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Caviar Pre Roll

(24 customer reviews)
  • Genetics – Hybrid Blend
  • Lineage – Unknown
  • THC to CBD Ration – .03% – 28% THC-p
  • Smell and Flavor – Sweet and Creamy with a hint of Gas
  • Effects – Euphoric, Couch-lock

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Caviar Pre Roll

Colorado Breeders Depot offers a spectacular Caviar Pre Roll joint that infuses a maximum amount of cannabinoids into each joint. To provide our customers with the best smoking experience, we have carefully combined some of our best CBD flower—our indoor premium smokable hemp flower, with bubble hash, and our renowned, premium-quality CBD Kief. As many of our clients will attest, we offer the best indoor smokable hemp flower in the industry and our CBD Kief is exceptional. With the marriage of bubble hash into the mix, you will simply love the effect!

Colorado Breeders Depot proudly presents a pinnacle of smoking indulgence with their Caviar pre-rolls. Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, these joints offer an exceptional experience combining the finest CBD flower, premium bubble hash, and exquisite CBD kief. As connoisseurs of the smoking culture will testify, this harmonious fusion of top-quality ingredients ensures an unparalleled flavor, potency, and enjoyable journey.

The Essence of Craftsmanship

At the heart of the Caviar Pre Rolls lies the essence of craftsmanship. Colorado Breeders Depot’s commitment to excellence is reflected in every aspect of its creation. From selecting the finest CBD flower, meticulously grown and cultivated in their indoor premium smokable hemp flower facilities, to the delicate process of infusing bubble hash and CBD kief, each step is a testament to their dedication to delivering an unparalleled smoking experience.

Unveiling a Symphony of Flavors

The marriage of premium CBD flower, bubble hash, and CBD kief in the Caviar Pre Rolls yields a symphony of flavors that captivate the senses. Combining these exquisite elements creates a complex and nuanced profile that evolves with each draw. From the robust and aromatic notes of the CBD flower to the rich and decadent essence of bubble hash and the subtle yet tantalizing touch of CBD kief, every puff unveils a tapestry of flavors that dance upon the palate.

The Potency of Pleasure

In addition to their captivating flavors, the Caviar Pre Rolls boast an impressive potency that elevates the smoking experience to new heights. The carefully selected CBD flower, combined with the concentrated power of bubble hash and CBD kief, ensures a robust and long-lasting effect. Each inhales delivers a symphony of cannabinoids that intertwine to provide a profound sense of relaxation, focus, and blissful indulgence.

The Ritual of Luxury

Smoking a Caviar Pre Roll transcends mere consumption; it becomes a ritual of luxury and sophistication. The act of lighting, the gentle inhale, and the exhale of fragrant smoke all become moments of reverence and connection. Colorado Breeders Depot invites smokers to embrace the art of savoring the present, immersing themselves in the rich tapestry of flavors and sensations with each Caviar Pre Roll.

The Caviar Pre-Rolls Experience

Beyond the individual pleasure and sensory journey Caviar Pre Rolls offers, these exquisite creations foster community and connection among smoking enthusiasts. The shared experience of enjoying a Caviar Pre Roll with friends, passing it around in a circle, and engaging in conversations brings people together uniquely. Communally indulging in the flavors, potency, and ritual of Caviar Pre Rolls creates bonds, ignites conversations. And fosters a sense of camaraderie among like-minded individuals.

Market Value

Caviar pre-rolls, offered by Colorado Breeders Depot, hold significant market value within the realm of smokable hemp products. These exquisite pre-rolls are meticulously crafted to infuse the maximum amount of cannabinoids into each joint. Ensuring a potent and enjoyable smoking experience. With a combination of premium CBD flower, bubble hash, and CBD kief. These pre-rolls offer a unique and indulgent way to consume hemp.

The market demand for caviar pre-rolls is driven by their exceptional quality, potent effects. And convenience to consumers seeking a refined and elevated smoking experience. Their allure lies in their ability to deliver a harmonious fusion of flavors, aromas. And cannabinoids, making them a prized possession among hemp enthusiasts. As the market for high-quality smokable hemp products continues to expand, caviar pre-rolls hold a distinct position. Offering a luxurious and unforgettable journey into the world of hemp enjoyment.


