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Jack Frost CBG

Type: Hybrid (Sativa 50% Indica 50%)

Cannabinoid: THC: 17% – 23%, CBD: <1%  CBN: <1%


The Jack Frost strain is a hybrid strain of 50% Sativa and 50% Indica. This gives the user a perfect blend of both Sativa and Indica effects. This strain also has a relatively high level of THC ranging between an average of 17-23℅. At the same time, the CBD and CBN levels are relatively low at less than 1℅.


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It has a unique frosty appearance that gives it its name and makes it stand out from the rest with the heavy trichome coating adding to its look. These snow-white trichomes can transport you to an enchanting world even before you start to consume this strain. It also has vibrant orange pistils visible against the pale green and frosty white surface of the cannabis plant.

This strain can be used to treat several ailments and is also typical for recreational purposes. It has a high level of potency because of the THC level. It is also common among many cannabis growers because of its ability to produce very high yields under both indoor and outdoor conditions.

History and Lineage

Goldenseed created Jack Frost from crossing White Widow, Northern Lights, and Jack Herer. The breeders took their time breeding this strain so that it comes out in the best possible way. With patience and perseverance, it took five years to produce this strain in the most potent way possible ultimately. The result is not disappointing for a strain that they bred with that much care.

During the early developmental stages, the breeders crossed Jack Herer strain with Northern Lights #5 and White Widow hybrid. The Rainbow Kashmiri cannabis strain was also added during the breeding process to give birth to Jack Frost strain. Weed lovers have praised golden seeds for creating such a gene profile in one strain.

With this strain, every little puff goes a long way, particularly with its long-lasting effects for as long as three hours.

Effects and Medical Use

This cannabis strain is a very social strain that gives the users a euphoric and uplifting feeling in just a few puffs. It is also famous for stimulating giggles and happiness in the user. This strain has a fluffy, delicate, and dry feel and gives the user a high that lasts about three hours. This strain is recommended for use during the daytime because of its potency and long-lasting effects. Many users of Jack Frost describe it as having a euphoric and uplifting effect and gives them a friendly feeling too. Some users also describe it as stimulating them and making them feel creative. So, if you’re looking for some artistic inspiration, this strain is ideal for you.


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After some hours, the Indica character of this strain comes to the fore. The high cerebral feeling starts to fade off and is replaced with a sense of deep relaxation.

Medicinally, this cannabis strain is known to help in treating several ailments such as loss of appetite, anxiety, depression, and stress. There are also claims by many users that this strain also has analgesic effects. So, it is also known to relieve some painful conditions such as muscular pain and arthritis. It also has some stimulating effects which can help to treat people suffering from lethargy and chronic fatigue.

Like other cannabis strains, Jack Frost also has some side effects. The side effects they mostly report are dry eyes and cottonmouth. But you don’t have to worry much about these side effects as you can manage them properly. Taking plenty of water before and after smoking, and even while smoking, will keep you hydrated and would counter these side effects effectively. Dry eyes can also be treated with eye drops.

The adverse effects of this strain are due to the THC content which is above average. Although, it isn’t as much as other marijuana strains that are known to be very potent. However, people that are prone to paranoid and anxiety induced by THC should settle for a milder strain.


The five years spent in developing this strain by Goldenseed is worth it. Not only because of its potency and long-lasting effect. But also because of the sweet citrus aroma that fills the air with every puff. The users are also bound to enjoy the slight skunk undertones. Terpene lovers are definitely going to be enticed by this strain.


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The sweet fragrance of this strain is also accompanied by an earthy and woody smell, making the aroma a very balanced and enjoyable one.


The most prominent flavors that the users are likely to enjoy are earthy and sweet flavors. It also has a musky, citrus, and woody taste for the user’s enjoyment. The smoke produced from combusting Jack Frost is smooth and velvety and doesn’t have any harsh effect on the lungs. However, it leaves a noticeable lemon taste in the tongue that remains long after the smoking is done.

Growing and Flowering Time

Jack Frost is a straightforward plant to grow. So, even people that are new to cannabis growing can try out Jack Frost. This strain can also grow very well in both indoor and outdoor conditions.

The best medium to grow this strain under indoor conditions is with organic soil. That’s how to get the best results from it. Growers should avoid overwatering this plant by growing it in pots that have overflow holes under it. When grown under indoor conditions, it takes between 55-60 days to complete its flowering cycle. Or a period of 9 – 10 weeks. Growers can also expect to get a yield of around 16 ounces per square meter.

Under outdoor conditions, this strain grows best in the Northern Hemisphere. The ideal weather condition is a sunny and warm climate. One of the reasons this strain is considered easy to grow is because it requires very little maintenance, especially for outdoor growth. By September to October, this strain is ready for harvest and usually produces high yield under both indoor and outdoor conditions. It yields slightly higher in outdoor conditions with about 19 ounces per plant.

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