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How Long Does it Take CBD to Kick In?

cbd kick in

The primary reason for the sudden popularity of CBD is the numerous health benefits as an alternative treatment for different symptoms. However, some people still do not understand how long it takes before they start feeling CBD in their system. Unfortunately, not knowing about this could lead to drastic side effects, potentially leading users to consume more than they can.

Eventually, believing that their CBD products are not working would give the user unpleasant side effects that they will need to struggle with for a while. This article briefly summarizes the different products and how long it usually takes before it kicks in.

Factors that Affect CBD Response Time

The response time of CBD primarily depends on the person’s body composition. Since each person’s endocannabinoid system is different, some people would usually take a while before they start experiencing the effects of CBD.

Here are a few factors that could affect how long it takes for the user to feel the effects of CBD.

  1. Dosage

    Logically, the higher the dosage of the CBD product translates to how quickly the user would feel the chemicals working in their body. However, the user should not take more than the prescribed dosage just for the effects to work quicker. The user could experience negative side effects and possible overdose if they do so.
    Doctors would usually prescribe the proper dosage in the prescription and the type of CBD products allowed for the patient. However, the user can use the recommended amount on most labels on CBD products if they intend to use them for recreational purposes.

  2. Biological Factors

    Scientific studies showed a correlation between the user’s physical characteristics and the response time of CBD in their system. In other words, a person’s gender, weight, age, and metabolic rate, can significantly change how fast CBD would work in their system.
    The best way to figure out how fast CBD takes to kick in is to try the CBD product and record how long it would take to start feeling the effects. Since body composition is relative, the user can use these records to determine whether their body is consuming the CBD at the expected rate.

  3. Concentration

    Some CBD products contain traces of THC that can potentially increase the response time. Usually, a higher THC concentration makes the product more potent, eventually increasing the side effects.
    An important note is to avoid finding products with a higher THC to feel the effects quicker. The main guideline should always come from the doctor’s prescription to prevent unwanted chemicals from entering the body.

  4. Frequency

    The user’s body slowly becomes accustomed to the amount of CBD in the system, eventually gaining a certain tolerance to the dosage. Furthermore, users might also accumulate CBD after a few weeks of using these products, which usually takes weeks before they start feeling these effects.

  5. Food

    Taking CBD orally usually takes longer before the user starts feeling the effects of the products. If the user chooses to eat CBD, it will take the chemicals longer to reach the peak concentration in the blood.

Response Time of CBD in Different Products

There are different ways a user consumes CBD products legally approved by the US Food and Drug Administration. Scientific studies showed that the method by how CBD enters the bloodstream also significantly affects how fast it would take for the user to start feeling these effects.

  • CBD Oil

    Topical forms of CBD include lotions and ointments that users apply directly to the skin. Since these chemicals can seep through the skin to the bloodstream, it would usually take 15 minutes before the user starts experiencing the effects of the products.

  • Orally

    As stated before, it usually takes longer for the body to digest the CBD chemicals and for them to reach the bloodstream. If consumed at the proper dosage, it would usually take 45 minutes to two hours before users start feeling the effects of the product. However, it would take close to 15 minutes if the user keeps the product under the tongue and allows it to absorb the chemicals.

What Happens if I Can’t Feel the Effects After a While?

Most first-timers mistake taking more than the prescribed amount because they could not feel the CBD working inside them. Taking more than the prescribed amount typically leads to overdose, especially if they use the product to soothe the ache, inflammation, and other pain.

It is imperative that the user first looks at the factors stated above to understand that the effects might vary for each person, depending on various factors. Thus, doctors and scientists recommend users wait for the effects to kick in before they consume more than the prescribed amount.

If a person wants to experience the effects quicker, Shcharansky recommends that users place the product under their tongue for a few seconds before swallowing it.

Nevertheless, the doctor expressly stated that the benefits of Cannabis are more about cumulative benefits rather than immediate effects. In other words, the user should look forward to the cumulative relief in pain rather than a quick solution to the struggle. If the user continues to follow the doctor’s prescription, the inflammation and pain will reduce over time.


There is no definite answer to how long Cannabis would take to kick in because of various factors that are subjective to every person. Furthermore, consuming these products also becomes a significant factor in determining how quickly the chemicals in the product would kick in. However, doctors warn users of taking more than the prescribed amount just because they could not feel the effects from their last dosage. Instead, doctors recommend waiting before seeking professional help.