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Non Feminized Hemp Seeds

Non Feminized Hemp Seeds

At Colorado Breeders Depot, we offer non-feminized seeds for sale in three main categories. Buying hemp seeds online can be confusing without understanding the differences between non-feminized plant varietals. Keep reading to find out which non-feminized products are right for your needs.

What Are Non-Feminized Seeds?

“Non-feminized” means groups of seeds that contain both male and female plants. Using seeds that are only female (or feminized seeds) is typically preferred by those growing smokable hemp because it means their plants won’t be pollinated. Only female cannabis plants produce flower with a high enough cannabinoid and terpene content to use for a smokable hemp product.

All non-feminized seeds are randomized, meaning you won’t know what will grow until the plant’s sex is identifiable. Male and female plants in proximity will, over time, pollenate and produce more non-feminized seeds from the female plants. Seed production prevents the plant from using all of its energy for cannabinoid production, which CBD-hungry growers want to avoid at all costs. Colorado Breeders Depot offers wholesale hemp seeds for sale online that can meet most farmers’ preferences for product focus.

All of our non-feminized seeds will produce both male and female plants, allowing reproduction and seed-growth. We break down our different non-feminized seed options below and explain the functions of each variety. For any further questions, drop us a line— we’re happy to inform and educate anyone interested in buying our non-feminized hemp seeds online.

Why Buy Non-Feminized Seeds?

Our non-feminized seed options can fulfill the needs for industrial hemp farmers, farmers looking to make the most of their acreage, and breeders hunting for their next ideal strain to cross or stabilize. For anyone looking to grow CBD hemp nugs and make the most of their growing space, these seeds are not for you, but these seeds are.

Instead, non-feminized hemp seeds are used in industrial hemp fields across the world. We offer the most commonly used industrial hemp seeds, as well as a specially crafted hemp strain that offers industrial hemp quality with a tendency to produce more cannabinoids than fiber-and-grain industrial hemp.
Non-feminized seeds are also used for experimentation among breeders searching for specific qualities in their hemp plants. Because our non-feminized seeds are not from perfectly stabilized genetics, growing our ‘breeder’ seed packs will result in many different phenotype expressions. This allows for breeders to hunt out their ideal qualities in the hemp plant. Then, they can work on perfecting the genetics and potentially feminize the plants for themselves going forward.

What are Breeder’s Seed Packs?

Our strain-specific non-feminized seed packs are perfect for breeders searching for their ideal hemp phenotypes or characteristics for crossing or singling out. While these are labeled and sorted by individual strains, there is not just one phenotype or characteristic present in these seeds. These are for time-consuming testing and experimentation, not for a cheap way to grow smokable hemp bud.
For those with the right budget, space, and time, our seeds are a great source of many different phenotypes ranging in physical features, terpene content and cannabinoid levels. Growing these without the foresight to discard unwanted traits will result in a grow space full of many different hemp phenotypes crosspollinating with each other and becoming genuinely untenable for any real use. However, for someone who is simply wanting a cheap way to learn how to grow hemp for future projects, these are wonderful sources of quick experimentation and practices.

What Do Seed Breeders Need to Know?

The cultivation process of unknown phenotypes from non-feminized seeds is a lengthy, costly process that should be in the back of every breeder’s mind when purchasing our smokable strain-group seeds. Being aware of what it takes can avoid surprises and save a lot of hassle and annoyance down the line.

Some key practical tips for pheno-hunters include:

  • Plant all the seeds. This will require the appropriate space, lighting, water and nutrients that casual or small-batch growers likely are not equipped for dealing with.
  • Toss the males. Keeping males serves no function in the pheno-hunter experience and will simply deplete space and resources faster. As soon as sexes become identified, clear space by removing the pollen-producing male plants,
  • Cut clone clips from every female and discard females that don’t have the characteristics you’re looking for. Take multiple clone clippings, but as you cycle through, you can remove them. Why continue growing a plant you won’t want to breed? Save the time, work, and resources by discarding unwanted female plants and the clones you’ve taken.
  • Whittle down plant counts until you’re left with the ~10 phenotypes you’re interested in. Narrowing down your choices makes your life less stressful and will save money on testing. With terpene and cannabinoid testing being somewhat cost prohibitive, the less selection you have to work with, the more money you’ll end up saving.
  • Settle on your final choices and their clones. Discard the remaining plants that did not pass your standards and you’ll be left with several plants of your own choosing. From there, you can begin to grow the clones that will become ‘mother’ plants, and you can begin the feminization process with your brand new, perfect phenotype.

Why Buy Breeder’s Seed Packs?

For those that have the tenacity, the growing room, the resources and the 3 to 6 months it takes to undertake the selection process, selecting a personalized phenotype can be highly rewarding. Looking for the perfect traits to cross with another strain in an effort to create a custom hybrid genetic can be both fulfilling and rewarding. You never know how genetics will react and there is a potential goldmine in these seeds because of all the various phenotypes that can be grown.

Our feminized seeds are cheaper with all these steps and processes in mind, but they are stable and single-phenotype strains with no real variety or randomness. For novice growers or breeders, we suggest checking out our feminized seeds or our seed catalogue to better select less time-consuming grow options.