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CBD Flower

CBD Flower

CBD Hemp Flower

At Colorado Breeders Depot, we allocate incredible amounts of time and resources into cultivating the highest quality smokable CBD Flower for you. We pour love, experience, resources, and state-of-the-art grow facilities into growing these flowers. Our premium indoor smokable hemp flower crop takes root in sealed, fully regulated grow rooms operated by hemp growers who have countless years of experience fine-tuning techniques that promote huge flower blooms.

Why CBD Hemp Strain?


The CBD hemp flower is the most natural and enjoyable way to experience the benefits of CBD without getting high. The CBD hemp flower is available in so many strains and flavors, that you’ll never get enough of it. Every strain is tailored to your preference, and you aren’t disappointed. That’s not it. The CBD hemp flower not only offers versatility in terms of flavors, it also does so in terms of consumption methods. Whether you want to smoke it or enjoy it with the help of vape disposables, you can have it all. Its accessibility and ease of use make it an appealing option for those seeking relaxation and relief without the intensity of traditional cannabis products. Our award-winning strains are your gateway for perfect enjoyment.

Why Choose Us?

With years of experience and a reputation for quality, Colorado Breeders Depot is the go-to place for CBD hemp seeds and flowers. With a strong focus on openness and excellence, we run all our operations from our hemp farm in Canon City, Colorado. The enthusiasm and honesty of our committed staff members shine through as we provide first-rate service to hemp farmers and individual consumers all around the world. Colorado Breeders Depot provides customers with top-notch genetics and products, including a variety of premium smokable indoor and greenhouse hemp flower, high-quality CBD and CBG seeds, and more.

Our customers have faith in the legitimacy and security of our offerings because we prioritize adhering to all applicable local, state, and federal rules. Our exclusive indoor flower line is another proof of our commitment to innovation and accommodating different demands. Colorado Breeders Depot continues to raise the bar for perfection in the market with our quality tiered system and stringent testing requirements. Our hemp flower is known for its excellent experience, with fragrant terpenes, delectable tastes, and top-notch strength.

Optimizing Strain Purity and Growth

Donning protective gear before entering any grow room to prevent the potential for unwanted pollination from other strains, we have considered every potential risk to the sanctity of our strains. Using humidity control, air-flow control, highly regulated watering and light schedules and a constant monitoring of carbon dioxide content in the soil make for a plant that reaches its full potential for both potency and yield. Our grow team tests for nutrient deficiency daily, and our decades of collective experience have given us such a connection to quality plants. Once a day, we taste-test a leaf from each grow room and can taste if there is anything lacking in our loose, aerated soil.

Like a chef who basically lives in the kitchen, spending so much time around hemp plants has led our team to be able to quickly identify potential issues with confidence and get results that show we know what we are doing. Our Greenhouse CBD hemp flower produces thousands of pounds of flower from big-batch strains which flourish in these natural light settings thanks to hardy genetics and a facility that promotes growth in large swaths of hemp plants.

We Offer

Benefits of Our CBD Hemp Flower

CBD hemp flower is famous for a plethora of advantages. As a non-psychoactive substitute for conventional cannabis, it helps a lot of people relax and have fun. You can improve your sensory experiences and promote a feeling of well-being by exploring and appreciating the subtleties of the plant, thanks to the varied variety of strains and tastes. To further accommodate different lifestyles and tastes, CBD hemp flower can be used in a variety of ways, including smoking, vaping, or infusing it into foods or oils. Check our collection of edibles, vapes, concentrates, tinctures, and much more to take your CBD hemp flower experience to another level. Nourishing moments and improving quality of life are made easier with CBD hemp flower, which can be utilized for socializing, relaxing, or finding creative inspiration. It’s a safe and pleasurable way to introduce the benefits of CBD into everyday life.

About Our Quality Indoor CBD Hemp Flowers

The great care and careful cultivation of our high-quality indoor CBD hemp flowers makes them stand out. We devote a lot of time and energy into growing our indoor buds to guarantee they are of the highest quality, just like our outdoor or greenhouse types. We emphasize ideal development conditions for each plant, spending over $20,000 monthly on specialized lighting alone. Further ways to improve plant health and potency include reducing CO2 emissions, oxygenating the soil, and using precise hydration techniques.

