Is THCO known by any other names?

It is also currently known as both “ Hemp O “ and “ THC O” or “THC-O.”

Does THCO have a shelf life?

It does hav

e a specific shelf life. If it sits on the shelf too long it will degrade back into the original cannabinoid it was created from.

Do I need to use THCO right away?

Dispensaries that sell legal marijuana usually derive THCO from THC Delta 9 so that if the consumer doesn’t use the flower right away the worst that could happen is that the oil will revert back to THC Delta 9. It’s best to use THCO within a reasonable period of time.

Colorado Breeders Depot only derives our THCO from CBD because we want to make sure our customers are never accidentally in possession of an illegal product. If this product sits in the home unused for too long the worst that could happen is that the flower will turn back into the CBD cannabinoid.

What does the O in THCO stand for?

It doesn’t stand for any specific word. It is simply the name of a particular position in the molecular structure of this compound. The letter “O” is just a placeholder.

What is the difference between Delta 8 and THCO?

THC Delta 9, THC Delta 8 are all very similar molecules. Delta 8 is a milder version of THC Delta 9 while THCO is much more potent than THC Delta 9. At certain high doses some claim it comes close to having hallucinogenic properties.

Is THCO more potent than Delta 9 THC?

Yes, TCHO is considerably more potent than Delta THC 9.

Can I Vape THCO?

Yes, we offer vape cartridges here, which are great for those who enjoy vaping. Our THCO vape carts and disposable pens are being released this month, so stay tuned!

Is vaping THCO dangerous?

Vaping is a form of ingesting TCHO as well as other cannabinoids, so the same precautions you would take vaping THC products apply here. Note, TCHO is a very strong compound, and you should be cautious about the quantities you consume and locations where you may choose to enjoy it.

What will THCO feel like when I smoke it?

Very euphoric. It is a very strong element with a powerful effect.

How can I use THCO?

Use it to relax, enjoy, and open your mind. Use it in a safe environment when you have a chance to really, truly relax and let go of your stress.

Does THCO have a known medicinal benefit?

THCO is still a cannabinoid and reacts therapeutically with the endocannabinoid system. Any general cannabis study can also be applied to the use of THCO.

As the compound is very new, it doesn’t not yet have any peer reviewed studies on its specific health benefits. We can expect to see more data and details as to the medicinal benefit of THC in the future.

Can I drive while I smoke THCO?

No, you should not drive while you smoke THCO. THCO should not be taken when you need to operate heavy machinery, take care of children or pets, etc. As you can see above, THCO should be used when you have an opportunity to let go—so we sell this product with a very strong warning to be safe and make good choices.

Will TCHO show up on a drug test?

It cannot be 100% guaranteed that THCO will not show up on a drug test.

This compound is not currently restricted, so it is less likely to show up in a traditional drug test as THC Delta 9.

THCO is a new compound and each body metabolizes it in a different way. So there is no assuring that your body will react when tested with the variety of different drug tests available.

There is always a risk and we encourage anyone with a job, living situation, or personal freedom on the line to avoid this substance.

Is THCO legal in my state?

New regulations on hemp and cannabis are constantly developing. At the time this answer was written the compound was too new for any statewide restrictions to develop. So please check into any local or statewide regulations that may be applicable.