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Indoor Flower Power

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  • 1/8 OZ Colorado Kush
  • 1/8 OZ CBD Diesel
  • 1/8 OZ CBD Silver
  • 1/8 OZ Aroma Funk
  • 2 Caviar Pre-rolls

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We here at Colorado Breeders Depot know that venturing into CBD flowers may be fascinating and intimidating. It’s easy to feel confused by all the information available about different cannabis varieties, scents, and effects. Our Indoor Flowers Starter Pack is ready to make your foray into this fascinating field as painless and pleasurable as possible.

Unveiling the Indoor Flowers – Starter Pack

Each of the finest CBD flower strains in our Indoor Flowers – Starter Pack has its own distinct personality and a few pleasant surprises in store for you. This well-curated set features:

1/8 OZ Colorado Kush

This variety, a specialty of Colorado Breeders Depot, is the very definition of chill. Its lavender-colored blossoms are aesthetically pleasing and possess a deep, earthy scent. After a hard day, nothing beats some Colorado Kush to help you relax and unwind.

1/8 OZ CBD Diesel

CBD Diesel is a high-CBD, low-THC strain that stimulates mental and physical lift. Its exciting and thrilling effects make it perfect for times you need a pick-me-up but don’t want to go drunk.

1/8 OZ CBD Silver

CBD Silver is the very definition of harmony and equilibrium. It has a sweet perfume and is soothing to the senses. This is the strain to go for when you need to unwind and get some perspective.

1/8 OZ Aroma Funk

Aroma Funk is an olfactory extravaganza. The room has a pleasant, funkadelic aroma that lives up to its name. Benefit from the relaxing benefits of its unique perfume and take some time for yourself.

2 Caviar Pre-rolls

Our Starter Pack comes with two pre-rolled Caviar cigarettes for those who like them. These were skillfully made to provide a satisfying puff every time. They take your trip to the next level by combining the benefits of high-quality flowers with those of potent concentrates.

A Sensory Adventure Awaits

An invitation to a sensory journey, the Indoor Flowers – Starter Pack is more than simply a collection of CBD flowers. Try out a few strains to see which ones you like most regarding scent and impact. There’s something in this bundle for every taste and need, whether you’re in the urge to unwind, rev up, or get away from it all in a fragrant cloud of perfume.

Why Choose the Starter Pack?


The diversity of strains in the Starter Pack makes choosing easier. You may try out many varieties until you discover one that suits you, so there’s no need to settle.

Quality Assurance

This bundle only contains strains that have been carefully selected and grown. The goods offered here are reliable in both quality and originality.

Expert Curation

The specialists at Colorado Breeders Depot hand-picked all of these strains to provide a balanced collection. The Starter Pack covers you whether you want to unwind or perk up.


Buying this bundle is a good idea since it’s practical and cost-effective. When opposed to purchasing each strain separately, the savings are substantial.


The term “indoor flowers” describes the variety of plant species that may be grown in various indoor settings.

Flowers within the house have several positive effects, including raising the air quality we breathe, lifting our spirits, and making us feel more relaxed. A feeling of oneness with the natural world is also provided.

Flowers that need little care but yet look good in the house are the snake plant, pothos, and spider plant. These may survive with little attention and thrive in harsh conditions.

Indoor flower watering schedules must be tailored to the specific species and circumstances. Watering is necessary every one to two weeks or when the soil feels dry but not completely dry.

Bright, indirect sunlight is ideal for most houseplants. They like steady, diffused illumination over occasional, intense solar radiation.

Without direct sunshine, it is possible to cultivate flowers inside with the help of artificial grow lights. This is especially helpful in areas with restricted access to natural light.

Regularly check your plants for indications of pest infestation, keep proper air circulation, refrain from overwatering, and think about using natural pest control methods like insecticidal soap or neem oil.

Size, material, and drainage are all factors to consider when choosing indoor plant containers. Ensure the container has drainage holes to avoid overwatering and is large enough for the plant.

Mistakes in caring for indoor flowers include overwatering, not providing enough light, failing to address pest issues quickly, using the wrong soil, and failing to prune and repot as needed.