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$299 January Greenhouse Mega Pack


  • 1/2 LB Sour Sunrise
  • 1/2 LB Blue Horizon
  • 1/2 LB California Sunrise
  • 5 Caviar Pre-rolls
  • 1 Gram Full Melt Bubble Hash

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1/2 LB Sour Sunrise

This batch of Sour Sunrise arrived from a beautiful Oregon greenhouse delivering the classic gassy kush flavors iconic to indica strains. Her super dense light green buds are the ideal pain supressant and sleep aid after a hard days work. Known nationally for its flavor and pain-relieving qualities, Sour Sunrise is a very special brand of premium CBD hemp flower.

1/2 LB Blue Horizon

This uniquely colored sativa dominat strain contains a delicious complexity of aromas and flavors. On the inhale a tangy citrus taste is revealed, followed by a deep earthy Kush exhale. Her buds are large and dense featuring an interesting mixture of light green with a subtle blueish haze. Blue horizon is the perfect antidote to the afternoon slump. One gram of this smokable greenhouse flower will encourage creativity, energy and focus in the middle of a long day. Colorado Breeders Depot offers the best in smokable greenhouse hemp flower anywhere!

1/2 LB California Sunrise

This strain truly lives up to her name. Cali sunrise was cultivated in Northern California. Grown in enriched soils it developed into one of the highest quality hemp strains in the game. Her uniquely warm flavor profile will have your mouth watering.

5 Caviar Pre-rolls

Colorado Breeders Depot offers a spectacular Caviar pre-roll joint that infuses a maximum amount of cannabinoids into each joint. To provide our customers with the best smoking experience, we have carefully combined some of our best CBD flower—our indoor premium smokable hemp flower, with bubble hash, and our renowned, premium-quality CBD Kief.

As many of our clients will attest, we offer the best indoor smokable hemp flower in the industry and our CBD Kief is exceptional. With the marriage of bubble hash into the mix, you will simply love the effect!


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