Feminized Hemp Seeds

Should I Buy Feminized Hemp Seeds or Non Feminized Hemp Seeds?

We carry premium quality non feminized hemp seeds and feminized hemp seeds for all of your growing needs.  When you buy hemp seeds for growing, you only want the best cbd seeds and best cbg seeds available.

The Difference Between Feminized and Non-Feminized Seeds

CBD seeds and CBG hemp seeds can be feminized or non feminized.  Feminized hemp seed produces flowering plants with uniform growth characteristics. Non feminized hemp seed is typically much cheaper and produces 50% flowering plants, and 50% male plants with pollen instead of flower.

Since pollen creates seed, most growers of smokable hemp flower prefer feminized hemp seed so they can produce a room full of seedless nugs without the extra task of discarding the males. Large industrial hemp farmers produce  hemp seed, fiber, and flower material so they purchase the less expensive non feminized seed and separate the seed and flower material after harvest.

Small-batch boutique hemp  growers also use non feminized hemp seed so they can select the one plant with their favorite growth characteristics and cut a room full of uniform clones from that one plant while discarding the rest.

Please enjoy the variety of cbd seed and cbg seed products we offer.

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What are Feminized Seeds?

Feminized seeds are female-only seeds of CBD-rich hemp plants. There will be no male plants in any of our feminized seeds, which means growers do not need to worry about pollination or insufficient flower production.

We offer non-feminized seeds for farmers looking to grow industrial hemp for fiber production and grain collection, or for breeders looking to hunt through many plants for their perfect phenotype.

The strains we offer as non-feminized seeds are single phenotype, high CBD seeds that have been researched and stabilized over time. It takes at least 4 generations to fully feminize and stabilize high-quality hemp genetics and we pride ourselves in offering a product we grow and smoke ourselves.

Our mission is to have every single person growing our genetics be successful and the first step is offering top-shelf, perfected feminized seeds from which the natural medicine of hemp can bloom.

What are benefits to growing feminized hemp seeds?

Choosing to buy feminized hemp seeds online is a great way to cut costs and save yourself extraneous labor. No need to identify sexes, or sort through random phenotype characteristics or worry about cross pollination accidents. Just a single strain with solid genetics for those who know what kind of terpene or cannabinoid profile they’re after.

All-female seeds produce the highest yields of smokable hemp flower for extract or for retail sale.

Our germination rates sit at around 90% on average, and we will always supply an extra 10% to your order— so ordering 1,000 seeds means you’ll receive 1,100 to make up for potential germination issues.

Being able to make the best of your grow space will ultimately maximize your harvest size while simultaneously leading to a better, less stressful growing environment for the hemp plants.

Feminized seeds mean the genetics are solid: no random phenotypes popping up here or there, no array of shapes or sizes. Uniformity is synonymous with simplicity when it comes to growing smokable hemp nugs, and we strive to make the growing process as easy and replicable as possible.

Who should be buying and growing feminized hemp seeds?

Feminized seeds are more expensive than non-feminized due to the lengthy process it takes to fully feminize a strain at a large scale. Most farmers prefer non-feminized seeds due to the cost difference and the fact they aren’t concerned as much with the highest flower yield possible.
Instead, our feminized seeds are ideal for those looking to grow either small- or large-scale flower products.

The weekend botanist with a few plants in their spare room can stay small with a 10-pack of seeds, whereas growers looking to fill rooms, greenhouses, or outdoor spaces with flower-producing plants can buy our feminized seeds by the pound.

Do all these strains contain CBD, CBG, and CBN?

Yes! Our feminized strains are optimized for the highest cannabinoid content possible. Thanks to all the plants being female, there is no risk of pollination that results in lower cannabinoid production.

Feminized seeds kept apart from males will not produce huge amounts of seeds because of this, and therefore use all their energy to build up high CBD percentages. All hemp contains CBD, CBG and CBN, but we currently only offer CBD-focused feminized seeds.

There is measurable amounts of all three ‘major’ cannabinoids, but growers largely prefer CBD strains and we have strived to meet these market demands.

For those really interested in CBG or CBN, check out our specialty hemp products like our Tinctures— loaded with both CBN and CBG— and our Designer Hemp Flower, which is comprised of CBG flower infused with Delta-8 concentrate. We also offer CBG flower grown for those who enjoy the uplifting effects of smoking CBG buds.

How do I order wholesale feminized hemp seeds?

We are happy to fulfill larger seed orders and offer progressively higher bulk discounts for wholesale orders. Buying feminized seeds is simple— check our strain list, the COAs, our descriptions to choose which strain(s) you’d like to go with. You can use our online checkout and shop between 10 and 20,000 seed increments and for larger orders, no problem either.

Any questions about large orders can be quickly and effectively answered through our customer service team. Simply contact us by phone, e-mail or website form for a quick response during business hours. We can discuss wholesale price breaks, farming consultations and partnerships, seed variety splits and whatever else you’re curious about.