The personal care we provide for each plant to bring forth its full genetic potential reflects our dedication to quality. The premium product reflects the knowledge and attention put in its production, which is reflected in the greater cost, but is a viable investment in the long run. Picking our indoor CBD hemp flowers is like picking the highest quality flower in the world; we take great care in every step of the growing process.

About Our Premium Greenhouse CBD Hemp Flower

Anything growing in the greenhouse is kept free from pests and other adulterants that can sometimes affect less careful farmers using similar techniques. All products we use on our plants are tested and safe to use on consumable crops. Our greenhouse flower is cared for daily with the same sort of attention that goes into our premium boutique indoor flower, just on a scale that is much larger. With sturdier, sometimes simpler genetics, greenhouse hemp flower requires fewer specific resources and monitoring while producing premium retail-quality flower.

Buy Your Flower with Us!

We pride ourselves on delivering high-quality flowers that redefine your cannabis experience. Our commitment to safety and quality assurance ensures that every bud complies with federal standards and undergoes rigorous testing.

So, what’s the holdup? Get your flower today!


Without a doubt! And smoking is by and large the most popular method of consuming CBD flower. Whether you have been smoking weed of all kinds for years or are just getting started in the wonderful world of cannabis, it doesn’t matter. Smoking hemp is simple, effective, and there’s so many ways to do it.

Combusting plant matter and inhaling it deep into your lungs is something that takes time and experience to get used to. But it is instantly effective. Within mere seconds, the calming properties of CBD, CBG and so many other compounds should wash over you.

A distinct taste comes with smoking CBD flower, thanks to each strain’s specific— and different— terpene and flavor profile. If it’s your first time smoking, you could cough or experience ‘harsh’ sensation in your throat. These are both common side effects of smoking anything and will dissipate in likelihood and severity as you continue to inhale hemp flower.

The awesome thing about smoking the whole hemp flower as opposed to using some sort of isolated concentrate is that the effects are both instant and make use of the “entourage effect”.

Because there are so many more cannabinoids located in the cannabis plant besides just CBD, using plant matter means that you are consuming over a hundred different compounds that all compliment and interact with each other with incredible synergy. This is the way that the plant naturally grows and consuming it as such both takes advantage and respects all that premium hemp flower can provide.

woman holding CBD hemp flower

Every hemp plant grows within it at least 113 different chemical compounds called cannabinoids. They occur naturally and are considered to be formed originally as a defense mechanism against pests.

These chemical compounds include major and minor cannabinoids, where a major cannabinoid occurs in measurable levels while minor cannabinoids are sparse and spread thin.

Every human has an inter-connected series of receptors in their brain, called the Endocannabinoid system, or ECS. This part of the body is specifically tailored to receiving and accepting cannabinoids. In other words, the human body is designed with consuming cannabis as an integral function. Cannabinoids attach to these various receptors and subsequently have different effects on the brain and body.

Major cannabinoids include CBD (cannabidiol), CBG (cannibigerol) and CBN (cannabinol).
CBD is the most abundantly occurring cannabinoid in hemp flower and is responsible for the mood-boosting effects as well as calming properties. CBD is also recognized as effective in reducing inflammation and nausea.

CBG is known for its uplifting, sativa-like effects. Used for all kinds of stimulation, including appetite stimulation — so be sure to have your favorite snacks on hand. CBG can often be considered a natural means of enhancing social interactions, or can be the “go-to” when energy and focus are needed to complete an arduous task at hand.

CBN functions in high doses as an extremely relaxing, sedating cannabinoid. Customers turn to CBN products to help them get a deep and heavy slumber. For those who have trouble sleeping and wish to avoid over-the-counter chemical-laden drugs, CBN is a natural alternative that can help address years of insomnia and sleepless nights.

There are over a hundred more minor cannabinoids found in hemp flower, including Delta-8 tetrahydrocannabinol, cannabichromene, and tetrahydrocannabivarin. All of these chemical compounds play a role in delivering the beneficial effects of consuming hemp flower.

There will always be customers who demand the highest possible quality in a product they purchase, whether it be Michelin star meals, exotic vehicles or luxury cannabis products.

Enter our designer hemp flower: a crowning achievement by Colorado Breeders Depot. These buds exemplify all that hemp has to offer, wrapped up in a beautiful package that starts with our own genetics. Strains bred in-house with high percentages of CBD and CBG are slow-cured and hand-trimmed for retail sale. From there, we enrich our hemp flower with a cleanly produced, pure Delta-8 concentrate spray derived from converted other cannabinoids in a laboratory setting.

