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CBD Pre Rolls

CBD Pre Rolls

Premium CBD Pre-Rolls

A pre-roll is a pre-packaged joint that dispensaries sell. It’s loaded with cannabis flowers and wrapped in rolling paper. If rolling joints is too painful, this ready-to-smoke alternative is for you. This design streamlines the process of filling joints with cannabis, making them often known as “cones” because of their distinctive cone shape. Users looking for a trouble-free experience will love our CBD Pre rolls since they eliminate the need for rolling sheets, a grinder, or a rolling skill. They provide convenience without stress.

By looking at their distinctive features, you can tell pre-rolls differ from regular CBD joints. While hand-rolled joints might have burn quality issues due to size and density variations, pre-rolls are consistently sized to offer a consistent smoking experience. Moreover, traditional joints are more vulnerable to crushing, but pre-rolls are wrapped to keep them fresh and protect them from harm. A wide variety of strains is available in pre-rolls from our in-house farm, including indicasativa, and hybrid varieties. In contrast, if you roll your own joints, you’re only able to roll the strains that you happen to have on your hand. As an alternative to the time-consuming and monotonous process of rolling joints, CBD rolls blunts provide a more uniform and versatile option.

Parts of Our CBD Pre Roll

To make rolling a joint a breeze, three things are usually needed: cannabis flower, rolling paper, and a filter. This is called a CBD pre roll. The cannabis flower is the central component of the pre-roll, adding to the diversity of strains with unique fragrances and sensations. Thanks to this convenient option, users can experience their favorite strains without the expense or effort of buying premium buds individually.

All our pre-roll components rely on rolling paper. Hemp, flax, and other natural ingredients are often used to make these papers, providing a consistent burn without adding unwanted tastes. By using all-natural ingredients, our customers fully appreciate the authentic flavor of the contained cannabis.

The pre roll is incomplete without a crutch or filter that stops the inhalation of cannabis particles before they reach the user’s lips. The filter also helps keep the pre-roll structurally sound, essential for a uniform burn. Its presence dramatically reduces unintentional burns, which can happen with hand-rolled joints.

Our CBD Pre Rolls can be Saved for Subsequent Use

Sometimes, you can’t get through a joint in one sitting, no matter how handy pre-rolls are. Luckily, you can store half-smoked joints for when you’re ready to smoke them again. It is essential to seal the joint tightly and keep it dry if you want the strength and taste to last. You can reseal the pre-roll using the original packaging, which is often called a Doob Tube. Plastic packaging, however, should be handled carefully since it can potentially melt while the joint is still heated.

You can also keep the pre-roll fresh for longer by storing it in an airtight container. This might be a little glass jar or a specialized joint tube. To keep the joint from drying out or losing its quality, adding a humidity control pack to the container is a good idea. A handy accessory for keeping a partly smoked pre-roll in ideal conditions, these humidity control packets are easily accessible at dispensaries.

Our Range

Although our range of products varies from time to time, you can always find the most popular CBD Pre Rolls here. The following are examples of all-time fan-favorite CBD Pre Rolls available at Colorado Breeders Depot:

How do We Craft our CBD Pre Rolls

We take great pains to choose the best pre-rolled cones or tubes for our pre-rolls, ensuring they complement our brand, provide the smoking experience we aim for, and look great when finished. Several aspects, including paper type, size, shape, filter type, and branding possibilities, are considered throughout the choosing process. Next, we have 109 mm pre-rolled cones in natural brown and refined white and 109 mm 1-gram blunt cones in brown hemp wrap. And now, we get to the size and form concerns. When deciding between pre-rolled cones and tubes, it’s essential to think about personal taste in terms of packaging and the smoking experience. While cones provide the traditional joint shape, tubes are more like regular cigarettes, making for a smoother and more uniform smoking experience.

The customization doesn’t end here; we adjust the pre-roll dimensions according to parameters, including diameter, filter length, and paper length. Whether it’s a single unit or a case, the size is thoughtfully selected to fulfill expectations of cost and value. We provide a variety of filter types and cooling choices to enhance your smoking experience. You can manage the smoke flow, burn rate, and thickness by adjusting the bottom cone diameter, and the intensity and harshness of hits can be adjusted by adjusting the filter length. Taking these factors into account allows us to provide a personalized smoking experience that meets the needs of our customers. We are dedicated to making pre-rolls that perfectly represent our brand and provide our consumers with a personalized and satisfying cannabis experience.

Premium Materials

We offer a few options regarding the material. We choose premium retail pre-rolls produced from A-buds, full-flower pre-rolls made from B-buds and smalls, and value-focused or infused pre-rolls created from trim. Colorado Breeders Depot uses a blend of 10%-20% trim for more even burning instead of 100% trim, which can make smoking too unpleasant. Due to the wide variety of strains, perfecting your smoking technique requires trial and error. When supplies level out, we deal with material cost and availability, paying close attention to states that have just legalized marijuana. To stuff the cones, we consistently reduce the particle size of the floral material, regardless of the material you choose.

