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CBD Oil For Pets

CBD Oil For Pets


CBD oil for pet health man with dog

Our CBD Pet Oil is a full-spectrum cannabis oil, meaning that there is every part of the hemp plant within, including up to 0.3% THC content. We refine it multiple times and purify all excess plant materials like chlorophyll, fats and waxes.

This cannabis extract is then topped off with CBD isolate derived from our own plants, so that we achieve a uniform cannabinoid content of 500mg per bottle. Most other cannabinoids present are derived from the plant directly, so there’s no additional CBG or CBN like in our tinctures.

All cannabinoids are derived from our premium hemp flower, grown in-house and without any non-organic pesticides, chemicals or synthetics.

Yes! Without a doubt. There have been a number of recent studies that conclude that pure, clean hemp oils are safe for cats and dogs, as well as horses, rodents and even birds!

Because CBD has no toxicity point, there isn’t much human error that would make pet administration risky at home. We use completely safe, non-toxic, and animal-friendly ingredients in all of our special CBD products. No frills, no flavors, only helpful cannabinoids and a safe vehicle for them to enter your pet’s body.

Our CBD Pet Oil comes with a long dropper with a soft rubber neck that allows pet owners to reach the back of your pets’ throats. It’s also safe for pets to lap at the dropper at their own pace.

Our tinctures are made with alcohol to extract and infuse active plant materials from our hemp. Our CBD Pet Oil uses more a common extraction method, CO2 extraction, and this results in a full-spectrum product with trace amounts of THC still present.

While THC levels will never exceed 0.3%, this is still more than what can be found in our Focus CBD Tincture.

And since our furry friends don’t seem as particular about taste as us humans, we have forgone infusing our CBD Pet Oil with fruity flavors like in our Ultra CBD Tincture. Instead, we strive to have it be tasteless so pets will take kindly to daily administration.

Pet CBD oil for cats with owner

We want our CBD Pet Oil to be as odorless and tasteless as possible and with respect to the taste of our oil, so far, so good. Since some animals have a sense of smell that is so much stronger than ours, in rare cases even the slightest cannabis scent or flavor can potentially dissuade a pet from readily accepting a dose.

There is the faintest hint of cannabis, but we have found that it’s not enough to be a factor in our pet’s willingness. The promise of possible joint and ache relief is enough that soon pets start looking forward to their dose!

Yes. This oil is safe for both pets and humans. But, with that said, we have created human-oriented special CBD products that are more potent and tastier, or even less work to consume!

While this product is safe for human consumption, your dollar will go further elsewhere in our shop.

Humans are larger and metabolize CBD in a different way than other mammals can, so finding an appropriate potency for our species is definitely recommended.

If you should give your pet more than their tolerance is used to, there’s no immediate risk to their life. CBD is non-toxic at any measurable quantity.

If by chance they were to get into the bottle and lick up all of it, they would likely just be woozy, maybe stumble and sleep, and potentially vomit it up in worst case scenarios.

CBD oil for pets in pet food

It won’t hurt them, but it won’t help either. This oil is designed for oral use only. We provide a pet-safe dropper in each bottle and getting a dose of CBD oil into their throats is quite easy when it can get chewed and licked safely.

We don’t currently offer a transdermal or topical pet product because their fur and rough paw skin provides a bit of an obstacle.

Oral use of CBD has been shown to provide the best amount of relief for our four-legged family members (and birds)!

As our pets age, their muscles and joints tend to ache more and more. Joints stiffen, muscles weaken, stamina wanes and their moods can become more and more sluggish.

Since they can’t really explain what hurts or how they’re feeling, using a CBD regimen for your pet can help offset some of the inflammation that comes with age and injury, as well as potentially increase their stamina for playtime.

If your pets have a hard time sleeping well, then a nighttime administration of CBD Pet Oil could help deepen relaxation and potentially help with sleep.