1 OZ Delta 8 Smalls Special
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$299 September D8 Value Pack


This incredible D8 September Value Pack includes:

1 oz Melonade D8
1 oz 3x Crazy D8
1 oz Bubble Gum D8
1 oz Strawberry Cough D8
1 gram D8 Shatter
3-25 mg D8 Gummies

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What Does the September delta 8 value pack include?

1 oz Melonade D8

Perfect for an afternoon reinvigoration, our Melonade Designer hemp flower uses naturally-occurring melon terpenes to create a taste that is both sweet and refreshingly fruity. Mimicking the award-winning Melonade strain, we use alpha-pinene, beta-pinene, and myrcene to mirror the stimulating effect of Melonade’s mentally energetic effects making this D8 incarnation an ideal and delicious pick-me-up

1 oz 3x Crazy D8

This is our own in-house blend of terpenes that aims to create a highly complex array of scents that offer different notes each time you toke. We found ratios of ocimene, linalool, myrcene, and humulene that offer layers of diesel fuel and kush. This particular blend makes for a body-focused terpene effect that compliments all aspects of our D8 flower. Effects can vary based on activity, so that it’ll keep you going if you’re hard at work or can help amplify an already relaxed state.

1 oz Bubble Gum D8

Designer Bubble Gum contains cannabis-derived terpenes from the ‘Bubba Gum’ strain, an indica-hybrid renowned for its ability to numb the body but not the mind. The humulene and myrcene in our terpene blend mimic this and offer a heavy body experience, helping the CBD relieve aches and pains. The caryophyllene helps keep the mind alert and reinforces the base CBG flower’s stimulating effect. All this terpene goodness creates an earthy-yet-familiar bubblegum flavor profile with hints of flowers and berries throughout.

1 oz Strawberry Cough D8

A customer once told us that our Designer Strawberry Cough smells like a strawberry festival, and we couldn’t agree more. Perfectly mirroring the marijuana strain of the same name, this terp blend combines real, natural strawberry fruit terps with isolated Strawberry Cough terpenes like linalool, caryophyllene, and limonene. The limonene and linalool help melt stress while the caryophyllene activates the endocannabinoid system and synergizes with hemp’s entourage effect.

1 gram D8 Shatter

Our Delta Shatter, also referred to as Delta 8 or D8 Flower, is a natural and medicinal cannabinoid almost completely nonexistent in all current cannabis and hemp strains. Unlike CBD, THC, and CBG there are no delta 8 strains which exist as seeds or plants.

The only way to create Delta 8 products is by converting other cannabinoids in a lab to Delta 8 oil. Within the larger hemp industry this process can be accomplished with different extraction tools and varying levels of health and safety standards. When choosing a Delta 8 designer hemp flower product it is very important to know and trust the company to make sure the D8 is of top quality and you have certified lab testing results.

At Colorado Breeders Depot we create all of our oil in our own OSHA certified lab and test each batch for potency and residual solvents. Our goal is to create a healthy medicinal Delta 8 flower with the same natural taste, smell and effects as natural grown flower. We create our designer hemp flower from one consistent batch of organically grown CBG hemp containing almost no naturally occurring THC. Through a multiday process we slowly apply D8 oil and naturally derived terpenes to the bud until a natural taste, look, and effect is achieved.

While D8 is a unique cannabinoid connecting uniquely with the endocannabinoid system, its euphoric effect is most closely related to the effect most people experience from ingesting THC. Though the cannabinoids are very similar biologically, our D8 flower contains the least amount of detectable THC in our entire flower store thus making it the best choice for individuals who enjoy smoking cannabis but must avoid THC for career or legal purposes.

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