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CBD Roll On Pain Relief

CBD Roll On Pain Relief

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CBD Roll On Relief Full Spectrum 2000MG

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Hey fellas! Colorado Breeders Depot has created the most potent roll-on in the industry. With its revolutionary cannabidiol application and added pain-relieving chemicals, this changes the game for pain management. It’s easy to use, fits your lifestyle, and is handy.

The Purpose of CBD Roll On

CBD roll ons are topical items that are meant to be put on the skin directly. Most of the time, these products come in a handy tube with a roller ball on top. This makes it easy to apply the CBD oil and other ingredients directly to the area you want to treat.  The CBD roll on is easy to use and doesn’t make a mess, so it’s a good choice for people who want to use CBD on their skin.

As it rubs the skin during application, the roller ball helps spread the product evenly and has a relaxing effect.  Cannabidiol, or CBD, is the main ingredient in our roll on. It comes from the cannabis plant, but it’s not addictive, so it doesn’t get you “high” like weed does. The endocannabinoid system in the body deals with pain, inflammation, and immune system reactions. CBD affects this system.

Using CBD Roll Ons?

Anecdotal evidence and early studies show that people are looking into the possible benefits of CBD roll-ons for a variety of reasons. This has made more people, including sports, interested in them. People like items because they are easy to use and can be put on the skin straight.
When you use a CBD roll-on, make sure you carefully follow the directions that came with it. For safety and possible success, it is best to use the right method. Instructions usually include suggested how often to use and how to apply the product so that it fits your needs and preferences.
As with any cannabis product, the effects can start at different times and last for different amounts of time depending on the person and the area where the product was applied. According to the product instructions, users should repeat the application every few hours or as needed.

Our CBD Roll On; Our Specialty

Colorado Breeders Depot’s CBD Roll-On Relief is a special kind of topical cream that is meant to be applied directly to the skin. There are 2000MG of full-spectrum hemp extract in this product, which is meant to help with muscle and joint pain. Therapeutic-grade ingredients like menthol, which cools, arnica, which has been used for a long time to treat pain, and tea tree oil, which is known to calm, are added to the roll-on to make it better. Its mess-free, easy-to-use brush makes it a good choice for use on the go. It’s made to absorb quickly and be easy to apply to the affected areas. This product shows that Colorado Breeders Depot is dedicated to providing natural, effective answers for everyday issues like pain.

Localized Relief with Precision Application

CBD makes it possible to apply them only to certain places, which makes limited use easier. The design has a roller ball that helps spread the CBD oil and maybe other ingredients evenly on the skin’s surface.

It is known that CBD, which is the main ingredient in these roll-ons, can be taken through the skin. The mixture is meant to reach lower layers, like muscles and joints, after it is applied. This way of applying is meant to make sure that the product is taken where it is put on.

Our CBD roll-ons have extra ingredients in them, like essential oils, menthol, or camphor. For instance, menthol is often used because it cools and can make the experience better for the user. In the same way, essential oils are added to improve the smell or feel of the base product.

People like CBD roll-ons because they are convenient and easy to use. This is especially true for people who want mess-free treatment that they can carry with them and use as needed.

League Approvals Pave the Way for CBD Acceptance in Sports

Major League Baseball (MLB) has taken a revolutionary step by legalizing CBD roll on for pain for players and opening sponsorship opportunities with teams. One of the most prominent professional leagues now recognizes the potential of cannabidiol in pain treatment and rehabilitation, marking a significant shift in the image of CBD within the sports sphere. In 2020, the National Football League (NFL) also formally legalized CBD roll on for its players, setting the standard for what MLB is doing with its progressive position.

Since 2017, the World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) has sanctioned the consumption of CBD in the Olympics, indicating broad acceptance of this natural treatment method among top athletes. This has had a ripple effect that stretches the globe.

Natural Approach to Pain Management

In the past, players often depended on drugs or treatments to deal with pain, which had unwanted side effects. But there is a growing interest in looking into other choices, such as cannabidiol (CBD). This change shows that more people are realizing that CBD can help players’ health without the bad side effects that come with traditional medicines. People’s ideas about how to help athletes stay healthy and recover are changing because of this advancement. CBD is now seen as a possible option for those seeking better, possibly more effective choices.

