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  1. Would you like to join a trusted hemp supply chain?
  2. Do you produce high quality hemp products free of mold, pests, heavy metals or other contaminants?
  3. Would you like to build consistent relationships with a network of honest people in the hemp industry?
  4. Do you sell total THC or delta 9 compliant licensed hemp?

If you answered yes to these four questions please complete an application to join our program.

  1. As soon as you complete your application please send a VACUUM SEALED sample of your product to: Colorado Breeders Marketplace 596 Mcdaniel Blvd Canon City, CO 81212
  2. Once you complete your application and send your sample please text 719-275-7770 with the tracking number of your package.
  3. We will then schedule a pricing call with John Kalosinis, Co-founder of Colorado Breeders Depot.
  4. Once we have reviewed your application and inspected your sample, we will call to discuss a price for your product on our website.
  5. Within 24 hours your posting will be viewable on our marketplace!
  6. Serious vendors will also send a larger sample to Colorado Breeder’s Depot. We display large examples on our showroom floor to bulk buyers visiting our facility in person.
  7. Once product posts on our marketplace and showroom floor, the vendor may still sell their product to other buyers outside of the Colorado Breeder’s Depot network and retain 100% of the profits.
  8. If the Product is sold through the Colorado Breeder’s Depot network, Colorado Breeder’s Depot will process the payment and retain 10% of the final purchase.

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    Explain where the genetics come from
    Explain how it was harvested/ processed
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