Why Choose Colorado Breeders Depot for Buying Wholesale CBD Hemp Seeds and CBG Hemp Seeds?


We have been a primary destination for CBD hemp seed and CBG hemp seed for years now. Our head of operations, John Kalosinis, has been involved in growing cannabis for over twenty years, and almost a decade in hemp farming and breeding. Our team has a collective of about twenty years working with in the cannabis industry, each member a proud extension of a gigantic foundation of knowledge that was used to form Colorado Breeders Depot. Through the evolution of cannabis’ place in our society, we have bloomed into dedicated hemp cannabis professionals that excel at the perfection of both genetics and cultivation.

Our seeds? We made them ourselves because everything available was unregulated, disappointing garbage. Our culture? Our team was part of a larger legislative body that helped form current hemp regulations in Colorado. We frequently partner up with local farmers to help sell their crop, we befriend competitors for the greater good of the hemp industry, we dedicate ourselves to our customers no matter how small. We are invested through and through. From seed to smoke, our company continuously puts out products which stand out among a huge selection of competitors. Buying hemp seeds shouldn’t be a gamble for quality or genetics. For us, we daily strive to grow premium hemp flower and provide farmers and hobbyists alike with the highest quality hemp seeds available.

We Stand By Farmers

Colorado Breeders Depot is as much a farmer-forward network as we are a hemp seed and flower supplier. We commit ourselves to the success of anyone who chooses to plant our seeds. With a customer service team standing by from 9 to 5 every single business day, ready to answer any questions about growing CBD flower from our hemp seeds. Helping farmers big and small succeed in harvesting premium hemp crop gives us such joyful purpose, and we want that to be the quality our clients value in us.

Some companies offer their version of a germination guarantee, or offer to test your grown crop for potency, but we have found that testing for potency in-house can lead to potential bias and can potentially result in a loss of trust. We rely on third party labs to provide our COAs and our terpene profiles as well as our germination rate tests. We don’t guarantee any percentage of germination, because there are just too many external factors that influence whether or not a seed will survive— from airborne pests to soil size, to light, water, CO2 content and beyond. Because there is so much to consider when planting seeds, we do guarantee troubleshooting for anyone failing to meet our posted germination rates for each strain. Our head grower will talk to you directly, asking about your process and setup, and offering recommendations to get best results. We will also send more seeds if there is any continued failure to germinate any strain.

Being available the entirety of any growing season means that our customers know they can count on us to be there. We want you to triumph. We want you to succeed so bad, we send an extra 10% seed volume to any order just in case there should be any germinating issues. When you harvest, we succeed.

Why did we get into seeds?

In 2014, the hemp industry was akin to the Wild West. Lack of regulation allowed for seeds to be sold with untested and unreliable genetics, meaning you never really knew what sort of strain or phenotype would sprout. Many seed suppliers were failing to take proper precaution against unwanted crosspollination. This nightmare led to our lead grower, John, to get fed up with trying to find decently sourced seeds for his transition from growing high-THC cannabis to hemp.

They say that if you can’t get something done right, do it yourself. So, John put his extensive breeding knowledge to begin producing one of the first batches of seeds using ultra-sealed, indoor grow rooms and enacting best practices for avoiding the potential transfer of unwanted pollen. Generation after generation, the genetics became more stable and eventually John had created the now-beloved OG strains of hemp flower.

The desire by many farmers to use what could be considered “craft” seeds led to him to begin selling them off at rates too fast to keep up with. By dedicating more resources to seed production in 2018, we were finally able to meet the incredible demand for both feminized and non-feminized seeds. The genetics’ consistency speaks for itself. And our customers will echo that time and time again, turning to us for time-tested strain lineages and lab-certified accurate characteristics that translate from grow to grow.

Finding the best hemp seeds for you


Whether you’ve got 20 acres to dedicate to cultivation or you’re working in a tiny indoor grow room setup, we can help you find exactly what works best for you. Location and climate both play a huge role in the choosing of hemp seed genetics. Some of our strains are hardier than others and some require extra amounts of TLC and time. Some strains need different temperatures and light schedules to fully hit their ultimate potential. Because we boast such a wide array of genetics available, the germination times and harvest times are non-uniform, so reach out to us, even if you’re working a massive number of plants. We are happy to make recommendations and answer questions based on our years of experience growing thousands and thousands of pounds of hemp.