In order for an even coating without altering the color of the original flower, we take our time with the enrichment process. Each crevice is uniformly enriched ensuring an even smoke and effect as you break off your pieces of bud to smoke. After the final bit of concentrate application, while the buds are still sticky, we roll them in CBD kief. A healthy dusting of CBD kief gives the final product a look similar to Caviar.

We call this final product “designer hemp” because this is hemp in it’s most high-end, constructed form. Because Delta-8 requires lab conversion processes to even exist in quantities our customers are looking for, we have ‘designed’ the genetics with consumption in mind. With hemp-derived D8 concentrate having a very subtle taste, the final roll in CBD kief adds a blast of terpenes that taste more flavorful than standard flower.

Our gold-star product needs to be experienced by anyone who considers themselves a fan of hemp flower and hemp-derived cannabinoids. We are confident your first smoke won’t be your last.

We love that hemp flower comes in so many varietals with so much variety in potential effects. Picking a strain based on potency, cannabinoid content, terpene profile and price is much more effort than simply finding a funny name you like and going with that.

For those new to hemp flower and discovering their optimal product(s), we encourage you to check out product descriptions and their matching lab tests which display cannabinoid profiles for current hemp harvests. Of course, we are always willing to answer your questions and come up with the strains that best suit your reasons for using hemp flower.

Whether you need a kick in the pants to start the day or want a way to wind down after a long shift at work, our wide selection of hemp strains can interact with your life positively. We wouldn’t suggest smoking an indica-heavy, myrcene-rich strain first thing after rolling out of bed, but that doesn’t mean you can’t!

Lemon OG, packed with limonene, is perfect for the mid-day slump, while La Crema CBG buds are what get us out of bed in the morning. At night we often reach for our Purple Urkle because its rich with terpenes that combine with CBD to deliver a wave of soothing relaxation and body-forward effects.

cbd kief infused in hot tea

We’ll admit that smoking hemp flower is an acquired taste. Some customers don’t enjoy the rich terpene profiles that vary from stain to strain and seek out alternative routes to ingest the plant’s beneficial chemicals. Thankfully, our hemp flower is edible, infusible, and can be vaped with great results!

Cooking with CBD flower means that your liver processes the cannabinoids, meaning that it could take over an hour for you to feel the benefits compared to smoking’s instantaneous results.

Getting the good stuff out of the flower in order to cook with it requires a process called decarboxylation, which requires just the right amount of heat for just the right amount of time. Infusing into tea requires about 20 minutes of simmering in a tea infuser or strainer to complete the decarboxylation process. Be sure to check out more information on infusing cannabinoids from flower into your food or drinks.

The effects do not really change depending on your ingestion method but using the liver to process cannabinoids could make the effects more subtle, softer and last a bit longer than absorbing cannabinoids in the lungs. The same relief and mood uplift occurs no matter if you make CBD butter or roll it into a joint.

Using the body’s endocannabinoid system, CBD and its sibling cannabinoids stimulate enzymes in the body that then attach to special cannabinoid receptors. While it is not believed that CBD molecules themselves are what attach, the presence of cannabinoids awakens and activates enzymes which in turn attach and activate receptors.

The main cannabinoid receptors that respond to CBD are the CB1 and CB2, which are found in the central nervous system and peripheral nervous system respectively. CB1 have been found to interact and influence pain, appetite, mood, memory, movement and coordination. CB2 receptors influence inflammation and pain responses.

Together, activating these receptors can lead to an increase in GABA, anandamide which both have an impact on a CBD user’s mood. Moreover, CBD has been seen to modulate the 5ht serotonin receptor, a massive aspect of mood regulation as well as appetite and potentially effecting certain psychotic disorders positively. Another modulated part of the body is TRPV1 receptor, found to be able to block pain signals from nerves.
Every year, new studies are conducted on CBD and cannabinoids in all kinds of ways, discovering new, potential medicinal benefits. We have no doubt that this plant should be consumed, and is just another naturally occurring gift from Mother Nature for humanity to positively harness, respect, and evolve with.

Hemp flower was federally recognized as of 2018 as a derivative of the hemp plant and therefore permissible to cultivate, harvest and consume. The law states that as long as the hemp plant produces 0.3% or less Delta-9 THC, it meets these federal stipulations. Colorado Breeders Depot’s hemp flower meets these standards.

