1 OZ Delta 8 Smalls Special
$99 October Greenhouse Special
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$99 October INDOOR Special

  • 1/4 oz Sunset Sherbert
  • 1/4 oz Pre 98 Bubba Kush
  • 1/4 oz Apple Cobbler
  • 1/4 oz CBD Silver
  • 3 Caviar Pre-rolls
  • 2.5 g Kief

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You will recieve:

1/4 oz Sunset Sherbert

This exotic cbd flower strain includes a robust bouquet of colors, smells, and effects. Her deep purple buds are accented by bright green spots and drapped in a thick layer of sparkly sticky trichomes. A premium hempp flower which is among the best hemp flower you will find, Sunset Sherbert delivers a ballanced uplifting and calming effect. Unlike most indica dominant CBD flower strains she is an ideal daytime flower because she can calm anxiety while supporting alertness. Enjoy her strong sweet berry taste with a undercurrent of earthy candy flavors. Colorado Breeders Depot is here to provide you the best CBD flower anywhere!

1/4 oz Pre 98 Bubba Kush

Finally CBD connesiours can enjoy the classic kush taste. These attractive dense buds are a mixture of light greens and dark greens with hints of purple. This perfectly cured indoor grown strain will produce an exceptionally smooth smoke with a mixture of coffe and cocoa flavors. Enjoy this strain before bed to ease pain, anxiety, and tension.

1/4 oz Apple Cobbler

The perfect daytime smoking effect with our loudest and longest lasting flavors yet! Apple cobbler mixes the classic kush taste with a strong sweet green apple cinnamon flavor. This perfectly balanced apple cobbler taste remains on your tongue long after the smoke is over. Enjoying our apple cobbler strain is like having dessert in the middle of the day. She also stands out from all other strains on the shelf because instead of the typical round dark green nugs, she has long, dense spearlike nugs which tapper distinctly on one end and weigh heavy with sticky resin. Her bright green flowers speckled with orange and red remind everyone of the rich apple dessert taste we can expect from her. She delivers a smooth, relaxed, focused and alert effect without a sedative or sleepy side effect.

1/4 oz CBD Silver

Released for the first time in July, 2021, our new CBD Silver strain emerged from Colorado Breeders Depot’s indoor genetic program. She is the sophisticated, refined daughter of our famous Purple Urkle strain. Some of her flowers maintain a purple glow reminiscent of her mothers coloring. Her buds are exceptionally dense, bursting with an overabundance of rosin. Her terpene profile presents the taste of sweet cloves brightened with a subtle tart undertone. In addition the natural therapeutic benefit from CBD Silver, this strain provides a relaxing and refreshing, smooth smoking experience.

Be among the first to try this incredible premium CBD Hemp Flower!

3 Caviar Pre-rolls

Colorado Breeders Depot offers a spectacular Caviar pre-roll joint that infuses a maximum amount of cannabinoids into each joint. To provide our customers with the best smoking experience, we have carefully combined some of our best CBD flower—our indoor premium smokable hemp flower, with bubble hash, and our renowned, premium-quality CBD Kief.

As many of our clients will attest, we offer the best indoor smokable hemp flower in the industry and our CBD Kief is exceptional. With the marriage of bubble hash into the mix, you will simply love the effect!

2.5 g Kief

Sticky trichomes are carefully collected from all of our CBD and CBG strains. Concentrated cannabinoids and a large spectrum of medicinal terpenes combine in these 2.5 gram pressed pucks. Use this product together with our flower strains to treat your body to a full spectrum entourage effect of different cannabinoids and terpene working together.

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