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Auto Pivot Hemp Seeds

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Auto Pivot Hemp Seeds

Auto Pivot Hemp Seeds create an extremely stable potent CBD autoflowering plant. Our outdoor and greenhouse growers near the equator benefit from using this auto flower variety because she is not dependant on a specific light schedule like our other CBD varieties. Auto flower genetics are often hard to isolate and auto flowering plants are usually extremely sensitive and prone to hermaphrotisation in the grow room, but Auto Pivot is an exception. She produces large dense lime green nugs and she can handle environmental stresses without producing seeds. She presents an impressively strong terpene profile producing strong sweet and clovey smells and tastes. Like all auto flowering plants she completes her whole life cycle in just a few months. Each plant only grows a few feet tall producing 1-4 ounces of top shelf flower on each. If managed strategically a grower can use Auto Pivot genetics to harvest four separate times each year in the same grow room.

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