State law can be different. Because each state has autonomy and can enact their own regulatory bodies or controlled substance laws, it is important that those unfamiliar with the regulations about CBD hemp flower and other hemp flower products check their local and state ordinances regarding hemp flower. Nowadays, this can be done with a quick search and a click on the keyword.

Many states have confusing or conflicting legislation on the books after many cannabis-resistant states rushed to counteract the 2018 Farm Bill. In Utah, it is legal to possess hemp flower but not to smoke it. In Texas, all hemp and CBD products are legal except smokable hemp flower. The large majority of states however, have embraced and continue to embrace hemp as a genuine resource for both industrial and personal use.

Laws are constantly changing and being updated, as well as lawsuits being filed against states for conflicting laws and confusion because of federal legality.

We are always available to discuss the finer points of your local laws and will do our best to work with anyone with concerns or obstacles regarding hemp flower acquisition or use. If you can’t smoke with it, cook with it, consider using extracts.

Colorado Breeders Depot always acts in accordance to federal, state, and local laws. We have faith, grounded in the regulatory approval happening on a weekly basis both nationally and globally that soon, many of these restrictions on cannabis and hemp specifically will be lifted, so hemp flower can provide maximum benefit to everyone who wishes to try this wonderful natural product.

hemp flower with green and orange fibers

Every single strain of hemp flower tastes slightly differently. This individualization comes from resin glands known as terpenes. It can be an acquired skill to be able to identify all the subtle flavors in certain strains, or to differentiate one from another.

We recommend using a clean device for smoking or using unflavored rolling papers for those looking for the purest terpene-tasting experience. To be sure, everyone’s going to have a different experience the first few times they smoke hemp flower.

Different palettes and tolerances to smoke means the most we can guarantee is the way it tastes to us, our customers and the strain’s genetics.

Strains can taste like fruity, mango citrusy leaves. Some taste like an earthy, rich Christmas tree, and some taste like exiting bouquet of skunky, gasoline-soaked flowers.

Cooking with hemp flower, while much easier on the lungs, does come with a loss of terpene profile because of its activation process under heat. We can compare it with the decrease of nutritional benefit that can occur when vegetables are steamed versus when they are consumed in their raw form—but a huge nutritional benefit remains.

Not to mention all the other foods and tastes that come with using CBD flower as an ingredient. Nowadays there are entire cookbooks and websites dedicated to the myriad recipes possible with hemp byproducts. Gourmet chefs used CBD infusions to create trendy, exciting dishes that do more than just fill a consumer up.

We take terpene purity very seriously. The way a strain looks and smells are the two biggest selling points for a huge percentage of our customers that buy hemp flower from us. Plus, terpenes synergize and effect the way cannabinoids interact in the body meaning they play an important role in the effects of a given hemp strain. Colorado Breeders Depot takes notes and tests for terpene profiles, with that information soon to be posted alongside the cannabinoid profiles of all available hemp flower strains for sale.

The most common terpenes found in hemp flower are listed below in no particular order. These are just some of the most abundant flavor-effecting compounds and chemicals found in the hemp plant.

Pinene:As the name suggests, Pinene terpenes taste earthy and woodsy, reminiscent of a serene forest. Thought to suggest an improvement in both respiratory problems and cognition, pinene is the most abundant terpene on Earth. Most often compared to a “Christmas tree” aroma with its soothing, tingly effect on smell alone.

Limonene:Also boasting a name that reflects its aroma, Limonene is a chemical often found in citrus rinds of all kinds. Lemony, zesty, almost tropical for some, this terpene is often found in Sativa-leaning genetics. Thought to help in both the uplifting effects of certain strains as well as reducing stress, Limonene is great for focus and mood-lift. This chemical also demonstrates anti-fungal and antibacterial properties.

Humulene:Also found in hops, this terpene provides a peculiarly woody, spicy, herbaceously floral odor profile. Humulene, when coupled with other terpenes, as been found in studies to reduce both tumor size and cancer cell prevalence. There is believed to be antibacterial properties as well.

