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Jack Herer: All You Need To Know About It


This hybrid is an almost balanced cannabis strain with 55% Sativa and 45% Indica. It gives the user an almost perfect blend of both Indica and Sativa effects. This strain also has a relatively high level of THC ranging between an average of 17-24℅. In comparison, the CBD and CBN levels are relatively low at less than 1℅.

This strain is also one of the most popular cannabis strains for medicinal and recreational purposes because of its high potency. It is also common among cannabis growers because of its influence even though it can produce a below-average yield. The power and quality of Jack Herer have also seen it receive numerous prestigious awards. There is no doubt to the impressiveness of this strain with nothing less than 14 High Life Cannabis Cups to its name.

This strain was first developed with the hope of capturing a massive resin production and a cerebral elevation. However, it has a rich genetic background that has seen many other cross breeders develop different variations of this strain, each of which we believe in having their unique features. Some of the genetics of this strain has now been passed to other crossbred strains, such as Jack Skellington, Jack’s Cleaner, and Jack the Ripper.

Jack Herer cannabis strain was named after a very popular legalization activist Jack Herer, who authored the book, “The Emperor Wears No Clothes.” He is considered the pioneer of the movement for legal cannabis and is also called the “Emperor of Hemp.” He died at 70 years old in 2010, after battling with some heart problems. But during his lifetime, he was a well-known activist for the decriminalization and legalization of cannabis after seeing that it is a renewable source of food, medicine, and fuel and can grow anywhere in the world.

History & lineage of Jack Herer

Jack Herer strain is a cross between the mainly Sativa Haze strain and Shiva Skunk and Northern Lights (which gives it the strong indica characteristics). This strain was developed in the Netherlands in the mid-90s by Sensi Seeds (a very renowned cultivator). The purpose of creating this strain is to combine the clear-headed Sativa effect of Haze with the overwhelming Shiva Skunk and Northern Lights to birth a highly medical strain. It has since been used for recreational purposes and has become familiar with weed growers and smokers.

Effect & Medical Use of Jack Herer

Sativa’s strong presence in this strain gives the users a happy high and an uplifting feeling without overpowering them. The users also feel relaxed with just a few puffs. Rather than make the user feel down, it creates an energetic buzz in them. It is also trendy for a high cerebral feeling accompanied by a light, mellow body high, which makes the user conversant and attentive while being deeply relaxed. If you are looking for a strain to stimulate the ‘social-ness’ in you on a night out. And give you a creative feeling, you can’t look past the Jack Herer strain. The well-rounded high of this strain makes it ideal for people that are new to cannabis. It is a social strain that can help to facilitate conversation easily. The creative and euphoric feeling which users get makes it an ideal strain for solo use.

Jack Herer strain has earned its reputation in the medical field as well. And various stress disorders, making it ideal for combating depression. The surge of energy that it gives makes it effective against lethargy and chronic fatigue. Which is quite a surprise as it is very low on CBD. It is also effective against migraines and chronic headaches. This is a much stronger strain than the average strain and is useful to provide a cerebral release along with a happy and creative feeling. Although it gives an intense high, users usually hold regular conversations and control their actions.

Note: We do not recommend this strain for patients battling with insomnia. This is because the kind of moods and the thoughts which it stimulates are capable of keeping the user awake rather than sleepy. So, it’s recommended more for morning or daytime use than evening time use.


The aroma from Jack Herer is majorly spice and pine, which is very appealing to everybody. It also has a lemon and orange juice smell, as well as an earthy base. Some users also mention that this strain can have the air filled with a cake-like whiff, with a little bit of pepper after smoking.


The taste of Jack Herer is very similar to the scent as it leaves a pine-like, and earthy taste on the tongue when it is smoked. Some users say that this strain also tastes like a tropical fruit salad with a saucy and spicy flavor.

Jack Herer Strain

Jack Herer Strain

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Growing & Flowering time

The Jack Herer strain is among the most grown strains in the world. It is every grower’s dream, as it is straightforward to grow. Jack herer has an inherent high yielding capacity and also flowers very quickly. It is also a disease-resistant plant and can withstand many conditions.

When grown under indoor conditions, it has a short flowering period and requires an average of 8-10 weeks before it starts to flower. Under this condition, it produced an average of 18 ounces per square meter. This plant can grow as tall as 8 feet in the right situation. So indoor growers have topped this plant to curb the height.

When it is grown outdoor, the best condition for its growth is the dry Mediterranean climate with a daily temperature of 72 – 80 degrees Fahrenheit.  It is ripe for harvest between late September and early October. It also typically produces 18 ounces per plant on average.