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Industrial Hemp Seeds

Industrial Hemp Seeds

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Dual Crop Hemp Seeds

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Colorado Breeders Depot’s Tri-Crop genetics is a heavily researched cross between Otto and Boax, genetically referred to as Otto II Boax. This hemp strain is a replicable, easy-to-grow plant that offers 3 different sellable byproducts in the form of hemp fiber, hemp grain, and hemp flower containing extractable oils and cannabinoids.

Most Industrial Hemp Seeds does not produce cannabinoids in a high enough percentage to extract, but after years of research and pheno-hunting, we finally found an industrial-quality strain that allows produces testably higher CBD content, allowing farmers to maximize profit using a promising cash crop that’s easy to replicate and harvest.

Sellable hemp products include:

  • Hemp fiber from the plant stalks are used for paper-making, textile productions, plastics, and many other large-scale uses to replace the use of wild-harvested lumber. Hemp fiber is set to become the third most-needed crop in the world within five years.
  • Hemp hurd is the inner woody fillng of the female stalks. Used for all kinds of things including hemp plastics, mulch, biodegradable building material, horse bedding, and much more
  • Hemp grain is the harvesting of hemp seeds used for pressing into oils, protein powder, or hemp hearts. Hemp grain has become a staple in the eco-friendly food market for sustainable, organic, natural superfoods.
  • CBD oil is created by harvesting mature flowers and extracting the resinous cannabinoid-rich oils. This can be used to isolate CBD or be used as other hemp oil related products for therapeutic use. This product is what sets Tri-Crop apart from other industrial hemp plants.

Benefits To Growing Tri-Crop

Besides having three separate byproducts that will be sellable and will likely have you in the black after year one, there are multiple benefits to growing our Tri-Crop on a large acreage.

  • Unlike traditional corn and soy crop, hemp Tri-Crop does not require pesticides, herbicides, or synthetic fertilizers to grow. This is both a costing-saving trait and a benefit for soil health and general health to the surrounding area.
  • Environmentally sound cash-crop that helps remediate resource depletion from lumber needs and oil drilling.
  • Hemp is a special crop that uses a process called ‘phytoremediation’ which means it can clean depleted soils from heavy metals and toxins. You are literally making the soil healthier by growing this plant.
  • If spaced properly, Tri-Crop seeds require no weeding or hand labor, whereas feminized seeds do require these additional tasks. This cost-saver helps make Tri-Crop much less expensive per acre.
  • In 2022, three massive hemp processing facilities will be opened in the U.S. for the first time. Hemp fiber is processed using a machine called a ‘decorticator’, but there are currently no industrial-sized decorticators active in the United States. This will change soon, and those with material ready to process will be the first to profit.

Unlike corn and soy farmers that continue to lose money annually on their crops— even with government subsidies— Tri-Crop farmers are meeting growing demand for hemp fibers, hurds and grains

How Tri-Crop Grows

While most industrial hemp is grown in extremely close quarters to maximize ground space, Tri-Crop is ideally given a bit more space to allow for the flowering process to fully take place. Below are a few important suggestions for maximizing your potential product

  • 1lb (one pound) of hemp seed per acre on 30-inch rows planted by a modified corn seeder. This may feel like less seeds than other traditional crops but allowing the plant space to flower appropriately is crucial. Plants packed too closely together will fail to fully flower.
  • Seeds must be direct-seeded close to the surface with constant irrigation for the first month.
  • Seeds drilled more than ¼ inch deep or seeds left without adequate moisture will not germinate
  • 1lb (one pound) of Tri-Crop hemp seeds contains roughly 26,000 seeds. When planted according to our recommendations, seeds will end up being spaced about 3 inches apart on the rows. This spacing is ideal for adequate grain and flower production on top of hefty fiber growth
  • Windless, moist environments are ideal for the most flower production and dry, windy climates work best for grain growth.
  • Knowing your primary product will help determine scheduling times for primary and secondary harvests.

Who Is Tri-Crop For?

Tri-Crop is ideal for any large acreage farmer looking to transition away from corn, soy and other cash crops. Tri-Crop Industrial Hemp Seeds needs a bit more space than other hemp seed varieties and as such it thrives in tens of thousands of acres. Farmers looking to meet growing demand of multiple plant products, quickly replicate growing seasons and get a head start on growing a soon-to-be vital resource should consider making the switch to Tri-Crop hemp farming.

Dual Crop

Explaining Dual Crop Hemp

Dual-Crop hemp comes from the same 4-year long Otto x Boax cross testing that allowed us to develop our Tri-Crop varietal. As the name suggests, Dual-Crop offers industrial hemp products of two kinds: hemp fiber and hemp grain.

Our Dual-Crop seeds offer a more traditional industrial hemp varietal. Male and females that both produce high yielding, fibrous stalks and large grain deposits. These hemp seeds are environmentally sustainable due to not needing any chemical pesticides, herbicides or synthetic fertilizers as well as hemp’s soil cleansing growth process.

Dual Crop Growth Information

Some key features about growing our Dual-Crop Industrial Hemp Seeds include:

  • Recommended seeding for fiber growth is roughly 3lbs to 6lbs of seeds per acre of soil.
  • While Dual-Crop is primarily a fiber-focused hemp plant, planting at a slightly smaller density can allow for higher grain production. We recommend 2lbs to 4lbs of seeds per acre to allow seeds to form in quantities that are worthwhile to harvest.
  • Like Tri-Crop, industrial Dual-Crop hemp both requires no harmful chemicals to the soil and uses phytoremediation to absorb heavy metals and problematic materials from over-worked soils.

Why Buy Dual-Crop Hemp Seeds?

Farmers looking to primarily focus on fiber production with the possibility for hemp grain harvesting, Dual-Crop is the seed for maximizing these marketable stalk growths. Requiring less space than Tri-Crop, farmers can plant almost three times more plants per acre while still saving money compared to corn or soy. No hand labor or weeding, no chemical costs and generally climate friendly, our Dual-Crop is what industrial hemp fiber farmers everywhere are beginning to turn to for simple and replicable results.

Some farmers don’t want to worry about harvesting the hemp flower and finding a way to sell it for extraction. While hemp resin oils filled with CBD are much more popular than they were twenty years ago, every farmer has their own preference when it comes to what products they prioritize and are knowledgeable about. Avoiding the hemp flower may be a more financially viable solution for hemp fiber fields that know how to grow to the uppermost yield.