For small-batch growers or customers just learning how to nurse a beautiful hemp plant into a bud-ridden powerhouse, we recommend feminized seeds to ensure the biggest yield per plant possible. An all-female crop maximizes available space, and thus removes the need to remove male plans or worry about cross-pollination risks. Novice growers should consider Auto-flowering strains, because they won’t fail with a missed lighting schedule or other minor learning mistakes and are by far the most sure-fire seeds we offer.

Can I Cultivate Hemp Flower Anywhere?

While it’s true that there is no better time than the present to start growing and investing in hemp’s future in our environmentally dredged society, you won’t be able to just plant an acre of hemp seeds in any old random plot of land. Latitude and longitude have a huge hand in both the success of a crop and its ability to maintain federally required THC levels.

Quality soil is of the utmost importance. Nutrient-rich, loose-packed and heavily aerated soil is by far the idea setting from which hemp can grow. Hemp is a plant that performs a function known as phytoremediation, which means that it will absorb whatever is present in the soil it’s planted within. Having unhealthy, sandy, tightly packed and chemically adulterated soil are all factors that can lead to a crop failure.
Finding the right growing season for your location is important, because light and temperature matter for anyone planted hemp outside of a sealed, indoor grow facility. And even indoor grow rooms need humidity control during certain seasons to maintain an ideal soil pH level as well as carbon dioxide content. Be sure you are situated in the best possible ways by doing some research and potentially a soil test, as just tossing hemp seeds into a compost pile and expecting anything to happen just isn’t a feasible way to go out planting hemp. For those deadest on growing despite potentially extreme temperatures or uneven photic exposure, be sure to check out our Auto Flower strains. And be sure to check out some additional info we have about things to know before planting our premium hemp seeds.

What Are Feminized Seeds?

Feminized seeds are exactly what the name suggests: seeds that only germinate female plants. No male plants means no need to cull, no accidental pollination, and more flower per seed because they all should yield quality buds. This is ideal for our premium indoor strains or anyone working with a space limitation or resources for single, small-batch grows. We breed our own feminized genetics by stressing a female plant enough that it to develops the sexual features of a male plant including pollen. This allows a structurally-female plant to pollenate another female plant. The offspring of this female-to-female pollination will produce seeds that lack any male chromosomes. Using a chemical agent will then allow these feminized plants to produce all-feminized seeds, continuing a special cycle that has become ubiquitous in modern hemp farming.

Is There A Benefit To Using Feminized Seeds?


By planting feminized seeds instead of regular, non-feminized seeds, a grower can avoid the sexing process all together because the gender of every plant is already known to be all female. All feminized seeds come from elite clone genetics meaning these strains are the truly top-tier available hemp genes. Growing feminized plants saves time, resources and allows space to be used effectively by only germinating the plants needed produce a desired product, usually hemp flower. For a farmer not interested in breeding their own plants and growing a single strain, this is the easiest and most popular methodology for seed sourcing.

What Does Non-Feminized Mean?

The word “regular” is a suitable substitute for ‘non-feminized’ when it comes to basic terminology. These seeds contain non-altered, natural genetics and will produce both male and female plants. Oftentimes this means a purer genetic line from the lineage that produced the seeds, and this is a desirable quality for breeders looking to produce their own hybrids or experiment with breeding new seeds. Non-feminized seeds are also purer in the sense that no chemical alterations are used in the production of fresh seeds. Farmers pick these when experimenting with building their own strains as well as looking to easily sex and clone certain plants.

What Can I Do with My New Hemp Plants?

Hemp is a fortuitous crop in our time— finally being lauded for its multifaceted byproducts and its relatively consistent production patterns. Industrial hemp fiber is projected to soon become one of the most abundantly grown agricultural crops in the world, as countries have wizened up to the strength and reliability of hemp fibers. Or you can smoke your plants by harvesting the mature, flowered buds, trimming and curing them. All our strains have different cannabinoid profiles that can be found on their product pages above.

Extracting cannabinoid oil either using solvents or low-heat and heavy pressure is another way to harness all the byproducts hemp has to offer. Hempseed oil is produced by smashing ultra-oily seeds produced by the plant. You can cook with the cured buds, infuse them into a tea, or shake the snowy white, kief-laden trichomes off of the leaves.

