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Monthly Specials

Monthly Specials

At Colorado Breeders Depot, we want you to have a pleasant and cost-effective CBD buying experience. You may save money while trying out various items by purchasing one of the bundles featured on our Monthly Specials page. We guarantee unrivaled quality without sacrificing affordability, so browse our many attractive package offerings and prepare for a treat.

Explore Our Featured Monthly Hemp Offers

Want to know more about smoking CBD? You can go right with our indoor special pack. This bundle contains 1 ounce of CBD flower, grown indoors organically, in four distinct flavors, each weighing 1/4 ounce. We’ll also put in 2.5 grams of indoor CBD kief and three caviar pre-rolls stuffed with our world-famous full-melt Bubble Hash. Each month, our staff selects the four most popular blooms from the most recent crop, so you may always have something new to look forward to.

The Indoor Mega Pack provides everything you need to stock up on all your favorite CBD products at once. Included are five caviar pre-rolls, a gram and a half of fresh CBD kief from our indoor grow, and six ounces of our world-famous indoor organic CBD flower. Our flowers are hand-tended for optimal quality in a controlled environment and are ready to be enjoyed after 30 days of curing.

Are you prepared to try some of our most popular varieties? This famous solvent-less bubble hash starter pack comes with two caviar pre-rolls and four 1/8 jars of indoor-grown flowers in various flavors.

The Indoor D8 Infused Flowers Sample Pack is the perfect way to try our powerful, premium Delta 8 flower. This indoor flower is grown using Delta 8 and has four distinct scents. The pre-rolls are convenient for on-the-go use, and the 3.5-gram jars are ideal for tasting.

Are you trying to find the best method to use your D8 products? The D8 Infused Indoor Flower Mega Pack may meet all your needs. This package includes more than a quarter pound of indoor D8-infused flower, three pre-rolls, a one-gram Delta-8 disposable vaporizer, and more.

CBD Wellness Essentials

Our CBD Wellness Pack has everything you need for a full-spectrum CBD experience: 28 grams of premium indoor and greenhouse CBD flower, one CBD Ultra Tincture, five CBD pre-rolls in different flavors, one Caviar pre-roll, and ten CBD Full Spectrum Gummies. Don’t miss out on the $299 Greenhouse Mega Pack, which includes a wide selection of hemp products like the Greenhouse Mendocino Purple Popcorn Nugs and Greenhouse California Sunrise Popcorn Nugs, as well as the Hemp Edible Gummies and D8 Indoor Flower (1 Oz) with 10 D8 Gummies. Our monthly specials provide various high-quality hemp goods suitable for multiple applications. Discover these unique options and take your CBD enjoyment to the next level.


Check the homepage of our website for a link to the monthly specials.

Typical items included in Monthly Specials bundles include all your favorite CBD products at once.

The quality of the goods included in the monthly specials is the same as that of our standard offerings.

The start of every month is when we refresh our monthly specials.

Packages included in monthly specials are unfortunately non-customizable.

The bundles in Monthly Specials are only available for a short period, generally for the duration of the current month.

Most of the time, you can only get Monthly Specials products as part of a larger package deal.

Check the fine print for any exceptions, but in general, monthly specials cannot be combined with other discounts or promotions

Monthly Specials bundle packages may have limited quantities available; please check each product description for specifics.

Products included in Monthly Specials are subject to our usual return policy; for information, please see our website.