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Full Spectrum CBD Gummies


Delicious variety of Full Spectrum CBD Gummies, Lime, Watermelon and Lemon Flavors in a Terplock Sealed Bag to Maintain Freshness and Quality


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Quick and Delicious Full Spectrum CBD Gummies

Our full-spectrum CBD gummies are the perfect product for you if you’ve ever wanted to use high quality CBD without having to inhale something or getting a lingering cannabis aftertaste.

At 25mg per gummy, our gummies don’t provide the ‘kick-in-the-pants” strength of our tinctures. Instead, they are perfect for CBD consumers who use cannabinoids infrequently, or for breakthrough pain, or are just getting started exploring the wonders of hemp’s natural medicine.

Ideal for on-the-go use, our gummies are bite-sized bits of flavorful gummy texture that will make it tough to eat just one or two.

Eating CBD means the effects take a bit longer to kick in, so they are the perfect snack for the drive to work or before heading out for a night of dancing. 25mg won’t put you to sleep but can have a subtle, relaxing effect while helping the body fight inflammation, nausea, cramps, and mild aches.

For another fast-acting product that also gets CBD into the bloodstream without smoking or tasting plant matter, check out our transdermal CBD Roll-on Relief.

Quality Taste CBD Gummies with Health-Conscious Ingredients

Our CBD gummies are entirely vegan-friendly: marrying deliciousness and environmentally conscious ingredients.

With lime, watermelon, and lemon flavors made from all-natural and plant-derived extracts and oils you can be sure that we take wellness seriously.

Unlike many CBD gummy products, we use only pectin in these sweet CBD treats to avoid using animal-based gelatin. As plant-lovers, we believe using products that are renewable and cruelty-free is the only way to go.

Our recipe has been years in the making, going through test after test to find the perfect taste and texture. While we recommend using 1 or 2 gummies daily, it’ll be hard to put down the resealable bag!

All our CBD gummies are made using GMP-certified facilities and OSHA-approved production methods. Clean, perfected processes using pesticide and synthetic-free plants is all it takes to make the best CBD gummy possible. If you have any questions about ingredients or the production process, be sure to contact us!

Full-Spectrum CBD Edibles Means Synergy

As whole plant experts, we believe the power of hemp is best delivered as an entire plant experience. Using CBD isolates alone often leave out important, synergizing minor cannabinoids and can lead to a less potent and less helpful experience.

Our gummies are ‘full-spectrum’ which means we use the entire plant to extract and infuse the CBD into the edible product. This means that there are amounts of terpenes, essential oils, other cannabinoids and up to 0.3% THC possible in the gummy.

While this doesn’t affect the taste of the gummy, the effect it has in the liver and the brain is a more well-rounded experience and a broader effect profile. Other cannabinoids help CBD with pain relief and gastrointestinal issues.

Trace amounts of CBN and specific terpenes help with the relaxation effect of specialty CBD products. Using full-spectrum CBD extracts means your body is getting the full hemp medicine package, whether you use CBD for anxiety or use CBD for pain relief.

We are certain that whether your new to CBD edibles or you take them every day, these will have you reaching for more until the bag runs dry— we can always send more your way.

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