Myrcene:The most abundant terpene found in cannabis across the board. It’s also found in mangos, lemongrass and eucalyptus. Myrcene boasts a potent aroma best described as musky, spicy,earthy mixture. This terpene some believe is responsible for the ‘skunky’ smell of some strains. This is the terp to look for when hoping for a couch-lock, “indica heavy” sort of effect, as studies have proven that cannabis strains with over 0.5% myrcene are much more likely to be described as such. This terpene is found in smaller amounts in sativa-trait strains and can be viewed as the body calming terpene of choice for hemp smokers looking for ultimate relaxation.

Linalool:This terpene is best identified through its characteristic lavender scent. Not surprisingly, this is the most abundant terpene in the lavender plant and it’s floral aroma is unmistakable. Containing anti-microbial properties, linalool has been used in traditional medicines for centuries. Studies have shown mice exposed to linalool displayed far less depression-like symptoms and appeared calmer. Recent studies have also shown that there is potential for linalool to be an immune system booster against the harms of stress.

Eucalyptol: Reeking of eucalyptus leaf, eucalyptol is a less commonly occurring terpene in cannabis but is worth mentioning because of its unique aroma and anti-inflammatory, antioxidant properties. Mentally, eucalyptol oil has been shown to enhance memory and improve cognitive function.

Beta-caryophyllene:Peppery, spicy herbal notes form the aroma of this terpene also found in rosemary, basil and hops. Thought of by researchers as the terpene to look to when it comes to pain abatement. Beta-caryophyllene stimulates CB2 receptors which work on pain signals on the peripheral nervous system. This in turn can reduce inflammation and dull pain signal receptors.

You’re practically done! Be sure to check out our specials for current deals on hemp flower, as we are always updating and offering deals on customer-favorite strains! You can sort by indoor, greenhouse, and specialty products. You’ll find product description, potency information and a gallery containing up-to-date harvest photos. After filling your cart, you can head right to check out or hit us up with any questions about legality, shipping, payments and literally anything else hemp flower related. You’ve already found the last hemp flower source you’ll ever need. Now all you have to do is experience it for yourself. We can’t wait until you fall in love with CBD hemp flower and all of the associated CBD products like we have, and we can enjoy walking this delightful road together.

Indoor CBD Hemp Flower and Greenhouse Hemp Flower

joyous young woman with CBD hemp flower
Any cannabis plant that produces less than 0.3% Delta-9 THC technically falls into the “hemp” category. There does not always need to be a high concentration of favorable cannabinoids, as some hemp is grown purely for its fiber, grains and seeds.

Hemp flower is the unprocessed buds grown on any hemp plant. These flowers contain thousands of chemical compounds that can work together to synergize in the body and provide a wide range of effects. We specialize in both industrial and smokable hemp flower, allowing us to fill any kind of hemp needs.

Our indoor, small-batch hemp flowers are considered premium due to the extensive effort put into creating the best product possible. Premium hemp flower produces smaller yields, require much more attention, and contain the highest levels of sought-after cannabinoids.

The list of potential benefits from CBD hemp flower continues to grow every year. The non-exhaustive list of possible positive effects include PTSD symptom reduction, inflammation reduction, lessening pain from cramps and Crohn’s disease, uterine pain, appetite stimulation, anxiety reduction, better sleep, arthritis symptom reduction, and quelling symptoms of glaucoma.

This is not a list of proven medical benefits, but research-driven and anecdotal examples of the ever-growing series of positives that using hemp flower can yield.

While smoking hemp flower is by far the most popular method of ingestion, it is understood that the lungs actually absorb vapor much better than combusted plant matter in the form of smoke.

Using a vaporizer to consume our product is the most effective way to get cannabinoids into your body. Vaporizing hemp flower is a smoother way to ingest and can even leave less lingering odors behind as well.

Using CBD flower in smaller amounts can promote mild stimulation and mood-boosting properties. By attaching to certain receptors in your brain, CBD hemp flower has been found to reduce anxiety, cramps, upset stomach, insomnia and glaucoma symptoms.

While we cannot tout medical benefits of using CBD, there is clearly a reason so many people have turned to using the best CBD flower on the market.

CBG is recognized as a stimulating, slightly energetic cannabinoid. Using CBG flower can result in mood uplift, a slight increase in energy and a general sense of well-being. The cannabinoids in CBG flower have shown reduction in cramp severity, nausea and seizure potential or severity.

While using CBG flower does not get you ‘high’ in a traditional sense, the potential for pain-relief, mood-improvement and physical stimulation can feel extremely enjoyable.