Tailored Precision for Athlete-Specific Relief

Specialized applications address the specific needs of athletes, providing a more tailored and efficient solution to pain or injury, as opposed to generalized solutions. The secret to efficacy of our CBD roll on is its targeted usage, which concentrates the advantages where athletes need them most. Athletes can alleviate pain or discomfort in pinpoint regions thanks to the tailored and focused solutions made possible by this precision.

Disclaimer: We use nontoxic, high quality, and safe ingredients which are listed on the label for full transparency.

Join in the parade, browse our CBD roll on and say goodbye to pain in a matter of minutes! The process has never been easier.


Our CBD Roll-on Relief gel, used by many for soothing muscles and joints, is primarily comprised of natural plant extracts and chemicals that assist in the absorption process. We think of it as a ‘cool gel’ meaning that it’s not a liquid cream like lotions or CBD creams.

The closest comparison to composition would be that of roll-on deodorant gels: it sticks, but it’s not sticky. Most of our ingredients are natural oils that readily absorb into the skin without leaving any gross, sticky, oily residue.

Below you’ll find every ingredient in our CBD Roll-on Relief, listed in order of percentage of each ingredient.

Aqua (water), Isopropyl Alcohol, Menthol, Hemp Extract (from aerial parts), Carbomer, Triethanolamine, Camphor powder, Phenoxyethanol, Ethylhexylglycerin (preservative), Ilex Paraguariensis leaf extract (Yerba Mate), Tocopheryl Acetate (vitamin E), Aloe Barbadensis leaf juice, Arnica Montana flower extract, Tea Tree leaf oil.

We have! We don’t sell any products that we don’t use.

Our entire team, as well as beta-testing friends and family and some of our long-time customers tested the efficacy early on. Now it has become one of our popular products. Our team continues to use our CBD Roll-on Relief on labor-intensive days like harvest weeks, because it slays sore muscles like nothing else we find on the market.

So many other CBD or hemp companies offer skincare products for pain relief. Every day it seems there’s another product on the market with the same lotion-esque texture that leaves goopy residue and takes forever to dry.

Not us. We chose to put the consumer first and provide a roll-on gel product to avoid the mess of dosing with creams, lotions or loose gels. The roll-on system provides the ease of dose-control with a much quicker absorption through the skin.

Another factor is our enhanced full-spectrum cannabinoids inside. We use full-plant extracts to provide the entourage effect while still remaining within hemp-defined limits. Then, with this oil, we enhance it further with the addition of CBD isolates that are made by Colorado Breeders Depot cannabinoids. It’s kind of like making a very complicated cocktail, and then adding more liquor on top to just crank up the strength.

Many topical CBD products are used only with isolates, which are far less effective than having all the naturally occurring cannabinoids active together. Isolate-only topicals are easier to make and require less effort by not needing to perfect the full-spectrum extraction process while remaining under legal limits for certain cannabinoid content.

Time and again, our efforts are expended with the consumer in mind. We’ll take the long way if it means you get a better product, and that is a guarantee.

Most of the ingredients are oils, either essential oils or extract oils. We use Triethanolamine which allows fats and other liquid forms to become soluble in oils, meaning everything is extremely smooth and blended evenly.

CBD Roll-on Relief feels very cool when applied and not sticky, and it possesses a little minty aroma because of the menthol. It dries within a few minutes of application. The larger the application or the larger the dose, the longer it will take to be absorbed by your skin. After a short time, the area in which you have applied it will start to feel very warm. You will know it is working when the warmth arrives—the relief is soon to follow.

On average, we expect a customer to get around 100 uses per stick. The more you apply, the less uses you’ll have in total.

The roll-on nature of the product makes this a difficult question to give an exact answer for. If you were to use it only on your elbow each time you applied it, then there would be almost 120 uses. If you are covering your entire back after work each night, then this large application area would leave much less ‘serving sizes’, only around 35-40. In other words, the total number of doses in each stick is entirely dependent on the consumer and how they decide to use this product.

