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Blueberry OG Disposable Vape 2ML CDT Knockout Blend (HHC+THCO+D8+THCP)

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Blueberry OG Disposable Vape 2ML CDT Knockout Blend

Immerse yourself in a true cannabis experience with Colorado Breeder’s Depot’s Blueberry OG 2 ML Knockout Blend Disposable Vape. Combining the power of HHC, Delta 8, THC-O and THCP – along with all natural terpenes for an unbeatable flavor – this vape delivers satisfaction every time you use it! Charge up your rechargeable device (included) and get 2 ML worth if this delicious oil blend and let the flavor and potency transport you through realms only experienced by connoisseurs like yourself. Get yours today at

Blueberry and OG Kush. It is a hybrid vape that combines the genes of both Indica-dominant Blueberry and Sativa-leaning OG Kush, creating an uplifting and euphoric high overall.

When it comes to smell and flavor, Blueberry OG vape does not disappoint. When you take your first puff of this strain, you can expect to be hit with a powerful combination of sweet blueberries and sour earthy notes. On the inhale, users will taste hints of berry with undertones of diesel fuel or skunk. As you exhale, you will notice an undertone of sweetness with hints of pine. This combination makes for a truly unique experience that is unlike any other vape on the market.

Knockout Blend Formulation:

  • HHC 31.5%
  • THCO 33%
  • Delta-8-THC 33%
  • Delta-9-THCP 1.5%

What is THC-P and why is it so potent?

THCP is a recently discovered cannabinoid that has been found to have 33 times more activity than Delta 9 THC on the CB1 endocannbinoid receptor. This suggests its effects could be much stronger and even different from those of cannabinoids such as CBD or THC, although further research needs to take place before any definitive conclusions can be made about its potential use in medicinal cannabis products. Nevertheless, initial animal studies are showing promise with regards to safety and potency – though unfortunately concentrations of THCP within hemp and marijuana plants tend to remain incredibly small.

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