Absolutely! Simply infuse our premium hemp flower as you would ordinary store-bought high-quality tea. Place your ground-up flower into a strainer or infuser and soak in simmering water for about 20 minutes. This will allow the plant to convert CBDA into usable CBD for your body through a process called decarboxylation.

After simmering, decant into a mug or however you want to store it. Some people combine teabags at this point, or just add a splash of cream. The effects of making a hemp flower infusion in liquid should feel very similar to eating it, because your body is processing it the same way. It may hit you faster because the stomach can process liquids a bit easier than solid foods.

Cooking with hemp flower is rising in popularity as another way to ingest CBD, CBG and a slew of minor cannabinoids. The effects are different than being smoked, as they do not come on immediately. Because your body has to process the cannabinoids in the gut, it can take an hour or more to feel the subtle effects of hemp flower-infused dishes.

The effects of eaten hemp flower can potentially last longer and provide relief in a softer way. We don’t suggest just eating the flower raw, but instead activating the chemicals using heat and infusion. Check out some suggestions on how to hemp-ify your snacks

Since 2018, any and all COA-validated hemp products or derivatives from hemp have been legal on a federal level. Since states and local ordinances can override Federal legislation, there is a possibility your city or state continues to ban hemp flower.

Be sure to make sure you are behaving within legal limits before purchasing. We are happy to help you ensure your locality allows possession of hemp products.

Studies continue to show more and more of what cannabinoids can do. Some studies show that it can relieve internal inflammation from IBS and Crohn’s disease.

Hemp flower has been proven to reduce ocular pressure found in glaucoma patients. Reduction in anxiety symptoms, as well as stimulation of CB1 and CB2 receptors in the brain make for a potential mood-boosting effect. CBD increases GABA in the brain which can have some effects mood as well.

This is not marijuana–the lack of a ‘psychoactive high’ makes for an immediately effective plant that will not slow you down or take you out of whatever you are working on.

Designer hemp flower can be used to describe two categories of premium hemp flower. The first, any strain of hemp that has been specifically bred using hybrid genetics and grown in the absolute ideal conditions can meet this designation.

Alternatively, designer hemp can refer to products like our Delta-8 enriched flower: a product that does occur naturally in its final form but has undergone organic enrichment processes.

We take high-CBG flower, and slowly infuse an in-house Delta-8 concentrate and then rolling it in CBD kief. This final product is referred to as designer because the cannabinoids are created through conversion processes in a carefully controlled lab setting.

Smoking designer hemp flower has similar effect profiles to our naturally occurring hemp flower, but due to the extra cannabinoids and infusion processes, can be considered much stronger. More potential stimulation, more potential sedating effects depending on how much is consumed. designer hemp flower needs to be tried to fully experience the ultimate potential hemp flower can contain.

All of our hemp flower meets local and federal requirements for THC content, but some tests can detect at lower levels than our flower. Hair-based drug tests are very unlikely to result in any failing quantity in your system, but some oral/urine tests have incredibly low thresholds for THC.

There does exist the possibility of failing a drug test due to heavy use or accumulation in your body. While CBD is legal and cannot cause a failure, the modern drug testing limits for THC can mean even hemp flower can result in a failure.

Terpenes play a huge role in what a hemp strain will taste like. Some of our strains are high in limonene and can taste a little like citrus on the exhale. A strain heavy in pinene will have a piney, earthy flavor. There are so many ways terpenes can interact and combine— every strain has a different profile. We are happy to give further details on any specific strain’s flavor, just send us your questions!

While cooking with hemp flower often dilutes the taste down to a minimum, smoking hemp flower can leave your breath smelling a bit smokey. While tasting the terpenes is a joy for many hemp flower consumers, sometimes discretion is important.

Consider our concentrates which taste fantastic but won’t linger as much as smoking a joint. However, all you need is a mint to avoid this potential issue.

Quality control is of utmost importance. Every single step of the way, we are triple-checking our plants’ health and wellbeing. We use state-of-the-art grow rooms and a greenhouse system that has been mastered over the years to provide high quality, consistent results. Don’t listen to us…let our customers assure you that Colorado Breeders Depot provides the best possible quality premium hemp flower.

We have been active in the hemp breeding and growing industry for much longer than many new upstarts. We slow-cure all of our flower, hand-trim and provide premium nutrients so that our flower grows incredible, densely packed buds overflowing with CBD.

