Delta 8 Shatter


Delta 8 Shatter


Colorado Breeder’s Depot shatter is the most highly-refined medicinal dabbing product available in the hemp industry.

By removing all THC in the first step of processing, we are able to repeat the unique forced-air refining process up to 30 times to create 90% cannabinoid potency that is completely legal in all 50 states.

After the process is complete, we reintroduce cannabis terpenes for extra medicinal effect and richer flavors. Shatter is a brittle, honey-colored hemp extract created for the highest potency dabbing experience. Our Delta 8 Shatter product is available in a Lemon Haze flavor or a Sour Diesel flavor. Many of our clients try both, and find the varied flavors very appealing.

For wholesale or bulk Delta 8 Shatter orders, please contact us by email, text, or phone. Our D8 products are of the highest quality available in the market. Give them a try today!