Another interesting way farmers and breeders use hemp is to cross genetics with other strains of cannabis. Some medical marijuana breeders cross hemp with high-THC to try and create a plant that contains as many possible major cannabinoids as possible. Hemp breeders specifically try to create gorgeous looking flower properties with high CBD, CBG or CBN. Taste and smell play a huge role, so cross-breeding for a unique terpene profile has become more and more popular lately.

Is Auto Flower Easier To Grow?


We believe that growing our Auto Flower strains requires less experience, less attention to detail and less resources. A large percentage of cannabis varieties of all kids require an extremely specific schedule for receiving various levels of light. Cannabis farming has gotten so advanced that growers know exactly how much light to give and for how long, but for someone less experienced or with less available time to dedicate to crop care, this can become tedious over a long harvest cycle.
Auto Flower is a new breeding mutation that makes the life cycle of the hemp plant incredibly predictable, efficient, and quick. The auto-flowering genetic characteristic means the plant automatically changes from the vegetative state to a flowering state, without having to reduce daylight hours. The flowering cycle begins and ends as a result of age and does not need the extra attention and schedule alterations of light required to most hemp plants. Auto Flower strains have reportedly gotten as tall as 4 feet, so for inexperienced indoor growers just be aware of this potential height. Similarly, inexperienced growers need not add supplemental nutrients to the soil, since the seeds work independently. This lack of phytoremediation makes it much simpler to bring to full maturity. Auto Flower strains can also be ready for harvest in as little as 10 weeks. Long answer aside, yes. Auto Flower is easier to grow.

Is Growing Hemp Legal?

After both the 2014 Agricultural Act and 2018’s Farm Bill passing through Congress, all but 3 states permit the growing of hemp crop for commercial purposes, scientific research, or pilot programs.
Cannabis cultivation laws vary between states despite federal regulation due to individual state’s Controlled Substances Act(s).
In the U.S., there are 11 hemp-legal states that allow residents to grow and possess personal hemp crops. Different states have different limits for the number of plants you are permitted to grow per person. Idaho is a hemp-legal state but requires any hemp grown to test out at 0% THC which severely limits the potential strain selection, which means it’s still practically banned.
When purchasing hemp seeds from Colorado Breeders Depot, be sure to thoroughly research the laws regarding hemp growing, and check if commercial or personal growth is still banned. You may have to apply through a federal regulatory program, or confer with your state’s regulations if they have created their own laws and restrictions. Some states require Agricultural permits or licenses to be able to cultivate a hemp crop of any kind, but most are relatively simple to acquire. Our customer service team is available during any business day to answer specific questions regarding hemp legality where you are.

What is Tri-crop?


With industrial hemp projected to become a $30 billion dollar agricultural powerhouse by 2023, farmers are rushing to find ways to grow as much profitable product as possible.
Enter our Tri-Crop varietal of non-feminized hemp seed, the result of years filled with careful, selective breeding for a hemp strain that produces maximal yields of hemp fiber, hemp grain and CBD. We suggest this for anyone working a large growing space or trying to begin a crop at an industrial level, since the plant actually thrives by being direct-seeded and bunched together to form a weed-blocking canopy.

Our Tri-crop seeds are always non-feminized, because on the scale that farmers grow this strain, pollination is actually something you don’t want to avoid. The more breeding going on out in the fields, the more grain crop production! That’s just science.

Hemp fiber is finally gaining recognition both in the U.S. and internationally. Both types of hemp fiber (bast and hurd) are sought after for a wide array of potential uses.
Hemp grain is a superfood for commercial livestock and humans alike. Packed with healthy oils and protein, hemp grain and hemp hearts are growing in demand daily, with further uses for animal feed being introduced all the time
CBD and other major cannabinoids can be extracted from the bulk harvest flowers. These cannabinoid extracts go forward to become many possible CBD products, from smokable cannabis to tinctures to dermal creams or food additives.

