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Banana Runtz Disposable Vape 2ML BDT Knockout Blend (HHC+THCO+D8+THCP)

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Banana Runtz Disposable Vape 2ML BDT Knockout Blend

Get ready to take your vaping experience up several notches with breeder’s Depot and their brand new Banana Runtz 2ML Knockout Blend. Featuring an exclusive combination of HHC, Delta 8 THC-O, THC-P and natural terpenes for a potent cannabis kick like no other! The ultra stylish boxes come equipped with 1 rechargeable disposable vape filled with 2 ML of this knockout blend powered by the goodness of THC-P – just what every genuine connoisseur needs!

Banana Runtz Vape is a popular vape flavor. It has a sweet and fruity flavor, like the taste of a banana. When you smoke it, it will give you a mellow feeling and make your body relaxed. People love this strain because of its delicious flavor and calming effects. If you are looking for a vape strain that will make you feel good and taste great, then Banana Runtz is the perfect choice.

Knockout Blend Formulation:

  • HHC 31.5%
  • THCO 33%
  • Delta-8-THC 33%
  • Delta-9-THCP 1.5%

What is THC-P and why is it so potent?

Scientists made a groundbreaking discovery in 2019 when they unveiled THCP, an ultra-potent cannabinoid found naturally occurring within hemp and marijuana plants. It has been shown to be 33 times more active than Delta 9 THC on the CB1 endocannabinoid receptor; this suggests that its effects may differ significantly from what we are already familiar with regarding cannabinoids such as CBD or THC.

Although current animal studies have produced positive results for both safety and potency, further research is necessary before it will make a true impact upon cannabis medicine. Despite being theoretically useful for treatment purposes, natural concentrations of this compound can be incredibly minuscule in comparison to other phytocannabinoids contained inside these plants.

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