Pouring love and care into the soil ensures a happy plant, and a happy plant ensures happy customers. Our hemp flower stands out among the crowd through consistency, reliability, strength and looks. We challenge anyone to find a better crop of the strains we offer.

Different hemp strains contain different cannabinoid profiles and different terpenes. One strain can be higher in CBN than another, smelling musky and skunky, while another can have lower CBD content and balance itself with a lemony aftertaste because of its terpenes.

We post all of our COAs beside different strains so you can choose the strain that might be best for you, and we will soon be posting terpene profiles as well. Finding the terps and cannabinoids that work for your needs takes a bit of sampling, but we are here to help pick the strain(s) which work best with your body and experiences.

Our favorite high-CBG strain is La Crema CBG, an indoor grown day-starter that will charge you up with its huge CBG content. A bouquet of floral terpenes hit the nose as soon as you open the bag but won’t fill the room with its scent. There is a reason it’s called La Crema and it’s because this strain is the cream of our CBG flower crop. If you ever wanted to buy CBG flower, we suggest you start here.

Another customer favorite is our designer, Delta-8 enriched flower which starts off as a basic high-CBG strain and then gets slow-soaked in laboratory-grade D8 concentrate converted from our own stock of cannabinoid-rich flower. For anyone looking to purchase the buds packed with the most cannabinoids, this is our crowning achievement.

Purple Urkel is one of our current favorites, boasting an almost 12% CBD content within its snowy, trichome-filled glimmeringly purple buds. Pull this out at a party to get attention on beautiful hand-trimmed nugs, or wind-down at night using its heavy cannabinoid profile. This bud is perfect for anytime, anywhere. Check out our guide to Purple Urkel with more details on this gorgeous strain

We also love our first-ever retail autoflowering indoor strain, Cookies and Cream. An affordable, gorgeous daytime smoke, Cookies and Cream meets the criteria for a sativa-leaning hybrid. A flavor that is subtle and tastes like the cream filling of a certain black-and-white cookie, this strain is exactly what our customers look for in a midday indulgence.

Our Hustler strain is a beast: testing at over 18% CBD, this indoor-grown strain can guide any CBD advocate to the promised land. Ultra-slow curing and trimmed by hand, this flower has been babied and cared for from beginning to being shipped off to your door. Perfect for those end-of-the-day aches and melting gently into a puddle of quiet relaxation.

Indoor hemp flower is grown using our compact grow room facilities, with heavily controlled light schedules, nutrient-rich substrate and humidity, CO2, airflow control all down to an exact science. We taste a leaf from each strain daily to check for nutrient deficiencies.

Our indoor flower falls under the “craft cannabis” category because each room yields a maximum of 100lbs. These strains are our boutique plants, and we interact with them with white-glove touch and care.

Everything that goes into our indoor flower is worth it when harvesting stellar CBD flower that looks like it could win “best in show”.

Not all hemp buds feel alike. Some strains thick with a coat of sticky trichomes will feel much different than a light, fluffy nug that is covered in loosely packed buds and long red hairs. If there is a specific feel you are looking for, be sure to check out hi-res photos of each strain, or reach out to us to find out which strain in stock is the stickiest or the fluffiest.

Hemp flower that is grown and cultivated from our greenhouse falls into this category. Huge open space, living soil, natural light and warmth that mimics growing on an outdoor acreage. Our sturdiest genetics thrive in the greenhouse setting because they can thrive even on a cloudy day.

Greenhouse flower yields considerably more flower than indoor because of space. For each run of greenhouse flower, we can harvest up to 1,000lbs! Besides smoking, our greenhouse flower is ideal for extraction and cooking CBD-enriched meals. For more information on the best uses for greenhouse hemp flower, drop us a line!

We love all of our flower equally. And our customers all have their own favorites across the board. Instead, we’ll tell you that our Lemon OG is our favorite smoke in the morning thanks to its heavy CBD content and thick lemon scent. All the limonene in Lemon OG makes it very stimulating. As a point of contrast, customers love our Purple Urkle, our greenhouse pick for winding down. Purple Tsunami is photo-worthy because of its bright purple buds and frosty, fluffy layer of trichomes and can feel like a tsunami washing over you when it comes to providing relief.