Why Choose Us

Colorado Breeders Depot offers a spectacular Caviar pre-roll joint that infuses a maximum number of cannabinoids into each joint. To provide our customers with the best smoking experience, we have carefully combined some of our best CBD flower—our indoor premium smokable hemp flower and our renowned premium-quality CBD Kief. As many of our clients will attest, we offer the best indoor smokable hemp flower in the industry and our CBD Kief is exceptional. With the addition of our carefully rolled CBD joints, you are in for a treat!


CBD flower joint pre roll
We start with hemp flower that tests highly in both CBD and CBG. Hand-picking the perfect size buds allows us to quality control the uniformity of what goes into a Caviar joint. We dunk these top-tier nugs in a bath of bubble hash oil, which is a specialty of our head grower made entirely in-house. And if that wasn’t enough of a potency boost, we then roll the still-wet buds in a healthy dusting of CBD-rich kief pulled directly off our premium hemp flower.

These additions make for a terpene-heavy, slow smoke. The hash oil makes everything smoke much more slowly and provides a cigar-like quality evenness in burn quality. All the extra cannabinoids and terpenes make this an exercise is flavor potential when it comes to premium hemp flower.

An ultimate trifecta of hemp goodness, rich with CBD, CBG and a wide array of terpenes. We recommend you don’t try and take this bad boy down in one sitting.

We promise that there is no presence of fish eggs in our luxury pre-rolls. Instead, in the same way that sturgeon eggs labeled as “caviar” are seem by many as the highest-end food someone can eat, our bubble hash oil-soaked, kief-dusted chunky monster pre-roll is seen by hemp consumers as the highest-end hemp flower one can consume.

Originally gaining recognition and popularity in the 1980‘s, bubble hash is a solventless extracted created through using ice water to agitate and extract trichomes from hemp plant material. One of the cleanest extraction methods and a favorite of cannabis purists everywhere, bubble can appear both dark and oily or ultra-light beige depending on the quality of plant material used and the size of the micron filter used to sift out the trichomes.
Most bubble has tests between 30-60% cannabinoid potency, which is not as strong as something like our CBD shatter but due to the solventless, pure extraction, the effects are often described as cleaner, stronger and purer than flower alone or solvent-based extracts.

CBD Pre Rolls

Exponentially different. Regular hemp flower, no matter how much love and care it receives, can never naturally produce the potency of cannabinoids found in a Caviar joint. This product should last much longer than a standard pre-roll and provide quicker effects compared to just rolling a joint at home with our flower.

As such, for someone trying this for the first time, consider taking smaller puffs initially to see how the hash-doused bud feels on the inhale. This is very strong, even for hemp smoking veterans.

Yes! Our Caviar pre-rolls are overflowing with flavor thanks to all the additional terpenes added to the regular flower. Because these additional terps are harvested from potentially different strains, the terpene content varies quite a bit. This leads to unique combinations and ratios of terpenes that you simply cannot encounter naturally in any hemp flower. Every batch of Caviar produced has a slightly different flavor, but it is always a culmination of most major terpene, creating a smokey taste that needs to be experienced by anyone who considers themselves a high-end hemp consumer.

We can never guarantee any effects or specific outcomes when it comes to consuming hemp flower or cannabinoid extracts. But, with the clear potency superiority, we would be shocked if you felt nothing. CBD and CBG can synergize with each other and send both mood-boosting chemicals through the body by increasing GABA and anandamide in the brain. CBG’s uplifting, sativa-like subtlety mixing with the potency of our kief and bubble hash’s CBD content creates a perfect storm of receptor-friendly cannabinoid activation. A puff or two can be energizing while smoking half of the entire pre-roll can more than likely lead a seriously sedative effect.

Pre-rolls are pre-packaged joints that streamline the smoking experience by eliminating the need for rolling papers, grinders, or rolling skills. They offer consistently sized cones for a uniform smoking experience, while hand-rolled joints may vary in size and density, affecting burn quality.

Absolutely! If you can’t finish a pre-roll in one sitting, you can store it for later enjoyment. Simply seal the joint tightly in its original packaging or an airtight container to preserve its strength and flavor. For added freshness, consider using a humidity control pack in the container to prevent drying out.

We offer a diverse range of CBD Pre Rolls, including popular strains like Caviar CBD, Aroma Funk CBD, and Sunset Sherbert CBD, among others. Whether you prefer indica, sativa, or hybrid varieties, we have something to suit every preference and taste.

Our pre-rolls are carefully wrapped to protect them from damage and maintain freshness. We use all-natural rolling papers made from materials like hemp and flax, ensuring a consistent burn without altering the taste of the cannabis. Additionally, a filter is included to prevent inhalation of cannabis particles and maintain structural integrity for a smooth burn.