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Delta 8 Concentrates

Delta 8 Concentrates

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By removing all THC in the first step of processing, we are able to repeat the unique forced-air refining process up to 30 times to create 90% cannabinoid potency that is completely legal in all 50 states.

After the process is complete, we reintroduce cannabis terpenes for extra medicinal effect and richer flavors. Our Delta 8 Shatter product is available in a Lemon Haze flavor or a Sour Diesel flavor. Many of our clients try both, and find the varied flavors very appealing.

What is Delta 8 Concentrates?

Carefully prepared via extraction and purification procedures, Delta-8 concentrates exemplify concentrated versions of Delta-8 extract. These items come in various forms, including some of the highest delta-8 levels available; in fact, some of the concentrates have tested at a remarkable 99% purity of D8. Customers have many options because of the wide variety of concentrates on the market, which creates differences in color, texture, and strength. Users can experiment with various ways of intake, which adds a layer of variation to their cannabis experience, thanks to the exceptional plasticity of Delta-8 concentrates.

It must be noted, nevertheless, that among the several forms of delta-8, concentrates are among the most powerful. You shouldn’t take these if you’re a newbie or have a poor tolerance because of their strength. Users should proceed with extreme caution when dealing with delta-8 concentrates because of their powerful effects and the importance of knowing one’s own tolerance levels before using these items.

What is BDT and CDT?

A combination of cannabis-derived terpenes (CDT) and delta 8 THC distillate (DHA) is known as CDT Delta 8. At the same time, BDT refers to terpenes obtained from plants other than hemp. The terpenes in our Delta 8 BDT Cartridge are from non-hemp plants. Terpenes produced from botanical sources include substances sourced from a wide variety of plants, as opposed to those derived from cannabis, which are like those in hemp. One cartridge that stands out for using non-hemp terpenes is the Delta 8 BDT.

The Process of Making our Concentrates

Delta 8 Concentrate, the highest potency and legally produced strain, is made by Colorado Breeders Depot using a detailed procedure. The first step of processing is the deliberate extraction of all THC. Complying with federal rules is essential in ensuring the finished product can be lawfully sold in all 50 states. The innovative forced-air refining process that sets Colorado Breeders Depot’s Delta 8 Concentrate apart from the competition is made possible by their strict adherence to standards.

Repeatability, made possible by running the forced-air refinement up to 30 times, is the defining feature of this procedure. A product with an exceptional 90% cannabis potency is the outcome of this iterative cycle, which is evidence of the dedication to perfection. In addition to achieving outstanding potency, this method’s efficiency maintains legal criteria, providing users with a premium experience without sacrificing legality.

The fragrant and medicinal terpenes in cannabis are responsible for both the scent and the effects of the finished product. Colorado Breeders Depot guarantees that their Delta 8 Concentrate has a complex and refined terpene profile by meticulously reintroducing these natural components.

About the Consistency and the Color

Colorado Breeders Depot’s Delta 8 Concentrate is a honey-colored hemp extract that seems fragile. This unique color isn’t just for show; it results from a thorough extraction procedure emphasizing potency, purity, and quality. The concentrate’s brittle consistency indicates that it is free of fillers, which further emphasizes the dedication to providing customers with a pure and genuine product. Every day is an exceptional experience because of the meticulous handling of legal complexities and the steadfast commitment to excellence.

The brand establishes itself as a leader in the business by creating Delta 8 Concentrate via a perfected method, which raises the bar for quality and legality. Colorado Breeders Depot’s unwavering commitment to quality guarantees that their Delta 8 Concentrate will continue to set the standard for potency and compliance in the ever-changing realm of cannabis, regardless of how the law changes.

Types of Delta 8 Concentrates

A wide variety of alternatives are available in delta-8 concentrates, each with its own distinct qualities. A common kind is the thin, golden concentration known as Delta-8 oil, often included in vape cartridges. This distillate oil has a high delta-8 level, making it excellent for various uses, including vaping, burning, making gummies, using topically, and more.