These three things can all be harvested efficiently and with the largest possible yield we were able to produce consistently. Hence the name, Tri-crop: three profitable crammed into tiny little seeds. If that isn’t magical, we don’t know what is,

What Are Premium Hemp Seeds

We understand that folks can just slap the word ‘premium’ in front of something and suddenly get people interested. We also understand that there is, indeed, a real distinction in quality when a product does actually meet a ‘premium’ standard. Developing these genetics has been tireless, exhaustive, and rewarding. Countless generations have gone into purifying and hardening all of the genetics available through our seeds. Our seed-bearing plants are grown using GMP practices in sealed, indoor grow rooms. Consistent monitoring and nutrient awareness make for the healthiest, most promising seeds on the market. Germination rates higher than the average, over 90%, demonstrates the prowess of sturdy genetics.
Premium hemp seeds are solid. High-yielding. Consistent. Premium hemp seeds are what we have spent almost a decade perfecting. Our pride begins with our seeds, and we are so empowered by the success of our clients. The seeds ultimately speak for themselves, scattered across the world in all its forms. Premium seeds will deliver a premium plant, a premium product.

Our Process: Buying CBD Seeds Wholesale

We want buying our seeds to be simple. No hoops to jump through, all differences explained and understood. Our customer service is without a doubt the best team in the hemp seed industry. It’s so simple, buying our CBD online makes it virtually effortless. And for large farms or wholesale seed requests, please see our wholesale order request form where someone can get back to you and specifically answer any questions about quantity or pricing. We are here to help make growing hemp easy, efficient, and profitable.

CBD Hemp Seed FAQs

Do you sell feminized seeds and/or non-feminized seeds?

We offer both feminized hemp seeds and non-feminized hemp seeds. All products are lab-tested premium hemp seeds suitable for growing incredible hemp flower and can be viewed in our expansive seed catalogue, along with available COA (certificate of analysis) and germination reports for each given strain.

What are the uses of feminized seeds?

Feminized hemp seeds are specially designed by breeders to only create female cannabis plants, ensuring a maximized yield while utilizing cultivation space most effectively. By eliminating the possibility of a male plant, feminized hemp seeds are ideal for both beginner growers as well as those looking to produce the highest quantity yield of usable hemp buds.

What are some uses of non-feminized seeds?

Non-feminized hemp seeds have two main purposes. For breeders they allow for both male and female cannabis plants to be grown, from which a grower can continue to breed and cultivate new seeds for a new crop. By using non-feminized hemp seeds, you can ultimately produce a full strain lineage and determine which phenotypes you prefer. And since male plants will grow, those looking to breed hybridized strains with vigor can easily experiment with their available genetics. For largescale farmers, non-feminized hemp seeds provide a cost-effective option to grow many acres of hemp for fiber, grain, or oil.

Do your seeds fall below the 0.3% THC threshold?

All of our hemp seeds fall below the Federal requirements for Delta 9 THC, ensuring a non-psychoactive plant which still produces high-percentage cannabinoid content. You will never have any plant grown using our seeds that tests above 0.3% Delta 9 THC. All of our hemp seeds for growing are compliant with the Farm Bill of 2018. If you are growing in a total THC state make sure to test your flower weekly and time your harvest before the total THC reaches .3%. Talk to your department of agriculture to make sure you understand their exact sampling methods so you can use the same methods in your inhouse testing. Remember, all CBD genetics could become noncompliant in a total THC state within certain growing environments and under certain testing procedures. Make sure you are vigilant and responsible with any strain you grow.

How do I know if you can ship seeds to my state legally?

Because we have been involved in hemp production at the seed level much longer than many of our competitors, we have been awarded a special hemp license with the USPS that has allows us to ship to any state even prior to updated regulations. The 2018 Farm Bill passed by the U.S. Government allows for hemp seeds to be mailed across state lines as long as labs and certifications of authenticity are kept on hand. Colorado Breeders Depot assures our customers that our seeds traveling across the country do so legally, with required labeling and paperwork for each shipment. Our actions are always compliant with federal, state and local law.

If I am starting out, which seed strains would you recommend?

For those just beginning to buy CBD seeds or CBG seeds and beginning their journey to becoming a master hemp cultivator, we recommend using feminized seeds above all else. All-female grows will result in the biggest yield without having to cull male plants. Strains like Berry Blossom and Cherry Wine are incredibly stabilized lineages which produce fantastically potent CBD flower. Colorado Breeders Depot offers the best hemp seeds for growing in the industry. Our staff experts remain on call to assist and support your farming venture, whether a large-scale operation or a first-time greenhouse or indoor venture.

What seeds grow best in cold and hot weather climates?

All of our seeds are bred to endure both hot and cold climates. We do not release genetics unless they have proven stable under a variety of weather conditions. When discussing extreme weather conditions humidity and light are more pressing considerations. For growers in dry climates like Texas or other southwestern states, Acid Rock is a great choice. For growers in humid climates, we recommend our mold-resistant Black Jack strain. Growers in tropical climates close to the equator may prefer our autoflowering genetics which will thrive even without the seasonal light cycles which our other strains depend on.