We take our premium hemp flower and lovingly coat small-to-medium retail nugs in a lab-safe Delta-8 concentrate so there’s an even and thorough coating over all parts of the flower.

Because Delta-8 occurs naturally in such small quantities, this is the way that users can experience the buzz of Delta-8 in flower form. We offer this enrichment on 10 of our strains so you can pick your favorite and enjoy the added bonus of the trendiest cannabinoid in the market today.

All D8 concentrates we use to enrich flower are created at an OSHA-certified conversion lab in a safe, secure GMP location using all of our own product.

Our Caviar pre-rolls feel like the champagne of the hemp world. A product that we love and consider one of our most lush indulgences, “Caviar” is the terminology used across the cannabis world to refer to nugs that get dipped in concentrate (like hash oil) and then dusted in kief.

A triple-threat of hemp goodness, we take our most popular hemp nugs and heavily coat them in a THC-free hash oil oozing with CBD, and then roll the still-sticky bud in our CBD kief. Using bubble hash made here in Colorado and kief sifted from plants grown on our land, Caviar is a showcase of all the magic our plants can produce. And then we roll it up in a cone so you don’t have to.

If it sounds excessive, well, that’s the point. This is the weekend treat of our product line and is something everyone who benefits from hemp flower should try. All caviar should taste and feel like this.

CBD Kief looks like a soft, fluffy green-brown powder but is actually the crystalized resin glands from the bud’s tips of the trichomes. These crystals are actually part of the cannabis plant’s defense mechanism against pests or predators.

Because the resin glands are a part of the plant’s trichomes, kief is a highly concentrated collection of cannabinoids, flavonoids and terpenes. Kief is collected by agitating the plant and sifting the small leaves and plant particles that fall off with the kief. As many afficionados will tell you, CBD kief is much more potent than hemp flower as a whole.

Because of this heightened intensity, users often enjoy sprinkling just a tiny bit into a joint or onto a bowl for an added punch of powerful cannabinoids like CBG and CBN.

Our CBD kief is created entirely from our own hemp flower plants, sifted and collected with care.

There is a noticeable difference between CBD flower and CBG flower. Our experience is that CBG is softer, a bit more subtle than CBD— especially for users who are experienced with consuming CBD flower.

For us, there is a cleaner mental uplift that follows smoking CBG that is not as perceptible in CBD. While the plants and nugs may look similar, their terpene profiles and their cannabinoids differ greatly, offering up two unique experiences that are best experienced firsthand.

CBD flower has a tendency to feel a bit more relaxing than CBG flower, but both synergize well among their respective profiles and definitely synergize well when combined.

While we can’t give any sort of medical testimony or tout any medical benefits, we will tell you this: Both CBD and CBG have a very real effect on the brain and body. CBD is the most abundant cannabinoid in most hemp flower, but in recent years CBG has begun to earn respect as “the mother of all cannabinoids” because it is a precursor to all over cannabinoids.

Thankfully, we offer hemp flower chock full each of these compounds, so you have a chance to sample and see what works best for your needs and what you will enjoy more. Everyone’s biochemistry is different and reacts to CBD hemp flower and CBG hemp flower a little differently.

Each of our strains is lab-tested and comes with an up-to-date report with the current harvests’ cannabinoid profile. Every single strain page on this website features a photo of the latest report for that specific strain.

We are more than happy to go over these profiles if you have any questions on how to gain the most knowledge from these strain profiles.

Our hemp flower shake contains small, sometimes imperfect “popcorn buds” and some even smaller nugs that do not meet size standards for retail flower.

Coming from the same plants, covered in the same trichomes and containing the same terpenes, these tiny nugs and sugar leaves are what is left after the trimming process. We offer our hemp flower shake at a huge cost reduction and those who try it come back for more. Great for those who want to easily roll their own joints, not worry about grinders, and save a few bucks!

Because hemp flower does raise GABA and anandamide levels in the brain, there may be a mood-altering potential for each user depending upon each individual’s particular natural reaction to the chemicals in the flower.

Therefore, we, and most of our industry colleagues, always recommend users become familiar with before hopping right behind the wheel. Since hemp cannabinoids contain practically no intoxicating THC, there is no THC-induced chemical risk to driving after smoking hemp high in CBD.

Some CBD users report that very large doses can cause some feelings of relaxation or sedation, so it’s best to learn how your body interacts with all 200 known cannabinoids found in our hemp flower.