Hemp Flower


What Goes into Growing Our CBD Hemp Flower?

delicious hemp flower in natural setting

At Colorado Breeders Depot, we allocate incredible amounts of time and resources into cultivating the highest quality smokable high-CBD hemp flower available today We pour love, experience, resources, and state-of-the-art grow facilities into growing hemp flower.

Our premium indoor smokable hemp flower crop takes root in sealed, fully regulated grow rooms operated by hemp growers who have countless years of experience fine-tuning techniques that promote huge flower blooms.

Donning protective gear before entering any grow room to prevent the potential for unwanted pollination from other strains, we have considered every potential risk to the sanctity of our strains. Using humidity control, air-flow control, highly regulated watering and light schedules and a constant monitoring of carbon dioxide content in the soil make for a plant that reaches its full potential for both potency and yield.

Our grow team tests for nutrient deficiency daily, and our decades of collective experience have given us such a connection to quality plants. Once a day, we taste-test a leaf from each grow room and can actually taste if there is anything lacking in our loose, aerated soil.

Like a chef who basically lives in the kitchen, spending so much time around hemp plants has led our team to be able to quickly identify potential deficits with confidence and the results that demonstrate we know what we are doing.

Our greenhouse CBD hemp flower produces thousands of pounds of flower from big-batch strains which flourish in these natural light settings thanks to hardy genetics and a facility that promotes growth in large swaths of hemp plants.

Anything growing in the greenhouse is kept free from pests and other adulterants that can sometimes affect less careful farmers using similar techniques.

Our greenhouse buds grow so beautifully that comparing Cherry Haze to Pre 98 Bubba Kush and you won’t know which was grown where. Any and all products we use on our plants are tested and safe to use on consumable crops.

Our greenhouse flower is cared for daily with the same sort of attention that goes into our premium boutique indoor flower, just on a scale that is much larger. With sturdier, sometimes simpler genetics, greenhouse hemp flower requires less specific resources and monitoring while producing premium retail-quality flower.

Indoor CBD Hemp Flower and Greenhouse Hemp Flower