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CBD Gummies 1500MG (THC Free) – 50MG/Gummy – Berry Blast

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  1. James Cooper

    The Berry Blast CBD gummies are a fruity explosion of relaxation. They’re my daily dose of bliss.

  2. Samuel Cox

    Berry Blast CBD gummies are the perfect balance of sweetness and calm. A treat for both my taste buds and my mind.

  3. Benjamin Davis

    These THC-free Berry Blast CBD gummies are my guilt-free pleasure. They melt away stress and taste amazing.


It is a chemical produced from the hemp plant, can be found in a variety of edible products, including gummies.

When consumed, CBD is absorbed into the body. CBD has the ability to relieve stress and pain by interacting with your body’s endocannabinoid system.

If the CBD gummies contain less gummies 3% THC, they are legal in many areas. 

There is very little THC, however, you should check the product’s label or lab test results to ensure it contains THC.

Depending on the product and the person, the recommended dose may range from one to two candies to be chewed and swallowed.

It is wise to check with your doctor before beginning use of any CBD product, particularly if you have any pre-existing illnesses or use any medicines.

No, you shouldn’t drive or operate heavy equipment right away.