Strain Review Lemon OG Greenhouse CBD Flower

Smokable Lemon OG Flower with Delicious Flavor

Lemon OG Hemp Buds

Lemon OG is a gorgeous, greenhouse-grown CBD flower strain that lives up to its name like no other. A 60/40 sativa hybrid, the genetics come from a cross of CBD OG Kush #5 and California Sunrise which make it identifiable even in a blind smell test.  Although this is not marijuana, this gorgeous premium hemp flower resembles its marijuana counterpart of the same name in almost every way outside of the cannabinoid content.

One of Colorado Breeders Depot’s most prestigious greenhouse strains, Lemon OG provides indoor quality in bulk. The genetics are so stable and durable that growers can cultivate this lemony, blissful hemp flower outdoors and still yield connoisseur, indoor quality that consumers have come to expect from Colorado Breeders Depot.

How Does Lemon OG Look and Smell?

Easily one of the most unique terpene profiles of high-CBD premium hemp flower, Lemon OG stands out in a crowd. This is primarily due to the fact that even from a distance, the pungent aroma of zested lemons emanates from its massive buds.

Growing flower through a greenhouse method allows for the plants to grow much larger thanks to constant sunlight and Lemon OG takes this bonus photosynthesis in stride by producing gigantic, resin-thick buds, dense with trichomes. There’s a bit less hair on this strain, and the curing time along with the greenhouse sunlight exposure makes this bud incredibly easy to pick apart, which you’ll need to do because of how big the buds can be.

The smell is the most impressive aspect of the Lemon OG aesthetic. It is one of the most limonene-heavy strains that Colorado Breeders Company grows. Its reminiscent to standing beneath a lemon tree. There follows a heavy kush smell that wraps around the zesty citrus notes into an extremely enticing terpene profile that also shows up being smoked.

Potency & Effect

Lemon for Fresh Lemon OG cbd flower

Lemon OG is a powerhouse, boasting just over 18% total CBD and just over 1% all other cannabinoids. One of the strongest strains offered by Colorado Breeders Depot, the CBD content is thanks in part to natural sunlight and well-rounded, perfected genetics. And just like the plant itself thrives in the brightness, so too will you brighten your day with this heaping spoonful of energy and mood boosting effect.

Perfect for first thing in the morning, Lemon OG’s insane limonene profile is as stimulating as can be with CBD hemp flower. A sativa cannabis plant without the paranoia and racing thoughts, Lemon OG is bodily gasoline to get you going.

How is Lemon OG Therapeutically or Beneficial for My Health?

The potent CBD levels eviscerate both stress levels and pains allowing consumers to power through their daily grind with their endocannabinoid system flooded with clean-burning energy. The citrusy flavor lasts throughout the whole smoke from inhale to aftertaste, burning smooth and evenly, with light grey ash and a zero-harshness inhale thanks to expert curing processes.

This Lemon OG is a top-notch greenhouse hemp flower any zesty, citrus-loving CBD consumers won’t want to ignore.  You can find the third-party laboratory test results and complete Cannabinoid Profile for of our hemp flower strains on our website.

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