Another popular concentration is delta-8 wax, which is thicker and denser than oil. Fillable vape pens made for concentrates also include delta-8 wax, which is great for dabbing or adding flowers or blunts. Dabs are the most common usage for the delicate sheet-like shape of Delta 8 Shatter. Nevertheless, its delicate structure restricts its adaptability when contrasted with other concentrates. Although it looks and feels like wax, the texture of delta-8 crumble is more like sand.

You can easily shape a crumble, which looks like brown sugar, and then dab or sprinkle it into a bowl or joint. Because of its smooth, cake batter-like consistency, Delta-8 shatter/badder is user-friendly, especially while dabbing. This concentrate’s enhanced taste and fragrance result from its high terpene content. These aren’t the only delta-8 concentrations available; terp sauces, crystallines, live resin, rosin, and more are available. Although all of the concentrates are made the same way, there are a few differences in the procedures used to create them. This allows for a wide range of experiences for users.

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Arguably the purest form of cannabis, shatter takes the form of a semi-translucent, amber-yellow, glass-like structure made through a butane extraction method.

Ground cannabis plant material is usually placed into a tube or another tight container, and chilled solvent (butane or other hydrocarbons) is pushed through the tube and over all the plant matter.

This strips away all the good stuff located within the plant: terpenes, cannabinoids, flavonoids. Then, the compound-rich solvent oil is heated enough to remove all traces of butane while leaving behind all the cannabinoid-containing essential oils.

This purging process often results in the layering of “sheets” of concentrated plant matter while it cools and dries, hardening to form its thin layers which can be broken (or shattered) for handling or packaging.

Shatter, unlike other cannabis extracts, is not agitated after the extraction process. The molecules line up in neat rows on top of one another, which causes light to be able to pass through it. Sometimes large sheets of shatter can develop a ‘swiss cheese’ sort of look, with holes forming because of the presence of oxygen in the tube or in the drying process.

The resulting product, “shatter” is a highly concentrated form of essential oils from cannabis. It is extremely potent and requires much less to achieve similar effects compared against hemp flower in its original form.

At Colorado Breeders Depot, we test our concentrates for the presence of pesticides, residual solvent, heavy metals, foreign materials, microbes and mycotoxins.


We are confident that our concentrate products are the most refined medicinal dabbing product in the hemp industry today.

We achieve over a 90% cannabinoid potency, which means more than 90% of the product you purchase is pure, refined cannabinoids.

We remove all THC present in the first step of processing, ensuring a cannabinoid purity that is unparalleled. After completing our force-air extraction process, we then reintroduce cannabis terpenes to both inform a better tasting product, as well as enrich the overall content of the extract.

Heavily refined concentrates go to the extra mile to remove all non-essential compounds, like lipids, fats and chlorophyll. A concentrate product in this field that isn’t bursting with terpenes is just missing something special.

By using our own premium, lab-tested hemp flower from the genetics we perfect and trust, we know every single step and every single aspect of our shatter is produced with expert hands.

The most popular method of consuming our shatter products is through a process called “dabbing”. A fancy term for vaporization, shatter requires more heat to combust and vaporize compared to hemp flower.

By using vaporizer products or specially designed smoking products, consumers apply small pieces of our shatter to heat over 300 degrees and inhale the resulting vapor.

Sprinkling tiny chunks over a joint doesn’t work because joints just don’t burn hot enough. Similarly, if you just swallow a tiny chunk, nothing will happen because your liver doesn’t get to 300 degrees internally to convert a solid product into beneficial effects.

Customers use vape pens, ‘dab rigs’, or concentrate-friendly water pipes to use our concentrate products effectively. If you have any questions about consuming our CBD, CBN, or Delta-8 shatter, we have answers!

Without a doubt, concentrates made from hemp plants are more potent than naturally occurring hemp flower. Concentrates bundle all of the essential oils and cannabinoids found in the plant without any of the extraneous material, creating a much stronger product per square inch.

