hemp Industry in Colombia

There’s a big gap right now between countries that have legalized hemp cultivation and those that haven’t. Countries that legalized five years ago have developed the regulatory systems in place, while countries that opened their markets just a few months ago are struggling to do the same. There is great potential for Hemp Farmers who want to produce CBD as long as they invest in countries where hemp cultivation is legal.

In the past year, the Colombian government has made some serious moves to regulate the hemp and marijuana markets and make them accessible to more people. In 2017, hemp production was legalized and made available to farmers who receive approval through an application process. With the rules and regulations now set in stone, this process has become much easier. The country has competitive advantages! For example, we have incredibly cheap labor, we grow year-round crops, and the industry is still new. That means local producers have an edge over hemp farmers in North American and Europe. As of just two years ago there were only 129 licenses in the country for hemp farming. With the potential for this industry to grow so much, it seems that it is still just in its infancy.

CBD Hemp Growing Regulations in Colombia

The legalization of cannabis in the Colombia has opened up a world of opportunities for both businesses and individuals. One type of license that’s available is the Cultivation of non-psychoactive plants (hemp).

In order to cultivate hemp, you’ll need a permit from the Ministry of Justice to grow non-psychoactive plants. If your intention is specifically to produce CBD, you will also be required to get a license for the manufacture of cannabis derivatives.

How Do I Get Started Growing CBD Hemp Seeds in Colombia?

When you obtain licensure to operate a business in Colombia, it is important to make sure you are following all the rules and regulations. Licensing for hemp in Colombia is relatively loose and easy to get for new businesses. Compliance is very important in the hemp industry, but companies often underestimate it. It is possible to cultivate without a license, but many companies who do are breaking the law. Those companies are out of the game for good. For those who follow the rules and comply with the regulations, there is no limit on the cultivation area and reporting on cultivation activities is done only twice a year.

With legal restrictions on cannabis cultivation and production, some companies are turning to hemp. However, with so many hemp seed varieties out there, it can be difficult to determine which are the best for you. If you want your crop to “run cold,” we recommend purchasing seeds from a reputable company such as Colorado Breeders Depot. Our CBD hemp seed varieties are ideal for growing in Colombia and have been approved for legal cultivation. Colombia is the country with one of the lowest thresholds for THC content. If you’re curious, the threshold is under 1.0 %, while many other countries have 0.3 %. If you’re interested in cannabis seeds and are looking to grow in Colombia, be sure to check out Colorado breeders Depot because all their seeds meet this requirement!

Not a Farmer? You Can Still Grow CBD At Home

Colombia recently passed new legislation that allows its citizens to grow and cultivate cannabis at home. The law has caused some confusion, but it’s also opened up new business opportunities. Home growers are required to have a license, which is issued and processed by the Ministry of Justice and Law. The license is good for up to five years. Cultivating plants from seeds is an age-old tradition in Colombia that has seen resurgence in recent years. Though there are restrictions on which seeds you can use, the Colombian Institute of Agriculture should inform you which are and are not allowed when you register them. This will also ensure that you have a special permit if you plan to grow any restricted seeds.

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