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Blue Dream

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9-12% CBD (CBD+CBDA)
14-15% Total Cannabinoids

  • Outdoor grown in Colorado,  Machine Trimmed
  • Seedless
  • Small to Medium Nugs
  • Terplock sealed for ultimate preservation
  • Lab Tested for purity and compliance

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what we’ve all been waiting for. Blue dream in the hemp form. Enjoy her robust sweet but gassy tones paired with smooth smoke. Blue dream delivers all the cannabis flavor profiles a true connesure would expect.

  1. Pedro R. Holmes

    I ordered Blue Dream (an ounce) and I can say the quality was absolutely above my expectations. I highly recommend Blue Dream.

  2. Todd Perry

    I must say that Colorado Breeders Depot delivers what they claim on their website. I ordered Blue Dream a few days ago and couldn’t thanks folks at Colorado Depot more for such nice packaging and meeting the delivery deadline. Keep up the good work!

  3. Joshua Porch

    I ordered the $99 Greenhouse deal, and got this as one of the 4 strains. This was the first one I tried when I got the package. Appearance wise, it’s not top shelf but it isn’t bad… it’s decent on a looks standpoint. Density of the buds are good, possibly my ideal, not too light or hard. The intensity of the terpenes was moderate, but it is a nice smell. Once I vaped it, the vapor itself was smooth as well as the flavor and the effect. It really did have a smooth, dreamy quality to the buzz itself. Possibly my favorite strain I’ve ever tried for general relaxation, as some indicas can be too strong of a heavy body feel while the Blue Dream is just right, a perfectly balanced hybrid I’d say.

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