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$49 Edible Variety Pack


  • 10 Count CBD Full Spectrum Watermelon Slices 250mg
  • 10 Count D8 Fruit Drops 500mg
  • 10 Count D9 THC Pineapple 100mg

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Looking for a deal on some of the best edibles around? Look no further than our $49 Edibles Variety Pack! This deal comes with 250mg of Full spectrum CBD watermelon slices, 100mg of D9 THC and a whopping 500mg of Delta8 THC to make our strongest euphoric variety pack to date. Mix and match your cannabinoids to find your true entourage affect. Enjoy CBD or Delta 8 gummy for daytime pain relief while enjoying Delta 9 THC as a sleep aid or stronger pain reliever. With such a variety of options, this is the perfect way to sample some of our most popular edibles and find the right cannabinoid for you. Act fast, this deal won’t last long!

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