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Grow And Buy CBD Hemp Seeds In The Czech Republic

Growing Hemp at Home in the Czech Republic

CBD is big. Really big. And the Czech Republic is one of the most accepting places out there for this burgeoning industry. For over a decade, the country has decriminalized drugs and adopted a liberal stance on cannabis, making it one of the best places in the world to access CBD.

Czech growers are about to get another boost.

In June 2021, the Czech Republic’s Chamber of Deputies approved a bill that will set the THC limit for hemp at 1.0% and allow CBD-based natural extracts to be marketed as food.

Here’s how the changes can help CBD farmers in the Czech Republic:

Higher THC Limit Will Benefit Czech Hemp Growers

As a result of the EU’s increased limit for THC in hemp (from 0.2% to 0.3%), Czech lawmakers are considering an increase of the limit for THC in hemp to 1.0%. While this would put Czech in compliance with the EU, it would also contradict the 0.3% limit that the EU has set. It would also set the Czech Republic apart from other countries, which have accepted the global standard of 0.3%. The Czech Republic would be with a small group of countries establishing 1.0% THC as the national limit, breaking away from the generally accepted global standard.

CBD content in hemp plants grows in proportion to the THC content. What this means is that more hemp plants will have to be grown in order to extract CBD. This is good news for farmers, as they can grow CBD-rich plants and not jeopardize their entire crop by harvesting only the low-THC plants. There is an enormous opportunity for Czech growers thanks to new legislation. This year, a law was passed that allows the cultivation of hemp with less than 1% THC content for commercial purposes and for retail sale. Hemp products which do not contain addictive substances and are sold at retail will be freely available.

Restrictions On Marketing CBD in the Czech Republic Will Be Dropped

With the new rules, marketing CBD-based extracts is no longer prohibited. Brands can now advertise, promote and actively sell products made with CBD like food, supplements, and cosmetics — opening up a huge opportunity for marketing these products to consumers.

In addition to new Czech law, other EU member states are making adjustments to their laws so that hemp-derived CBD will be no long considered a narcotic. This will allow CBD to be freely traded among the many EU member states.

Europe loosened a lot of restrictions on CBD sales and marketing. Now, companies will be able to reach new European customer bases more easily. They’ll be able to more effectively communicate the benefits of CBD thanks to these looser restrictions.

Importing CBD Seeds Into the Czech Republic Remains Permitted

Czech law will continue to allow seeds to be sent into the country through the post. Colorado Breeders Depot’s CBD hemp seed varieties are perfect for many regions and we can ship to the Czech Republic.

Start Hemp Growing in The Czech Republic – Colorado Breeders Depot

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