What is the most popular seed strain that you sell?

This is a tough one! Our customers absolutely love Blackjack and it’s similar counterpart, Stormy CBDaniels. Blackjack yield percentages are often the top of our list, making it the highest-value seed we offer. A fat, bushy monster of a plant, these two strains are advantageous when grow space is tight.

For those looking for a hemp fiber crop, our Tri-crop seeds are currently top of the line. Being grown across the world from East Asia to Europe, Tri-crop hemp produces highly fibrous plants, massively oily seeds for hemp seed oil presses, and enough bulk flower to use in the creation of concentrates. It’s worth a quick call to get more information on the many seed strain varieties we offer.

How can I find the CBD amount of each type of seed?

The entirety of our seed catalogue includes individual lab results with in-depth cannabinoid profiles for the most recent extraction date per seed. You can find not only the CBD content, but every other major cannabinoid found in the seed as well. Visit any strain page and click on the lab report located in the photo gallery. Our COAs and compliance documents are available in PDF form as well and are on the product pages for the various corresponding seed types.

Where can I locate your germination rates?

Germination rate studies can be found on every page for non-feminized seeds, right next to the cannabinoid profiles in the photo gallery. This is handy information for anyone considering planting a new strain and provides an estimate of what a farmer can expect with that specific hemp seed strain.

If I buy a pound of seeds, how many seeds should I expect to receive?

While every pound is a little different, there will be about 26,000 seeds per pound. Colorado Breeders Depot will also send an extra 10% per pound of non-feminized seeds purchased to account for potential discrepancies in germination rates.
Feminized seeds are sold only by the seed and cannot be purchased in pound increments; however bulk or wholesale options are available for our seeds. A quick phone call with your order can help get additional details for you; we are here to help in any way we can.

How competitive are your seed prices?

Among the most competitive in the market. Because we aren’t buying our seeds from a third party, we have some of the best prices one will see for the highest quality CBD seeds and CBG seeds offered. We take great pride in the quality of our genetics and our seeds. We believe that our product is top-tier quality among many competitors who offer hurried or unstable products. Our pricing is competitive from top to bottom, from wholesale hemp seed growers to novices looking to find their own green thumb. We strive to stand out in an industry inundated with such a wide range of quality and consistency. Even our smallest seed packs are comparable to companies offering similar products, with bulk discounts making bigger buys advantageous to those who have come to trust Colorado Breeders Depot quality. We are fully transparent in our pricing; if you have any questions about our pricing methodology just contact us.

Can I cross with the seeds I purchase from you?

Absolutely. We support the creativity and ingenuity of the hemp community. We do not restrict our customers by placing any patents or legal constrictions on the strains we develop. The cannabis plant has infinite potential for crosses finding the genetics that work for you. Buying non-feminized seeds allows for pollination and hybridization to your heart’s desire. If you make a new cross using our seeds, show us! We love building relationships with customers and seeing the fruit of our collective labor blooming into something new.

Can you help me sell my crops?

Yes, we are a network that works with local farmers to develop lasting relationships. Because we offer bulk flower, there is a possibility we sell out of a strain early or require outside crop due to harvest time, we have partnered in the past with growers who use our seeds. The volatility of growing cannabis doesn’t allow us to contract out grows for product, but we view ourselves as a network that continually expands and evolves in this ever-changing cannabis landscape. Inquire about our “Marketplace” in which we offer our wholesale seed-buying farmer clients hemp flower and resultant product for sale to the general public on our website.

What if I want to work with Colorado Breeders Depot and form a partnership…how would I do this?

We’d love to talk to you! Shoot us an email to and let us know what you’re interested in. We’ve met and maintained relationships with farmers far and wide and are always looking for new and unique opportunities. Head over to our farming consultation to set up a direct call with our head growers and our excellent service team.

Seed Ordering FAQs

Where do you ship seeds?

We ship seeds anywhere in the United States, as well as Puerto Rico. Laws governing the shipping of CBD seeds and CBG seeds are very different across the world. For any international inquiries, please contact usfor further discussions about what your country’s laws dictate. We have many years of experience with international shipping and will ensure full compliance with all international requirements related to shipping hemp seeds for growing. We are here to facilitate a smooth and lucrative growing venture for all of our clients.

