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Grow And Buy CBD Hemp Seeds In Puerto Rico

CBD Hemp Seeds In Puerto Rico

When the United States Farm Bill redefined hemp as an agricultural commodity, they also removed it from the jurisdiction of the Drug Enforcement Administration. This means that hemp is now legal to buy, sell, and possess in the country. The relaxed regulation has also been extended to U.S. territories, including Puerto Rico. Now, not only can Americans enjoy economic opportunity, but also so can those in Puerto Rico. The territory of Puerto Rico may have key advantages when it comes to growing hemp. The Caribbean location, constant sunshine, and ability to cultivate three times per year all provide a great advantage when compared to U.S. states that produce hemp.

Hemp has been a trendy topic for the past few years. Some people think it could be a central focus of Puerto Rico’s economy in the near future. Hemp has many uses from fiber to fuel. Could this plant be a driver for economic growth in Puerto Rico? We took a closer look at the future of hemp production on the island.

Near-Perfect Conditions Exist To Grow CBD Hemp Seeds in Puerto Rico

One of our biggest findings was that there are many benefits that make Puerto Rico a potential hotspot for hemp production. Some of these benefits include:

  1. Over 2,800 hours of sun yearly.
  2. Potential to harvest up to 3 crops a year.
  3. Government offers unique local incentives for registered farmers growing hemp.
  4. Government offers land and manufacturing facilities for rent.
  5. Abundance of high skilled farm workers.
  6. Puerto Rico’s unique location has attracted many U.S. citizens and international investors with its weather, tax, and other benefits.
  7. It also serves as a bridge between the mainland U.S. and Latin America — there is no need for a passport or any special documentation for U.S. citizens working on the Island.
  8. U.S. dollar is the main currency
  9. Investments are protected by U.S. laws.

State of the CBD Hemp Industry in Puerto Rico

Clearly, hemp is an extremely beneficial plant with many uses. The island has been struggling with a lack of agriculture production for a long time. Hemp can be used to help revive the agricultural industry on the island.

Puerto Rico is investing in hemp production. Over the last two years, elected officials and government leaders have put a lot of effort and resources into the industry. The island is focusing on farming hemp and building manufacturing facilities to hopefully see hemp production take off.

Choosing the Right CBD Hemp Seeds is Important to Grow Hemp in Puerto Rico

Hemp is a hearty crop that does well in different types of environments, but there are some environmental issues that it struggles with. For example, hemp is often destroyed by rain and difficult molds. However, the selection of seeds can help to mitigate these challenges. If you’re looking for a cannabis plant that’ll grow in the tropical weather of Puerto Rico, check out Colorado Breeders Depot. We have two exclusive strains that are mold-resistant and grow well in the hot climate. All Colorado Breeders Depot CBD Hemp Seed varieties are Non-GMO and can be imported into Puerto Rico.