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Blue Dream Strain

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Blue Dream Strain

Colorado Breeders Depot presents Blue Dream Strain, a sativa-dominant hybrid developed by crossing Blueberry and Haze. Due to its extraordinary effects and enticing tastes, this rare product has entered the world of cannabis folklore. The legendary Santa Cruz, California-grown Sativa-dominant hybrid the Blue Dream strain was born there. An unnamed breeder honed its Haze and Blueberry genes. Still, DJ Short made it more widely available without sacrificing its powerful effects.

A balanced blend of 60% Sativa and 40% Indica, this hybrid—also known as Azure Haze—produces a pleasant effect. The Blue Dream strain has a unique flavor profile with hints of blueberry and berry, brought to light by its primary terpene, Myrcene. You should expect a strong high since its THC level is between 18.4 and 20.4%. An intricate cannabinoid profile is enhanced by the CBD levels, which, on average, range from 3% to 1.38 percent, resulting in a balanced impact. The intoxicating effects of this strain are known to make users feel happy and uplifted. The finest of Sativa and Indica traits are present in the Blue Dream strain. This strain has long been a favorite among cannabis connoisseurs because of its balanced genetic makeup and well-selected terpene profile.

The Experience of Blue Dream

This marijuana kind provides a one-of-a-kind high by incorporating favorable characteristics of both types of cannabis. It’s highly sought after by cannabis users because of its desirable effects of mental stimulation and physical relaxation. Both first-timers and seasoned tokers praise its power and pleasant effects, and its THC level of 18% and lower CBD proportion make it a fan favorite.

Blue Dream’s remarkable combination of euphoric head effects and relaxing body feelings is the reason for its everlasting appeal. As the high develops, you’ll feel a rush of energy, inspiration, and laser-like concentration. The Blue Dream strain strikes a nice mix of sedation and pleasant physical relaxation; as a result, it’s excellent for those who want a somewhat euphoric high that doesn’t get in the way of their creativity. 

Famous for alleviating pain, it becomes an invaluable tool for those dealing with anxiety, sadness, stress, and other mental health issues. But remember that moderation is crucial since paranoia and other unpleasant side effects might result from taking too much. Notwithstanding this disclaimer, the Blue Dream strain is still a popular strain because of its balanced effects and possible medicinal uses resulting from the careful interaction of its Indica and Sativa roots. Blue Dream remains a popular option among cannabis fans, whether they are seeking inspiration or relief.

A Symphony of Aroma and Flavor

Blue Dream is appealing not simply because of its benefits but also because of its delicious flavor and pleasant perfume. Scents of sweet berries fill the air, making every breath a pleasure. Reports of blueberry and sweet berry taste in this strain provide an enjoyable smoking experience. In addition to its powerful effects, the delicious scent and taste characteristics of Blue Dream draw in consumers. Its delicate spicy undertones complement its sweet berry aroma, evocative of Blueberry.

Like the aromatic treat, the flavor is a balance of sweet and spicy that stays with you. The Blue Dream Strain offers a wide range of consumption options, including cooking and standard inhalation techniques. However, since the effects of edibles tend to last longer and be more intense, beginners should proceed with care. The appealing sensory experience and variety of intake choices of this strain contribute to its popularity in the cannabis community.

Emotions and Effects

Blue Dream is well-known for its energizing and motivating effects, inspiring new ideas and providing a welcome surge of vitality. However, many CBD Hemp Flowers come with unpleasant side effects that the user may suffer. These include dry mouth, paranoia, and dry eyes. Blue Dream’s extraordinary combination of euphoric cerebral and relaxing bodily effects is a big reason why it’s so popular. The primary effects of the high include an increase in energy, drive, and attention, as well as a welcome rush of creativity. Crucially, it strikes a balance, providing an excellent sense of muscular relaxation without the sedative “couchlock,” which is great for creative pursuits.

Famous for alleviating pain, it becomes an invaluable companion for those battling anxiety, despair, and stress. Be wary, however, since indulging too much could cause paranoia. Blue Dream is notable for its stimulating and inspiring effects, which help people feel more energized and inspired, leading to the development of new ideas. Be wary of possible side effects, such as dry eyes, paranoia, and dry mouth, as is the case with many CBD Hemp Flowers. Regardless of these factors, Blue Dream is still a popular strain among medical and recreational users due to its stimulating effects and balanced therapeutic potential.

Origins and Prestige

Blue Dream, which first appeared in California, became an instant classic among West Coast strains. This strain has quickly risen to the top of the cannabis food chain because of its remarkable effects and harmonious composition. The ease of growing Blue Dream has made it a favorite among growers of all skill levels. The plant doesn’t need much care, but it does flourish when watered daily (a few gallons) and fertilized often. Because of its versatility, it may be grown either inside or outdoors. However, since it can reach a height of around 3 to 4 meters, it is usually best suited for outdoor cultivation. Blue Dream is an excellent option for growers of all skill levels since it can be easily cultivated inside and outdoors. 

A bountiful harvest results from a 9–10-week blooming period. The best time to harvest outdoor crops is from around the middle of September to the beginning of October. Blue Dream is classified as a photoperiod strain due to its blooming duration, ranging from 56 to 70 days. It is known as an easy-to-grow cultivar because of how easily it grows.

When grown inside, a generous ten to fifteen ounces (about 400 g/plant) may be harvested from an outdoor garden, compared to a meager half to a pound per square foot (about 300 g/m²). Growers looking for a balanced and prolific cannabis strain will find Blue Dream to be an accessible and rewarding option due to its manageable height both inside and outdoors.

Exploring Terpene Profile

Common terpenes in cannabis, such as Myrcene, provide an earthy aroma to this strain’s profile. Pinene’s pine fragrance and Caryophyllene’s peppery undertones contribute to a pleasing taste and aroma profile, elevating the experience with every puff.


Blue Dream is a popular cannabis strain known for its balanced effects and pleasant flavors, resulting from the crossbreeding of Blueberry and Haze strains.

Blue Dream originated in California and quickly gained legendary status among West Coast strains.

Known for its balanced high, Blue Dream offers cerebral stimulation coupled with full-body relaxation, making it a fan favorite among cannabis consumers.

Blue Dream is a sativa-dominant hybrid strain.

Blue Dream typically contains around 18% THC, offering a potent yet enjoyable experience for users.

Blue Dream is reported to have a delightful taste and smell reminiscent of sweet berries, with a dominant blueberry flavor.

With its balanced effects and widespread popularity, Blue Dream is often recommended for both novice and veteran cannabis consumers.

Blue Dream is versatile and can be cultivated indoors and outdoors, making it a feasible choice for various growing conditions.

Blue Dream typically flowers within 8-10 weeks, showcasing its buds and reaching harvest maturity.

Blue Dream can be purchased from licensed dispensaries in states where cannabis is legal or from authorized online sources where cannabis products are legally available.