How do they come packaged?

Our seeds come packed in odor-proof, mold-proof, and UV-resistant bags, shipped through USPS by default but also able to be shipped by your preferred carrier. The durable packaging allows for your seeds to make it to you without worry about being opened accidentally on their way to you. Easy to open and resealable, whether you are buying 10 seeds or 10 pounds of seeds, we focus on giving careful attention to your package’s journey.

Do I need to order a minimum number of seeds? If so, what is the required volume?

Good question. The lowest available quantity we offer is our 10-seed packs for feminized strains, and 100-seed packs for non-feminized strains. For our Tri-crop seeds, the minimum volume is one (1) pound. Offering seeds at this volume allows farmers to get familiar with our best CBD seeds and experiment with what works for each type of customer.

Do I need a resale license?

Colorado Breeders Depot does not require any paperwork from potential customers who want to purchase seeds. However, given the huge variances in which cannabis growing is viewed and enforced across the country, be sure to check with your local agricultural departments requirements when it comes to hemp seed resale. It is always best practice to ensure you know and follow your local laws when it comes to purchasing hemp seeds for growing, be it feminized or non-feminized hemp seeds.

Is there some kind of growers license I need?

Yes. Every state is required by federal law to manage its own hemp licensing procedures. Because there is no uniform answer for the entire country, we strongly suggest checking with your local agriculture department on what they require. We can verify our product’s labs using a Certificate of Authenticity which can go a long way ensuring you are protected under federal hemp farming guidelines. Most states only require a valid COA but we are willing to work with customers if they need other documentation like a seed labelers license, seed label, or a properly dated invoice.

What is the general price range for your CBD seeds?

Most of the cost involved in producing high quality hemp seeds comes during the research, development and stabilization of new strains. For this reason every customer is primarily buying the years of research behind each seed, not just the seed itself. When it comes to hemp seeds, buying in bulk is supremely advantageous. For farmers interested in growing a large field of feminized seeds they can easily cultivate many acres for just 25¢ per seed, or even a fraction of 1¢ per seed for our Tri-crop farmers. For smaller growers looking to try out one strain, our seeds can cost $10 per seed at the smallest available quantity.

What is the general price range for your CBG seeds?

We have unfortunately sold out of all our feminized CBG seeds for the 2021 season. We do still have available non-feminized CBG seeds sold in 100 packs for $299, 500 packs for $599, and 100 packs for 75¢ per seed.

What is the general price range for your feminized seeds?

Our feminized seed packs start off at $99 for a 10-seed package and decrease in pricing from there. Our 2021 Special bulk pricing brings the price all the way down to $0.25 per seed! Our competitive pricing encourages farmers to fill their acreage with our top-quality, premium hemp seeds.

What is the general price range for your non feminized seeds?

Non-feminized industrial dual crop and tri-crop ranges from $99.00/lb to $1000.00/lb depending on quantity. Non-feminized seed packs for smokable flower breeders are available in 100-seed quantities for $0.75 per seed for CBD, and $299 for CBG. The price per seed drops for increasing the order to 1000 seeds at a time.

At what volume can I receive a bulk seed discount?

All of our pricing is tiered, so the more you buy, the less you pay per seed. Our largest available seed package (20,000) brings the cost of each seed down to half the price of our smallest seed packages. This isn’t to say you can’t purchase more than 20,000 hemp seeds at a time, there is no limit to volume purchases. To discuss wholesale quantities and potential discounts, just contact usand we will happily answer any questions and provide discount information. Your bulk seed discounts begin once you select any size seed package bigger than the minimum available.

If you are sold out of a seed, can I make a deposit to reserve them?

It is possible we sell out of a seed— some of our most popular strains are highly sought after. When this happens, we can accept a deposit for when that seed returns. This deposit holds your desired quantity of seeds before publicly available and guarantees that you receive your seeds as soon as they are ready. This deposit goes towards your final payment and we do not charge a separate holding fee for this service.

What types of payment do you accept?

We accept all major credit cards and wire transfers. We do not accept cash or check payments. In addition, at the request of some of our clients we have a service known as g Sezzle for customers who want to pay through installments, but for now, we cannot accept payments through Venmo or similar payment applications. Please always stay tuned as payment methods in the industry are continuing to evolve over time.