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We want to build a community of people who are passionate about high quality natural medicine. If you want to access the highest quality indoor smokable hemp flower, learn information about how it was grown, and learn to grow it yourself, we hope you will consider a membership.

  • We have set our price to join especially low.
  • As a thank you to the first of our members, we have set a low introductory membership price. As an additional thank you benefit, our early members will never receive a price increase.
  • New membership prices will begin to rise along a tiered structure
  • After the first payment, the membership fee will be deducted from your card automatically each month.
  • Cancel a membership 30 days before your next monthly payment and your automatic payments will stop along with membership discounts and free monthly packages and emails.
  • Each month, members receive an email with news from our grow rooms and detailed information about the monthly featured strain.
  • Membership have access to 20% off any item in our store including special monthly packages. This discount does work in conjunction with other codes or items already on sale.

With our Indoor Membership, you receive the early exclusive, 1 oz (Silver) or 2 ounces (Gold) of the freshest, newest indoor premium CBD hemp flower strains delivered free every month. The Silver Membership is only $49.99 for a full ounce of our freshest and newest indoor strain and the Gold Membership offers 2 ounces for only $99.99.

All of our strains are federally compliant, with no unwanted toxins, no added chemicals or preservatives; all are third-party lab tested, with documents available transparently on our website.

As the reviews below will attest to, our indoor smokable hemp flower is grown with love, has naturally-occurring medicinal and therapeutic effects, and provides the freshest, most naturally spectacular smokable indoor hemp flower you will find.

It is delivered to your door in discreet, non-smelling packaging with 100% terpene sealed custom bags to keep these premium buds ultra-fresh.

In addition to other benefits, you also receive a 20% special discount sitewide on all products with your own private Member Code for as long as they are a member.

Preview of Upcoming Premium Indoor Flower for Our Members (plus a special gift only for our Members):

September: CBD Diesel
October: Aroma Funk

For more detail as to the various strains of indoor CBD hemp flower and background that will inform in great detail about the special medicinal effects of this flower, visit our Indoor flower page.

First, hemp lovers can rejoice, as our well-loved D8 Designer Hemp Flower is entirely federally compliant (not legal in some states, so check your state regs before your order).

For the Silver Membership, only $69.99, you get an ounce of your favorite D8 Designer Hemp Flower flavor, or only $139.99 for two ounces. Both of these include a special free gift—(you will see when you order for the first time how we take care of our members).

In addition to this monthly abundance which has been known to cause euphoria and enduring joy, you also receive a 20% special discount sitewide on all products with your own private Member Code for as long as you are a member. Your Membership price is frozen and will never increase.

It is delivered to your door in discreet, non-smelling packaging with 100% terpene sealed custom bags to keep these premium D8 Designer Hemp flower buds ultra-fresh.

Our cultivation of D8 consists of a conversion program that alters cannabinoid compounds (usually CBD) using proven synthesis methods, resulting in clean and unadulterated Delta-8. We spray this over our CBG hemp flower, using thin application layers to perverse the texture and color of the natural hemp buds. In this spray we also combine natural cannabis terpenes and fruit oils which are design to mimic popular cannabis strains.

This is how we can offer our 10 ‘flavors’ of a single strain. While the D8 oil dries on the flower, we dust it in CBD kief adding yet another ingredient to the ‘entourage effect’ that makes cannabis so multipurpose and effective. A Membership is a very cost-effective way to stop buying your D8 in bits and pieces. For more detailed info, visit our D8 flower page.

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