Our premium hemp-derived concentrates can test as high as 90%+ cannabinoid content. Compared to say, smoking a strain of hemp flower that contains 15% CBD, you ultimately would require a significantly smaller amount of shatter to harness the same effects.

We recommend customers new to using CBD shatter, Delta-8 shatter or CBN shatter to start small. You can always take more if you don’t achieve desired effects.


CBD shatter primarily concentrates the cannabinoid known as Cannabidiol. The most popular chemical compound found in hemp and has been shown to help reduce inflammation and nausea while providing a recognizable mood-boosting effect.

CBN shatter contains mostly CBN, or Cannabinol, a go-to for customers looking to wind down or sleepily unwind at the end of their day. Far and away the most universally recognized “sleepy” cannabinoid. CBN does provide similar physical effects to CBD, and studies have shown that CBN can increase appetite stimulation in rats and trials with cancer patients.

All of our shatter products are not isolates, meaning that trace amounts of other cannabinoids will also be found in the total cannabinoid profile. We recommend giving our CBN shatter a shot if tranquil, potentially deeper sleep is something you’re after.

Yes! We dedicate entire grows to ensuring we have enough flower on hand to produce our in-house concentrates. We trust the genetics and potency of our genetics, so using our own flower only makes sense.

Occasionally, we partner with farmers who grow our genetics, so check out our farming consultation page for any questions related to our marketplace program.

This is an very common question, and one we continue to answer all the time with pleasure. There is no such thing as Delta-8 flower.

D8 is such a minor cannabinoid that it is currently impossible to grow a naturally occurring hemp flower which contains enough of the desired compound to extract or smoke.

It occurs in most all smokable hemp strains, but in miniscule amounts. We really want our customers to understand that any product they see, from any company that claims to offer Delta-8 flower, is using lab conversion techniques or adding isolated, concentrated Delta-8 to normal hemp flower.

In order to make significant quantities of Delta-8, other cannabinoids like CBG and CBN get converted through a special process using reagents, heat, and solvents.

This is all done through our lab partnerships with a trusted, safe process that we will compare against anyone in the industry. Our designer hemp flower employs this same base Delta-8 concentrate that is born from other compounds.

We use glass-bottomed, small, round containers that allow our clearly labeled plastic lid to produce a child-resistant lock onto the jar. See our gallery images for a clearer look at our shatter packaging.Due to the absence of THC or THCA, our shatter remains brittle and glassy, instead of sometimes becoming sappy or melty like other forms of cannabis shatter.

Our shatter stays easy to handle means it does not require any kind of wax paper or lining. That said, don’t leave your shatter jar out in the sun or in a super-hot car as this can lead to degradation and loss of potency.

There are quite a few advantages to using hemp concentrates. Vapor is more easily absorbed in the lungs, meaning there is less potential for negative side effects compared to smoking plant matter. Potency-wise, it takes much less product to achieve desired results— meaning customers with a higher tolerance or a need for more cannabinoid ingestion, this product makes both efficient and financial sense.

Hemp concentrates have a more discernable terpene taste, less aftertaste, create fewer lingering smells, and are often more portable for those hemp consumers who are always on the go.

While ingesting our CBN, CBD or Delta-8 shatter wouldn’t be detrimental to your health, it would be rather wasteful. The liver can’t efficiently process cannabinoids that are extract through solvent methods without a few extra steps.

Consumers can perform a decarboxylation process by heating up the shatter in a fat within which the cannabinoids can become soluble, like coconut oil. However, the decarbing process using finished concentrate products is an exact one.

Getting it too hot, you begin to degrade cannabinoids and lose a ton of potency. And if you don’t get it hot enough, the decarbing process just doesn’t occur so your body can’t process any of the CBD, CBN or Delta-8. We believe that the best method of consuming our shatter products is through dabbing, regardless of the tools used.