Colorado Breeders Depot’s Caviar Pre Rolls represent smoking excellence—a testament to the craftsmanship. Dedication, and commitment to quality that defines their brand. With a careful blend of premium CBD flower, bubble hash, and CBD kief, these pre-rolls offer an unrivaled sensory experience. That captivates the senses and transcends ordinary smoking. Each puff reveals a symphony of flavors. A potent amalgamation of cannabinoids, and an invitation to partake in a luxury ritual. Let the Caviar Pre Rolls ignite your senses, elevate your smoking experience. And transport you to a realm of indulgence and pleasure that only the finest can offer.

  1. Natalia Canon Guidry

    Amazing! Loved the feel and taste. Thank you Colorado Breeders Depot!

  2. Yamileth Morales (verified owner)

    Really good quality, first time smoking cbd with this freebie and not disappointed at all. It taste good really smooth, I noticed nice fine white ash. If I’d share with someone that known me for yrs they would not believe it’s CBD 😊

  3. Mario Reeves

    The Caviar Pre Roll is like a little piece of heaven. The smooth smoke and potent high make it the perfect choice for any occasion.

  4. Derek Becker

    I’ve never had a pre-roll quite like the Caviar Pre Roll. The combination of CBD flower, bubble hash, and kief is a game-changer.

  5. Dean Fuller

    The Caviar Pre Roll is like a luxurious smoking experience. The combination of CBD flower, bubble hash, and kief creates a smooth and relaxing high you won’t find anywhere else.

  6. Forrest Olson

    If you’re looking for a pre-roll that will blow your mind, look no further than the Caviar Pre Roll. Colorado Breeders Depot has hit it out of the park with this one.

  7. Van Hampton

    Colorado Breeders Depot has created something special with the Caviar Pre Roll. The quality of the ingredients is evident in every puff.

  8. Tracy Johnson

    If you’re a pre-roll fan, try the Caviar Pre Roll. It’s unlike anything else on the market, and the quality is unmatched.

  9. Floyd Alexander

    The Caviar Pre Roll is the perfect choice for anyone who wants to relax and unwind. The flavours are unique, and the high is exactly what you need after a long day.

  10. Ally (verified owner)

    Very smooth through and through. Burns nicely.

  11. Marco Mendez

    I’m not usually a pre-roll fan, but the Caviar Pre Roll from Colorado Breeders Depot changed my mind. The flavour is fantastic, and the high is exactly what I was looking for.

  12. Jared Holloway

    The Caviar Pre Roll is like a little slice of heaven. The smooth smoke and relaxing high make it the perfect choice for a lazy afternoon or a night in with friends.

  13. Christopher Stewart (verified owner)

    Best CBD I’ve ever smoked very relaxing with a light giggle. And smoothest I’ve ever had.

  14. Brent Adams

    If you want the ultimate smoking experience, look no further than the Caviar Pre Roll. Colorado Breeders Depot has truly outdone itself with this one.

  15. Esad (verified owner)

    I’m reviewing this as I smoke it I’m enjoying it that much originally it was freebie but was gonna trash it cuz it has no THC but took it for a smoke on my way to the store and now I’m here in front of my building reviewing it lol

  16. Vernon Simon

    The Caviar Pre Roll is like a work of art. The combination of CBD flower, bubble hash, and kief creates a beautiful and potent smoke perfect for any occasion.

  17. Roger Stephens

    I’ve never had a pre-roll like the Caviar Pre Roll from Colorado Breeders Depot. The combination of CBD flower, bubble hash, and kief is special.

  18. Woodrow Buchanan

    I’ve tried a lot of pre-rolls in my time, but the Caviar Pre-Roll from Colorado Breeders Depot is hands down the best. The quality of the ingredients is evident in every puff.

  19. Cory Mccormick

    The Caviar Pre Roll is a true masterpiece. The flavours are perfectly balanced, and the high is strong and long-lasting.

  20. Maurice Sherman

    Colorado Breeders Depot has really outdone itself with the Caviar Pre Roll. The blend of CBD flower, bubble hash, and kief is magical.