In total, there is just over 2000mg of CBD inside this product. This includes the addition of CBD isolate to the formula to raise the CBD content over what occurs natural in the oil extraction process.

This is 2 grams worth of CBD alone, not to mention the other naturally occurring cannabinoids that come from the hemp extract which uses full-spectrum plant material. So, based on average serving size, you’ll get around 20mg CBD topically for each use!

Nope. First, it is for external use only.We advise customers to avoid any sort of open wounds, cuts or sores. We also advise to keep out of your eyes and mouth.

Applying this to an area of your face where there’s a cut from shaving, or to your hands while there’s a scratch fresh from playing with your cat is something to be careful of. The presence of isopropyl alcohol and menthol means this could cause discomfort if in contact with skin injuries or sores.

We also should remind everyone this is not edible and should not be eaten, used only for skin and skin alone.

No! CBD, hemp flower, any cannabinoid ever: these cannot cure any sort of pain issue or chronic ailment. We believe cannabinoids can provide relief in both big and small increments. Depending on what someone is using CBD for, it has the ability to reduce inflammation and subtly stifle nervous system pain signals.

Minor aches and pains in joints and muscles are most often caused by inflammation, so applying these cannabinoids directly to the site is what helps bring that inflamed tissue back down somewhat.

CBD will not heal a torn muscle or pulled tendon, will not fix any injury. It has the ability to make these issues potentially more tolerable while they heal naturally, though.

CBD can reduce swelling in inflamed joints and is a fantastic daily tool for those suffering from arthritis and similar chronic joint pains.

The term ‘transdermal’ refers to any medicine or drug that is administered to the body through the skin. Usually this means a patch or a cream or a gel. This is different than ‘topical’ because things described as topical are not designed to penetrate into the body beyond skin-deep.

Transdermal CBD products are meant to seep into the porousness of the skin, into the bloodstream and directly impact muscle and joint tissues. By using ingredients that cause diffusion in the skin, our cannabinoids can penetrate and provide internal relief through an external medium. Because this sort of medication is processed in the body differently than consuming a pill or drinking a liquid, there are advantages to using transdermal products for quick, efficient relief.

Full-spectrum means that the entire plant is used in the product. While many competitors settle for cannabinoid isolates, which have proven to be less effective. Any cannabis product labeled ‘full-spectrum’ employs that the entourage effect is stronger because it contains multiple cannabis extracts (usually oils, terpenes, essential oils and isolates).

Our full-spectrum Roll-on Relief has both whole-plant cannabis hemp oils, and multiple cannabinoids isolated and re-introduced into the formula. We fully believe a full-spectrum, organic process makes for a better product all around.

There are a quite a few reasons someone would rather use CBD Roll-on as opposed to smoking, eating, or vaping hemp flower or concentrates. Some people just don’t smoke. Lung issues, bad experiences, age, weight, location can all inform someone’s choice to inhale burning plant matter or hemp extracts. Some people can’t smoke due to the smell of hemp, or they just don’t enjoy the taste.

While cannabis as a whole, and especially CBD, has come a long way as far as removing previously held stigmas from cultural perception, there are some people who still view certain forms of cannabis products as problematic or unhealthy. Of course, we know truth to be quite the opposite. So something that feels easy to use, is packaged professionally without any real hemp odor is very inviting for someone genuinely looking for relief while wrestling with their own preconceptions. Roll-on products are discreet, portable, and affordable which means less money spent and fewer orders to make.

Whatever your reasons behind using CBD roll-on products, the thing that keeps people coming back is that it’s easy and effective.

We absolutely do sell wholesale. Drop us a line at our wholesale order request page, and we will be in touch as soon as possible. Partnering with people who share our values and ideologies about the benefits of hemp and CBD is a huge priority for us—plus our products work!

As long as we have the quantity requested, we will provide whatever we can to both local shops and those outside Colorado.