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Live Resin: A Definitive Guide for Cannabis Users

live resin

The legalization trends in recent years have given rise to Live Resin. Cannabis users encounter this term as they get exposed to an increasing variant of cannabis products available in the market. They also discover several consumption modes that come with the different offerings. Users who typically smoke cannabis flowers, which has remained the most prominent consumption technique, want new and distinct experiences.

Hence, besides smoking, more opt to dab and vape high-potency concentrates. It is a specific concentrate that is increasingly becoming more popular in the legal cannabis market today. Users discover live resin and typically find it with the expression “live rosin.” For novices, this online discussion aims to help them by explaining the concept of live resin.

Additionally, readers will find out how it is dissimilar to live rosin. This informative article also includes a brief discussion about consuming live resin and live rosin.

Fundamental Nature of Live Resin

New cannabis users who are curious about live resin will discover that this concentrate is sticky and potent. Today, it is becoming more popular among cannabis consumers. Live resin is also known as “fresh frozen whole plant” or “fresh frozen” because this concentrate gets extracted from cultivars that are freshly harvested and frozen right away.

Moreover, users will find out that it keeps all cannabinoids and trichomes, resulting in a flavorful and strong cannabis product. This feature is unlike other extracts that lose much of their terpenoid profiles following the extraction procedure.

Production Process of the Resin Concentrate

Live resin producers perform the extraction process in making the concentrate. They utilize solvents like carbon dioxide or ethanol.

Indeed, live resin is generally stronger or more potent compared to the other resin forms. After all, makers create this concentrate retaining more compounds from fresh cannabis material that is neither cured nor dried.

4 Different Kinds of Live Resin

Cannabis users can experience variety when consuming it as this concentrate comes in different types. The following are the four common forms available in many local dispensaries today:

  1. Batter

    Live resin comes in batter form. This type is a terpene-heavy cannabis concentrate. Cannabis consumers can tell that it is a live resin batter if they see a product that looks like yellow-brown cake frosting or cookie dough.

  2. Diamonds

    Some cannabis users want very high tetrahydrocannabinol or THC and terpene content in it. They are recommended to avail of its diamonds. These products are isolated THC crystals, similar to those found in it’s sauce.

  3. Sauce

    Live resin sauce is a cannabis concentrate. It includes High Terpene Extract or HTE and THCa Crystalline that appears like transparent crystals in viscous, amber-brown liquid.

    The HTE liquid in it’s sauce includes high terpene levels. Nonetheless, it is relatively low in cannabinoids. The THCa Crystalline is a precursor to THC that yields powerful cannabinoid encounters.

  4. Sugar

    Cannabis consumers may want a product with a strong flavor and smell. Live resin sugar has these features and is known to possess a scent almost identical to the plant from which it is originally derived.

    This type is easily noticeable because it looks like sugar granules in honey globs. After learning the important information about it, cannabis users may wonder about live rosin usually discussed with the resin concentrate.

    Both give distinct experiences to cannabis consumers. They are also both thrilling to try, though a cannabis user’s personal preference determines which offering suits himself.

Learning about Live Rosin and Its Production

When discovering live resin, consumers will also encounter the term “live rosin.” Live rosin is also referred to as cannabis rosin. Learning about it gives cannabis users options, especially if they want higher-quality offerings. Live rosin is a strong, amber-colored substance and is distinct from other extracts like budder and shatter.

This solventless concentrate includes more terpenes than other cannabis rosin products. This property of cannabis rosin contributes to more distinct encounters for cannabis consumers. Making live rosin or cannabis rosin is a relatively simple procedure. Producers extract it without utilizing chemical solvents found in other cannabis concentrate forms.

Many health-conscious cannabis users feel enticed by this aspect of the lack of chemical solvents. Furthermore, producing live rosin is performed by exposing the cannabis plant’s components to high heat and pressure, separating the resin from the rest of the plant.

Making live rosin is possible in the comfort of one’s home with cannabis flowers and simple supplies like parchment paper and flatiron.

Disparities Between the Resin Concentrate and Live Rosin

Live resin and live rosin are common concentrates that are different from each other. The following three aspects highlight their dissimilarities:

  • Production Process

    The techniques of how they are made are a major distinction between these two concentrates. Producers make it through extraction.

    Furthermore, they employ carbon dioxide, ethanol, and other chemical solvents in the production process. On the other hand, making live rosin does not involve using solvents.

  • Production Cost

    Live resin is generally more expensive to produce due to the essential materials needed. Moreover, it is more labor-intensive with a more difficult extraction procedure compared to the solventless live rosin.

  • Potency

    Cannabis consumers may wonder about the sheer potency of live resin and live rosin. The resin concentrate actually contains more of the psychoactive THC than cannabis rosin. Nonetheless, consumers will encounter similar consumption modes for it. These concentrates are consumable by dabbing, smoking, or vaping.

2 Common Used Consuming Devices

For novice users, they will discover that there are two common equipment pieces they can use to consume live resin and live rosin. They are the following:

  1. Water Pipe

    A water pipe is usually made of glass and intended for live resin or live rosin concentrate consumption. It is available in dispensaries, head shops, and smoke shops. It is advisable for water pipe users to be careful with their dosage when consuming cannabis rosin in this manner.

    They should also always ensure to go “low and slow” when consuming unfamiliar cannabis offerings so they can have pleasant experiences.

  2. Pre-Filled or Handheld Vaporizer

    Cannabis consumers who desire a straightforward and discreet consumption method are recommended to use a handheld or pre-filled vaporizer.

    This device for vaping live resin and live rosin is designed to accommodate different kinds of concentrates. Additionally, a handheld or pre-filled vaporizer requires a disposable cartridge.

This online discussion aimed to help cannabis users know more about their choices. Consumers who begin small when consuming it and proceed with caution when trying new products are performing a wise measure.

After all, they can prevent the harmful impacts of consuming high dosages. It is highly recommended that cannabis users continue learning more about it by reading more relevant articles online.

These concentrates are more potent than most of the options, and discovering more about them can certainly result in satisfying user experiences.