Feminized Hemp Seeds


Should I Buy Feminized Hemp Seeds or Non Feminized Hemp Seeds?

We carry premium quality non feminized hemp seeds and feminized hemp seeds for all of your growing needs.  When you buy hemp seeds for growing, you only want the best cbd seeds and best cbg seeds available.

The Difference Between Feminized and Non-Feminized Seeds

CBD seeds and CBG hemp seeds can be feminized or non feminized.  Feminized hemp seed produces flowering plants with uniform growth characteristics. Non feminized hemp seed is typically much cheaper and produces 50% flowering plants, and 50% male plants with pollen instead of flower.

Since pollen creates seed, most growers of smokable hemp flower prefer feminized hemp seed so they can produce a room full of seedless nugs without the extra task of discarding the males. Large industrial hemp farmers produce  hemp seed, fiber, and flower material so they purchase the less expensive non feminized seed and separate the seed and flower material after harvest.

Small-batch boutique hemp  growers also use non feminized hemp seed so they can select the one plant with their favorite growth characteristics and cut a room full of uniform clones from that one plant while discarding the rest.

Please enjoy the variety of cbd seed and cbg seed products we offer.

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