  21. Patricia Medeiros (verified owner)

    The best cbd ever!!!

  22. Heather Kelley (verified owner)

    I got this as a freebie with my first order, it was the first thing I went for. I smoked about 1/3 of it, while it wasn’t especially strong, it did chill me out nicely. I also thought it was pretty smooth, tasted nice.

  23. Addison

    Nice smooth smoke effects is potent u going feel it gave me daytime vibes.

  24. Scott Sebastian (verified owner)

    I think that the lab-reported cannabinoids of 6.65% only includes the flower and not the additional concentrate added. When I pulled the flower out and vaped it in a Volcano it felt more like 25% CBD. This was actually the first time I could actually feel the calming and analgesic effect of any CBD product immediately. Tasted very smooth even when vaped at 220 C.

Caviar Pre-Rolls Frequently Ask Questions (FAQs)

CBD flower joint pre roll
We start with hemp flower that tests highly in both CBD and CBG. Hand-picking the perfect size buds allows us to quality control the uniformity of what goes into a Caviar joint. We dunk these top-tier nugs in a bath of bubble hash oil, which is a specialty of our head grower made entirely in-house. And if that wasn’t enough of a potency boost, we then roll the still-wet buds in a healthy dusting of CBD-rich kief pulled directly off our premium hemp flower.

These additions make for a terpene-heavy, slow smoke. The hash oil makes everything smoke much more slowly and provides a cigar-like quality evenness in burn quality. All the extra cannabinoids and terpenes make this an exercise is flavor potential when it comes to premium hemp flower.

An ultimate trifecta of hemp goodness, rich with CBD, CBG and a wide array of terpenes. We recommend you don’t try and take this bad boy down in one sitting.

We promise that there is no presence of fish eggs in our luxury pre-rolls. Instead, in the same way that sturgeon eggs labeled as “caviar” are seem by many as the highest-end food someone can eat, our bubble hash oil-soaked, kief-dusted chunky monster pre-roll is seen by hemp consumers as the highest-end hemp flower one can consume.

Originally gaining recognition and popularity in the 1980’s, bubble hash is a solventless extracted created through using ice water to agitate and extract trichomes from hemp plant material. One of the cleanest extraction methods and a favorite of cannabis purists everywhere, bubble can appear both dark and oily or ultra-light beige depending on the quality of plant material used and the size of the micron filter used to sift out the trichomes.
Most bubble has tests between 30-60% cannabinoid potency, which is not as strong as something like our CBD shatter but due to the solventless, pure extraction, the effects are often described as cleaner, stronger and purer than flower alone or solvent-based extracts.

CBD Pre Rolls

Exponentially different. Regular hemp flower, no matter how much love and care it receives, can never naturally produce the potency of cannabinoids found in a Caviar joint. This product should last much longer than a standard pre-roll and provide quicker effects compared to just rolling a joint at home with our flower.
As such, for someone trying this for the first time, consider taking smaller puffs initially to see how the hash-doused bud feels on the inhale. This is very strong, even for hemp smoking veterans.

Yes! Our Caviar pre-rolls are overflowing with flavor thanks to all the additional terpenes added to the regular flower. Because these additional terps are harvested from potentially different strains, the terpene content varies quite a bit. This leads to unique combinations and ratios of terpenes that you simply cannot encounter naturally in any hemp flower. Every batch of Caviar produced has a slightly different flavor, but it is always a culmination of most major terpene, creating a smokey taste that needs to be experienced by anyone who considers themselves a high-end hemp consumer.

We can never guarantee any effects or specific outcomes when it comes to consuming hemp flower or cannabinoid extracts. But, with the clear potency superiority, we would be shocked if you felt nothing. CBD and CBG can synergize with each other and send both mood-boosting chemicals through the body by increasing GABA and anandamide in the brain. CBG’s uplifting, sativa-like subtlety mixing with the potency of our kief and bubble hash’s CBD content creates a perfect storm of receptor-friendly cannabinoid activation. A puff or two can be energizing while smoking half of the entire pre-roll can more than likely lead a seriously sedative effect.